Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas friends, I'll try and post details on our fantastic day tomorrow.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday Night Adventures

Saturday night we had our good friends Chris and Ronnie and their two kids come over. Back in the day (before we were parents, and honestly, when they only had one kid, b/c you know everything is different when you only have one kid) we used to be over at their house all the time. Two or three nights a week. But babies were born, and jobs changed (Chris works late shift now), and so getting together with them is quite a challenge these days. And the two evenings a week Chris has free, everyone likes a piece of his time. So we scheduled ourselves in, and had them over.

Ronnie brought the kid's Christmas presents, and gave Duncan this giant 54 piece Thomas floor puzzle. Duncan LOVES it. He has done it probably 10 times already since last night. So that's a hit.

They left around 9:30, and we made it to bed around 11. These days I've been letting Cordie sleep instead of getting her up before I go to bed, but she was stirring, and I was tired, so I decided to get her up and nurse her to avoid going to sleep only to be woken 30 minutes later by a hungry girl.

I noticed then that her breathing was different. I thought "hmmmm....". Fed her, put her back to bed, but I never totally fell asleep, listening to her.

Flash back about 5 weeks when our friends Cynthia, Gus and Connor were visiting from Edmonton. Gus is an Emergency Physician. Connor had a croup "attack" while they were out. So the next day Gus was very matter of factly explaining to me (at my questioning) about croup, how it presents, what it is, what to do about it, etc... So when Cordie woke up at 12:30 crying and coughing with that deep wheeze/seal like bark I knew exactly what it was. I'm glad I knew, b/c if I didn't I might have been a lot more worried. I said to Bill "Cordie has croup, I need to take her to the hospital". So we bundled her up and off I went. It was kind of funny b/c I wasn't in the least bit worried or panicked, and this showed at the ER because they asked "have you had a child with this before?"

For the record I'm not someone prone to panic or anything. I'm actually rather "matter of fact" about some things, but hey, when you think your child can't breathe, you might be prone to being upset.

OK, it's now 10 PM and I started this post I think some time this morning. So let me 'splain... no, that would take too long, let me sum up. Doctors checked Cordie out, otherwise was fine, yes she has croup, expect it to "wax and wane" over the next 5 days. They gave her something to breathe in which would make it easier for last night (which it did).

Got home at 2:30 AM, fed her, was WIDE AWAKE. Both of us were (Bill was waiting up at home for us). I finally fell asleep around 3:30, Bill, not until 5 AM. I was up at 6:30. Soooo... I was a bit tired today.

Into Sunday adventures quick. We decided to still go to church b/c hey, if we're tired, we'll be tired no matter where we are, and it was Duncan's Sunday School performance. We didn't think he'd go up with the kids, but I brought the camera just in case. No, not even remotely. In fact, he wouldn't even stand with the kids in practice before they went up to sing. And, this was hilarious, as we're sitting watching all the other children he says "Hey, look at all my friends!" My parents were laughing at him. My Dad asked why he wasn't up there too, and Duncan just grinned at him. Cordie gave my Dad lots and lots of good cuddles, which was really, really sweet.

We left early, I got a nap in, got some quilting in, Duncan and I went grocery shopping and almost got T-boned by an idiot who didn't notice the red light and also went sliding on the wet pavement when he tried to brake. Even more stupid, I wasn't even the 1st car through the intersection - that's how red the light was!! But I saw him, braked, and we avoided it. Grrr... you don't mess with me, but even more, you don't mess with me when I've got my kids in the car!

And here we are. Sunday night. I'm going into the office tomorrow with Cordie to wish people a Merry Christmas. Mom is coming along, and then we're going on to do some shopping (after meeting Theresa for coffee).  I'm done shopping, but it will be a fun morning.

Carole out.

Rogers sucks

I was going to write a nice long post as to why Rogers sucks. But Bill did a good enough job of it. So I just want it reflected on my blog to my reading audience that Rogers really sucks. And so help me, once my contract is up, after 14 years of being a customer, I am GONE! I'm both disgusted and disappointed in them.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The preschool Christmas Party

Today was Duncan's preschool Christmas party - and last day of school for the break.

So they had a PJ party. Duncan was thrilled with this because he always wants to wear his pjs all day, and if you don't get him out of them 1st thing in the morning you will have a fight on your hands. (What helps with this now is that he likes to pick out his own clothes and dress himself (with some help) which I think is awesome).

I went to pick him up after and as usual when we're walking to the car "Mommy, I had fun!". And so starts the game of interpret what he actually did at school that morning. You can bet they sang a song or two, so I always start with "did you sing a song?" "Yeah, I did!" "What song did you sing?" "Frosty the Snowman and we sat down in chairs". I interpret this to mean they played musical chairs to Frosty the Snowman. And then "the bridge fell down!". Oh, they played London Bridge is falling down. I wonder if he is amazed that I know all these things. He did learn how to single Jingle Bells at preschool, which is so cute. It's too bad he hasn't learned the songs for the Sunday School program as well. Okay, I think Away In A Manger is a bit harder for a 3 year old. Frankly, I'll be surprised if he even goes up front.

I had to run an errand at Staples after getting him, and I figure no one will need to know he is in his pjs as he'll have his jacket on, and his boots. Well, Duncan decided the had to take off his jacket in the middle of the store, and lead me on a merry chase before I could get him out the door. So I'm sure a few people noticed the pjs (Lightning McQueen ones, if you're wondering). As Bill pointed out though - when you're 3, you can get away with it.

Also at school they gave him a wee present. And so I told him that he had to put it under the tree, and so (really, in his mind, being new at this Christmas thing) he hid it underneath the awesome dinosaur tree skirt I made the other week. I thought that was so cute!!

Tomorrow one of his friends from preschool (and his Mom, and little brother) are coming over for a play date, so that will be fun.

Whine, whine, whine - I have a cold. A nasty thing that settled right into my chest. It's brutal. And Cordie has a cold, and is teething, and we think going through another growth spurt (7 months old already!) and so she's just an unhappy little girl. Poor pumpkin. She's fine when I'm holding her, but that seriously impaired what I could get done today. Oh well, she is my priority.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Meme

I finally decided to do this one... you know, less than 9 days left, I'm not sure it counts!

  1. Have you started your Christmas shopping? Almost done! I have one more thing to buy! I'm super happy about this.
  2. Tell me about one of your special traditions. Well, we're kind of having fun creating our own traditions as a little family. However, our church is one of the only ones that has a Christmas Day service. Being of Dutch descent, we traditionally sing a song called 'Glory to God' at the end of the service, and I totally love that. 
  3. When do you put up your tree?This year it was right at the beginning of December because Duncan wanted the Christmas tree.
  4. Are you a Black Friday shopper? No. Mind you, we don't have Black Friday up in Canada, but I also don't go down to the States to do shopping.
  5. Do you travel at Christmas or stay home? We stay home. I think it's quite unlikely we would travel out to Newfoundland for Christmas for various reasons. We have toyed with the idea of going on a trip - like to Hawaii or something over Christmas one year - and we may do that yet.
  6. What is your funniest Christmas memory? Bill spilling punch on my parent's carpet. It was when we were dating and he flew out to visit - his first visit out here. White Carpet. Red Punch. But the funny part is that my Oma (grandma) (rather a stern woman) was sitting there when it happened. She gave Bill the "Oma Eye" and informed me that she had carpet cleaner under her sink at her place (next door) and I should go get it and clean the carpet. So I go to the kitchen and inform my Mom that Bill spilled punch in the living room and Mom says "oh, no matter, we'll take care of it later" but I told her "Oma is making me go get her carpet cleaner".... Mom rolled her eyes but there was no arguing with my Oma. So there I was, on Christmas day, on my hands and knees, scrubbing the carpet in the living room under my Oma's watchful eye until she deemed it okay. To this day there is a lamp that covers that spot :) Thinking of it, I'm blessed Bill still married me after he saw the family he was marrying into!
  7. What is your favorite Christmas movie of all time? A Christmas Carol. Although I love (and have) the original Miracle on 34th Street (like Nancy, not the lame remake).
  8. Do you do your own Christmas baking, what’s your favorite treat? I do, but I don't do much because we don't do a lot of entertaining, so I really don't do much in the baking dept. Because what we bake, we eat, and that's not a good thing.
  9. Fake or real tree? Right now - fake - because the cats were routinely knocking over the real ones. But I think eventually we'll go back to real - because we do prefer it.
  10. What day (as a mom) does the actual panic set in to get it all done? Christmas Eve around 8 PM :)
  11. Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve? yes! I inherited that from my Mom (hi Mom). She and Dad have been known to be up until 3 Am wrapping.
  12. What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas? Well, we're kind of working on that, as this is the 1st Christmas Duncan is getting into it. I'll let you know. :)
  13. What Christmas craft do you like the best? Making ornaments for the tree. 
  14. Christmas music? I love Christmas music. Right now Josh Groban's "Noel" is my favourite, but the Michael W. Smith Christmas album is one of my standing favourites. I also have certain singles I just love.
  15. When do you plan to finish all your shopping? I have one thing left to buy, so, soon. 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Today - December 14, 2009


Outside my window: it's snowing. They are calling for 15-30 cm, but in my heart of hearts, I just don't think we're going to get that much. I hope Duncan still has school tomorrow.

I am hearing: Bill is blogging - so him typing away. The sound of the humidifier in Duncan's room.

I am thinking: Not a whole lot.

I am hoping: that Bill doesn't have too hard of a time getting in tomorrow, and that Duncan has school - simply b/c there are only two classes left for the year, and he loves going.

I am reading: I picked up a cheesy Harlequin Christmas romance.

I am creating: I've got the top done of the second quilt I'm working on. So now I need to layer them (what we call sandwiching in the quilting world) and get to quilting them.

I am wearing: my pj pants and a t-shirt, and slippers.

In the kitchen: tonight was breakfast chicken with fries and corn (breakfast chicken is a rotisserie chicken). Also on the menu this week is slow cooked pasta with Italian sausage (funny story - it called for ziti pasta, but turns out ziti is not common up here. I know now it's like penne, but was looking for ziti at the store today. So the manager in charge of general merchandise asks if there is anything he can help me find, I tell him, I'm looking for ziti pasta... poor fellow looked so perplexed. He'd obviously never heard of it before, and couldn't help me, but you could tell he felt bad he couldn't help me. I picked up rotini instead - I like rotini - holds the sauce better), baked chicken and kale, shake and bake chicken, and grilled steak on pasta with tomato pesto sauce.

Plans for the week: Well depending on the weather, Mom might baby sit tomorrow night and we want to go see the Disney A Christmas Carol in 3D at the Imax. We love the Christmas Carol story in many forms, and have heard this rendition is great. And with that fancy dancy new bridge right by here, we're only 10 minutes away from the Imax, instead of the old 45 or it would have taken before. Bill is taking Wednesday off so we can finish some stuff like shopping, so I won't be going to MOPS -which is okay, it's just a social. Thursday is Duncan's last day of school before Christmas and they are having a pj party, so I need to bring a fruit tray for that. On Saturday I think we're hoping to get together with the Bells - whom we haven't seen in ages.

A few of my favorite things: I love that Duncan now "gets" stories. When we're looking at books he can tell us what is happening, and I think it's just going to open an whole new realm of stories etc... When he was born we got this Winnie the Pooh treasury, and I've been looking forward to bed time stories when I can read such a thing to him. I love Cordie is just such her own little person. She is getting into everything and has a lot of different verbal sounds already. It's amazing how awesome but different each kid is.

A picture thought:

Thursday, December 10, 2009


There are many times during the day I feel like writing a post, but I've just been busy, and haven't.

I write blog posts in my head all the time. At least titles for them.

The other morning it was "Socks in the Dark".

And the next morning it was "Chasting Cats in the dark". Sense a theme here? For the record I neither found my socks, nor did I chase the cats. I went with cold feet, and let the cats jump on me.

Nancy did a Christmas Meme on her blog the other day. I want to do that one. Not tonight.

Bill and I are hungry. It's 10:50 PM and it's bed time. We ate dinner almost 5 horus ago and I am so freaking tempted to order a pizza. We almost never, ever order pizza.

Okay, let's back up. Take out. A few weeks ago we decided we'd try to cut out take out altogether. We don't go to restaurants often, but we do like take out. I like eating in the comfort of my own home. Anyhow, we did fine last week (Mom taking me for Greek on Friday night does not count), and so far this week too. So ordering pizza would totally count as getting take out.

But it would be yummy!

But I will go to bed instead. I should get Cordelia up once to eat yet. Depending on the weather Mom and Cordie and I are heading down to Marysville tomorrow night. We might get snow, and if it looks like we're going to get too much we might need to cancel. I'm honestly not too concerned, but we'll see how it pans out.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Today: December 7, 2009


Outside my window: It is sunny but cool. People would even call it "cold" but having lived in the US Midwest before, I call it "brisk".

I am hearing: Bill is home sick today, and is playing World of Warcraft - so I am hearing murlocks being killed.

I am thinking: I need to get on with "it". "It" being all the things I want to get on with today while Duncan is gone.

I am hoping: to get more sleep tonight. It's a theme. I like sleep. I don't get enough of it. Cordie is teething and so is waking a lot more again. Duncan, however, has settled down at nights again, so that's good.

I am reading: Kind of stalled on the reading front right now.

I am creating: I am going to make a tree skirt out of dinosaur themed fleece I have. We need a tree skirt, and I figured "why does it need to be Christmas themed?" and Duncan would get a kick out of it.

I am wearing: jean, t-shirt, my shoes. I didn't take them off when we got home a bit ago as a little girl wanted to eat "NOW".

In the kitchen: mini-meat loaf, baked chicken, vegetarian goulash (that one will be interesting). We were supposed to have a beef brisket in the crock pot this week but no one seems to have any and I really don't feel like running to every meat counter/butcher shop all over town, so we'll skip that one.

Around the house: Well we got the tree up yesterday, which Duncan LOVES. He is so funny. He had to say goodbye to the tree today before leaving. He had a lot of fun helping us decorate it. Christmas is going to be a hoot this year. I still need to get the nativity scene put out, and the much delayed Advent calendar up (I'll get that done today). Bill put the lights out on Saturday.

Plans for the week: Duncan has his 3 year check up tomorrow and then nothing specific until Thursday, and then we're busy. The daycare at our church has their Christmas program on Thursday night and I think Duncan might have fun with that as it is kids his age, so I am planning on bringing him to that. Friday morning we're going to the Baron's for breakfast and to meet the newest member of the family, and then to Duncan's school Christmas skating party, and then Mom and Cordie and I are heading out of town down to the US to do some shopping and have some girl time. We have no idea where we stashed the playpen. Actually, I think I just remembered.

A few of my favorite things: Duncan surprising us by knowing the words to Jingle Bells (they must sing it at preschool). Cordie just being herself. I know, I'm biased, but both kids are just such a joy to our lives.

A picture thought:

My parents got Duncan this little lap desk for his birthday - and he loves it! Here he is colouring a Christmas tree. 

Monday, November 30, 2009


Alright, as Christmas is approaching, there are so many giveaways going on in the Mom Blogosphere right now. Some of the best are through our friends at 5 Minutes for Mom. Jump point can be found here: or there is a button on my side bar. There are also some other buttons to other Christmas Giveaways. Check them out.

Today - November 30, 2009


Outside my window: It's dark out, but it was sunny this afternoon, which was gorgeous and refreshing. Duncan even got to play outside, which was awesome.

I am hearing: I have the new Celtic Women special on PBS. But I'm not even a huge Celtic Women fan, but there was nothing else on, and it's nice background music.

I am thinking: Not a whole heck of a lot. It's 9 PM and I'm winding down.

I am hoping: That Duncan sleeps better tonight. Last night he was up at 3:30, 4:45, 5:50, 6:40... I'm a wee bit pooped. On the other hand, Cordie has been sleeping through the night, which is awesome.

I am reading: Well, I haven't read anything in the past week, but still working on Echo!! Don't get me wrong! It's a great book, I'm just not taking time to read.

I am creating: Quilts for my sister in laws. I've only got 24 days left, better get on that.

I am wearing: My pjs.

In the kitchen:

* Monday: tonight was chicken and dumplings and spinach salad

The rest of the week, in no specific order - I believe a meatball dish, something with steak, something with chicken...

Around the house: Today I went through both kid's dressers. Tanya, I have a bunch of size 3 stuff for Warren when you're ready... and eventually for Xavier. *grin*.

Plans for the week: Well, tomorrow is my sweet little boy's 3rd birthday. Wow. 3!! We had his little party on Saturday, but Bill has tomorrow off (which Duncan doesn't know yet). We're going for lunch with Oma and Opa after school. We'll give him his gifts after nap b/c if we do it before then he'll not want to a. go to school b. take a nap. We got him 2 books, a puzzle, the new Backyardigans dvd, and a nifty addition to his railway set. Yeah, we're suckers. Otherwise, Friday night I'm heading into Vancouver with my Mom to get my hair done, do some shopping, and then we'll come back here, drop Cordie off, and then go out for dinner. This is a belated birthday present from Mom, and I'm looking forward to it. On Saturday the church is providing free babysitting during the day so parents who want to go Christmas shopping, or whatever it is you want to do. On Sunday I'm planning on going with my parent's to the Singing Christmas Tree at Broadway Church. I haven't been in years, so that will be cool.
A few of my favorite things:

A picture thought:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Today - November 23, 2009

I totally admit 1/2 the time I forget to do this and then I read it on Nancy's blog and I copy her. It's because Nancy is awesome. *grin*


Outside my window: it is cold and rainy. It's been like this a while. It's November. I don't mind the cozy weather, but if it could stick to it at night time, that would be awesome.

I am hearing: the music from Duncan's room over the monitor.

I am thinking: not a whole lot. I'm tired and it's time for bed.

I am hoping: that Tanya has her baby soon because I know she wants Bun now. I am also hoping that our wee birthday party for Duncan on Saturday goes well.

I am reading: Still Echo. I have barely read at all this past week.

I am creating: I started cutting out fabric for the next quilt. Turns out I don't have enough for the focus fabric, so I am going to need to work around that somehow.

I am wearing: Jeans and a purple t-shirt

In the kitchen:

Monday night was spaghetti and meatballs
In no specific order we also have pork chops with apples, Old fashioned chicken and dumplings (as opposed to that new fangled chicken and dumplings you often get). We have One-pot California chicken, and Friday night is Turducken at John and Amy's.

Around the house: Trying to get the place in reasonble shape for Saturday. I got upstairs scrubbed down pretty well today. I need to go through the kid's clothes, again. They are growing, growing, growing. Love it.

Plans for the week. Tomorrow more cleaning (perhaps). Wednesday I am helping decorate the church for Christmas in the morning. I'll need to get my act together for Duncan's party. On Friday we have Christmas class (which is fun) and then Mom is baby sitting while we go to turducken (kids are welcome, but we figure this way we can take our time). Saturday morning we have Christmas pictures being taken and then Duncan's party. And on Sunday after church is Meaghan's birthday party. I think things are going to be busy from here on in.

A few of my favourite things: Cordie laughs. She laughs and laughs and laughs. It is awesome. I also love her sleeping through the night. I love Duncan figuring stuff out, and his complete sentances are awesome.

A picture thought: Cordie is going places with her rolling around. She often gets stuck :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday night

Good evening everyone,

About time to retire for the night. Cordie has slept through the night the last 3 nights, which has been wonderful, and yet I'm still beat. I think it's because my body has been realizing what it has been missing. But it is funny that the day she started solids she started sleeping through the night, just like Duncan did.

We had a fantastic weekend. We celebrated Dad's 70th birthday on Saturday and had a wonderful afternoon doing so. We ended up, basically, getting him dinner at his favourite restaurant in Maui for when they will be there in January. He was very happy with that. We had relatives fly in from Holland and from Ontario, and it was great to see some of my aunts and uncles I don't get to see too often. They also loved having Duncan and Cordie as surrogate grandchildren while they were away. My cousin had a baby girl only about 3 weeks before I had Cordie, so my uncle, I think, was missing his grand daughter quite a bit. At one point on Saturday he walks up to me "she is far too heavy for you, let me" and took her from my arms. How sweet that was. And later she fell asleep on my brother Jeff, which was also just so cute. Erik, Katherine (my nephew and niece) and Duncan also did awesome for an afternoon filled with "old" people. Erik is so awesome with Duncan, and Katherine has just learned how to read, and was reading me her books. That was awesome.

We had bought "Up" this past week so in the evening we popped some pop corn and sat down and watched it. I loved it. Later we watched Star Trek, which was also good.

This morning was church. The last time Duncan went to Sunday school I had to stay, but this morning I just dropped him and left and he did awesome. "I had fun" he said. Did you sing songs? Yep I did! What songs did you sing? Happy Birthday. (they are learning songs for the Christmas program, but apparently Happy Birthday stuck with him more).

I slipped down the stairs yesterday. Yes Mom, I'm fine. I was hanging on to the rail and my heel slipped out from under me and thump thump thump I went. Bill's reaction time was awesome. I thought I was going to be quite sore today, but I seem to be fine. Tomorrow will be the true test.

Alright, I am ready for bed and I need to get Sweet Pea up to feed her once yet.

Nancy - your weekend sounds exhausting. But cool on the furniture, enjoy your trip this week, and yay Alex on a good baseball game.

Tanya - hang in there honey!! I also had to do the non-stress test. I really hope Bun shows up with out being induced because being induced sucks. Love you lots dear.

PS - this sucks. I was really behind on my blog reading this week and I won something, but I missed the deadline to respond, so they had to draw another name. D'oh!! Easy come, easy go.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday night

Good evening!

It's 8:30, the kids are in bed... ahhh...

How are you? Well I hope. We're doing good. Now that Duncan has returned to routine, so has his behaviour, which is so refreshing. Our little man turns 3 in a week and a half... crazy! He is doing awesome in school, and verbally and skills wise he is just doing awesome. Not to say that he's ahead of where he should be or anything, but he's certainly not behind either. We're just keeping it super simple for his birthday - as usual. Next week Saturday we'll have some friends and family over, have nibbly food out, let the kids play, cake, presents, we're good to go. Quite honestly he is still young enough that he's not aware of what birthdays are or mean, and so you can tell him you're goign to have a party, and he knows it means cake and presents, but if we didn't tell him when his birthday was he wouldn't even know he'd missed it.

I'm trying to ramp up Christmas this year too. This is going to be the 1st year he might really get into it. So we're talking a lot about Jesus' birthday (he understands that we pray to Jesus and thank him for what we have), and we give gifts to each other to celebrate this. But we also have fun with the Santa aspect. He wants to ask Santa for the Take-Along Thomas set, but I have a feeling when it comes to seeing Santa he won't be comfortable actually sitting on his knee yet. I also want to make a Santa key (since we don't have a chimney). We're also doing this Christmas Fun on Friday's thing through the community. Cordie stays home (alone, no big deal... ha ha, just kidding, either with Bill, or today my Mom watched her) and we make crafts and stuff. It's fun. I talked our neighbour into signing her daughter up too, so we get to see them. It's supposed to be a drop your kids off for an hour kind of thing, but I stick around. I like helping Duncan - or other kids too if needed.

Cordie is good. Well, tonight she fell on her face (yes, she's fine Mom), and that was quite traumatic for her, but otherwise, she's good. She had a cold this week, and teething, so we had a few rough nights, but those have both settled down again. I also started her on solids this week. Kind of funny because she just turned 6 months, and I didn't necessarily feel that we needed to start the minute she turned 6 months, but that's just how it turned out, and so far she's taken to it quite well! And, bless her, she slept through the night last night, until after 6:30 this morning. I remember when Duncan started solids that when when he started sleeping through the night, so I won't complain if this is a trend!

Tomorrow is Dad's big 70th birthday celebration (his actual birthday is tomorrow), so that will be both really nice, and good to be over with - just due to the planning involved. The following week is Turducken at John and Amy's. Kids are welcome, but I'm hoping Mom can baby sit Duncan because their place is pretty tiny, and it also means we can hang out a bit longer if we don't need to worry about getting home to bed. We'll see how that all pans out. Then the next day is Duncan's birthday party, and the day after that is Meaghan's birthday party... phew! I think from here on it we're going to be busy - but that's alright.

Well I hope you all have a good weekend and that Tanya has a baby. Bill thinks you're faking it Tanya :) I still vote for yelling "FIRE!" and seeing if that works. *grin*.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today - November 16, 2009


Outside my window: It's overcast. We've had some pretty good "fall" weather over the past few days. Doesn't bother me - it's fall!

I am hearing: Bonnie Hunt. The dryer. Two children sleeping (which is to say nothing)

I am thinking: I should be doing something, but I'm too tired

I am hoping: Cordelia sleeps better tonight. Between teething and her cold, she has had a few rough nights - and therefore so have we.

I am reading: still Echo in the bone. What can I say - I don't take enough time to read.

I am creating: Just washing fabric to start on my next quilt top.

I am wearing: Jeans, t-shirt, socks. Exciting!

In the kitchen:

* Monday: pork roast (and seeing as this is Tuesday, this got a "phenomenal" rating from Bill.
* Tuesday - chicken stir fry. Chicken is expensive. That frustrates me.
* Wednesday - Sloppy joes variation
*Thursday - some oven baked chicken recipe
* Friday - some steak based recipe.

I won this membership to which helps you with meal planning. So this is my 1st week using it. I like it! But that's why I forget the exact names of the recipes I'm going to be using.

Around the house: I need to clean. I'll get there.

Plans for the week: Dad's birthday on Saturday. This is the big 70th party. I still don't know what to get him. *sigh*. And I just found out my brother Tim has H1N1 and has been knocked off his butt by it, and there is concern my brother Sean may not be able to make it due to bad weather on the Coquihalla. We'll see later in the week, but it was be a total shame if he can't make it due to weather. Oh, and I have MOPS tomorrow.

A few of my favorite things: sleep.

A picture thought:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Well we all seem to be on the mend. Duncan, Bill, and I all still have a cough. Cordie has not come down with one - I hope it stays that way. She is snuffly, and she has a goopy eye - I may need to get it checked out tomorrow. She is also teething, so miserable none-the-less.

Yesterday we were about ready to sell Duncan. JUST KIDDING. He was being very 3 (although we have a few weeks before we technically reach that designation). We totally understand that he had this cold, had been mostly couped up in the house for an entire week etc... but he honestly threw an hour long temper tantrum when it was nap time. He was over tired and just refused to settle down. We eventually let him get up because, honestly, there was no point in us trying to continue to prove our point. Today though, he was awesome. Well behaved, normal fun Duncan. Tomorrow he heads back to Nikki's and I think that will be good. It will help him burn off energy with the other boys and get back into things. He missed all day care and all school last week, so I think he's wanting to get back into it.

I plan on taking Cordie to Peek-A-Book at the library tomorrow, but it will depend on her goopy eye and if I need to take her to the doctor. I think it's one of these simple prescription for drops kind of things. So I'm not worried about it, but it likely does need to be treated.

My Dad's birthday is next Saturday. 70 years old! Go Dad! I need to come up with something extra special to get him... bah, we won't even go there right now. Long story.

Mom is safely home from her conference. I happened to catch her in her room one night, so that was fun to chat. We'd been hoping to go over with this kids this afternoon yet but her flight was too far delayed getting in (some fellow who checked his bags but never showed up for the flight, so they had to unload all the luggage to get his bags off) before our dinner time for us to go over. Too bad too as Duncan was really looking forward to seeing Opa and Oma. When the weather is not pouring like it is today, we often go for walks at a local park on Sunday afternoons after nap.

I need to finally start making an effort to pump and get Cordie to take a bottle. I have several things coming up that I need to be gone for up to 6 hours. I'm just so lazy!! Nursing is so much easier. Can you believe our sweet little Cordelia is 6 months old tomorrow?! I guess I need to think about solids at some point too. She's quiet content with the boob, but we can't do that forever!

Alright, yawning here. No news on Bun's arrival yet from Tanya. Thinking of you dear!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Today - November 9, 2009


Outside my window: It's dark out. I like the time change - easier to get Duncan to bed

I am hearing: The dishwasher and Cordelia fighting sleep

I am thinking: Not a whole heck of a lot. I have a cold. My head is fuzzy.

I am hoping: Several things - first is that Duncan feels much better tomorrow. Poor kid. Throwing up, running a fever, low energy. I just have a cold, and while it makes me feel miserable, it's not the same. Second is that I hope my Mom has a good trip tomorrow as she's going to Orlando for a conference. Third that Tanya has an awesome delivery. We look forward to welcoming Bun.

I am reading: still Echo in the bone. I'm enjoying it though! Nancy, I think I might need to pick up the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - sounds awesome

I am creating: Not a lot this week. Still want to do some projects for Christmas gifts, but being sick, I'm pretty much parking my butt on the couch.

I am wearing:My pjs. It was a pj day for all of us. In Duncan's case, 3 sets of pjs.

In the kitchen:

  • Monday: pork stir fry (I can say for sure b/c we had it tonight, thanks to Bill for making it)
The rest of the week is kind of we'll see as we go. We have on the menu - hamburgers, goulash, chicken with veggies and another side, and I think chicken strips and fries, but a. The Bell's were supposed to come over tomorrow but since we're sick we don't know if they are and b. with Duncan being sick, we might need to wing it. He barely ate anything today.

Around the house: I'm ignoring the house this week

Plans for the week: Just to make it through the week. Bill is supposed to go to Geek fest on Friday night but he's told the guys that if we're still sick he might need to tele-geek-fest from home.

A few of my favorite things: My husband. My kids. Giggles. Coffee. Being able to breathe through both nostrils. *grin* Tanya having a baby.

A picture thought:

It's 1 AM

I'm up having a cuppa tea - what are you doing? Hopefully sleeping! Duncan and I came down with colds (flu?) today (well yesterday). Duncan had a bit of a fever, and threw up a little, but now seems more cold like as his energy levels are good. I think mine is just a mean cold - no fever or anything, but chills, aches, runny stuffed up nose, coughing... just cold symptoms.

I went to bed at 10 PM all chilly and achy, and Cordelia woke me up at midnight again. And then I couldn't fall back asleep! And Duncan woke up too. He wanted to come downstairs. No, it's time to sleep buddy. But he seems to have fallen back asleep, and no return of the fever, so let's just pray it's a cold. Easier to treat.

Anyhow, now I'm watching House Hunters on HGTV.

Tomorrow I was invited to go to a new women's bible study group, and I've totally been wanting to join one, but now I can't go tomorrow b/c Roo and I are sick! I'm not going to expose the rest of the women (and children) to sick germs. I also called Nikki and told her I was keeping Duncan home. I'll certainly need to keep him home on Tuesday from school too. Wednesday is Remembrance Day, so we'd be around anyhow (although regretably may not be able to go to the cenotaph this year).

See, we always go, rain or shine. After what those men and women have done for us, the least I can do is stand in the rain for half an hour and, well, remember. And usually we've brought Duncan because it's important to us. But if he is sick, standing out in the cold rain is not going to do him any good. Perhaps I'll go and represent the family.

So that's what's going on at 1:14 AM. I hope you had a good night!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Early Saturday morning

Cordelia has been doing this waking up early and staying up thing. I remember when Duncan was little we used to have some really early mornings too, starting the tradition of short straw/long straw for who gets to sleep in. But quite honestly as long as I'm nursing, I need to get up. I try to be quiet so Bill can get some extra sleep - one of us might as well! I'm more prone to napping than Bill is too, so I can recoup if I need to during the day. But as it is, by 6:30 this morning Bill was downstairs with me. It is now just after 7, both kids are sleeping, but we're both up.

So after our shots on Tuesday my arm was stinking sore on Wednesday, and then I started feeling quite cruddy. But it turns out it was kind of a side effect of getting the shot b/c later on I was fine, and still am. Duncan seems to have suffered no side effects at all that's he's told us of.

Our friends from Edmonton were supposed to come in on Wednesday, but they were late getting off, so they didn't come until Thursday. But it's been great seeing them. This is Cynthia, Gus, and their son Connor. Cynthia and Gus went to University with Bill - they are from Newfoundland too. Gus works for the Army and is a medical doctor. He just got his Emergency Medicine designation (not sure how that all works in doctor world). Cynthia is the angel who has been giving us all of the awesome hand me downs that Duncan wears (she is responsible for probably 90% of his wardrobe), and thereby Warren and some other little boys around here wear. And of course she came with a bunch more, including winter boots. Cynthia rocks. So I need to return the one's we'd already bought Duncan from Superstore. See, last year we waiting way too long to buy some and ended up getting whatever we could, as opposed to what we wanted.

Anyhow, it took Duncan a little bit to warm up to Connor (who is 9 months older then Duncan) b/c frankly, as we said, Duncan is used to being the sharer of toys (using Brayden and Riley's toys at daycare) not the sharee - having someone come in and use his stuff. But once he warmed up the two of them were a hoot to watch. Playing trains, running around. At one point I went and checked on them and they were sitting on Duncan's bed chatting away to each other - who knows about what - but they were having a blast. We (less Bill, he was working) met them at the Vancouver Aquarium on Friday. That was fun. I'm glad I didn't need to pay for the kids though - it's kind of steep! I had a blinding headache though. So after lunch we went to get Bill from work. We were early, but his boss let him take off early. Both kids had fallen asleep in the back - which worked out great for nap time. I think they will be visiting again this morning before taking back off eastwards. And then this afternoon Jesse and Laura are coming for a visit. We haven't visited with them in ages, so that will be awesome.

And then it's my Dad's 70th birthday in 2 weeks and so some of his siblings from Holland flew in last night (dad is 13 of 14 kids). I think it's awesome they've come out for him. So Mom and Dad have company for the next 2.5 weeks. I'll need to go and visit at some point b/c it will be good to see them. Because Dad's family is so large (honestly, I don't even know all my cousins on his side) I'm kind of the "representative" child from my parents. But I don't mind. I love my aunts and uncles (some of whom are the same age as my grandparents on my Mom's side were), and it will be fun to have them meeting Duncan and Cordie.

Alright, Duncan is waking up now. Question - are my blog posts too long? Should I not babble on, and just keep them short and easier to read in your RSS feed? Or does this work for you? let me know. All 5 of you. *grin*

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Duncan and Stand Up, the horse

Playing catch up

I was going to do one of those "Today" Posts, but now it's Tuesday already... so forget it. Next week. Colorado Nancy says it's a special blogging month where you're supposed to post every day... but I already ruined it as it's the 3rd, so oh well! But Nancy, I enjoy your posts! So keep writing.

There is both a lot and so little going on right now.
  • Duncan and I got our H1N1 shots today. My arm is already sore. Duncan did awesome. He yelped right away, but I'd brought a special thing for him and right away said "hey Duncan look!" and it did the trick. And when we left he even said thank you to the doctor (totally unprompted) which just tickled our doctor.
  • But at that, he missed his nap today. He was still really well behaved in the afternoon, but tired.
  • Theresa, bless her heart, came and hung out with Cordie while we were gone. We ended up being gone for an hour and a 1/2 (doctor's office is quite swamped, so they were further behind than normal) and so I'm glad I didn't need to drag her along for all of it. Cordie napped almost the whole time we were gone, so all Theresa had to do was veg on the couch. She is home, with the flu. Nice, 'eh? I ask my neighbour who has the flu to come watch my kid so we can go get flu shots. I wouldn't have asked if she wasn't up for it.
  • Tonight Mom and I went to check out the place where we're having Dad's birthday party, pick up menus, and then we were going to go eat. But it was so quiet in there and Cordie was along, we opted for the Olive Garden instead. Most of Mom's co-workers happened to be there, so we joined their table (thereby avoiding a 20 minute wait) which ended up being awesome. Just a nice group of women who are always so welcoming to me, even though I don't work there.
  • The new teacher was sitting beside me... we're chatting... went to the same high school (although graduated 9 years apart), turns out we also went to the same church in Burnaby for some time - which is why she seemed so familiar! So that was really great chatting with her.
  • Cordie was just over done. She just doesn't do well in other settings. Duncan could crash anywhere. Cordie, while a super laid back baby, does not do well in the "oh, I'll just sleep in my car seat" type deals. This means I really need to get her taking a bottle soon b/c I have a few nights out coming up.

So that was today. It was a good day. Most days are. I'm very blessed. Oh, and Bill and Duncan had boys night - supper together, played trains etc...

Oh, so Halloween was fun. I'm quite surprised Duncan actually dressed up, but he was his little cowboy self, and we picked up a stuffed horse (he insisted he have a horse) and he's named him Stand Up. Is that not an awesome name for a horse? Anyhow, we went to Oma and Opa's in the afternoon, and then came home and went around our complex, to maybe 14 homes. That was enough for Duncan. Cordie stayed home and helped Bill hand out candy. And like Nancy said for her boys, Duncan likes the idea of candy much more than the actual candy. Give him a choice for something from the bowl - he chooses the Craisins my parents gave him. Open a box of Smarties (which are kind of like M&Ms for my American friends) he'll eat maybe 5 and be done. This means we're helping him out a bit. This also makes me glad we did not go to more houses.

Bill is doing much better. The drugs they gave him seemed to do the trick. So while his energy is still really low, and he has a cough, he is no longer as sick as he was.

Tomorrow our friends from Edmonton were supposed to be rolling in, but I just got an email saying they'll be in on Thursday instead. This gives me more time to clean. Will be good to see them. And then on Saturday Laura is coming up (and possibly Jesse) for a visit. That will be awesome b/c I've been wanting to spend time with Laura but Cordie does not travel well.

This is probably too long already. So I'll sign off and catch up on the 38 emails and 142 Reader items that are unread. Oh, and I need to change the template for my blog b/c I've decided I don't like this design too much. But honestly, who actually goes to a blog these days? Doesn't everyone use RSS? *grin* Just kidding. Good night!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today - October 26, 2009


Outside my window: it's dark now. It was pouring all last night and into this morning and this afternoon was glorious!!

I am hearing: The music over the monitor from Duncan's room.

I am thinking: I should be in bed. I'm wondering if I should wake Cordelia or let her sleep until she wakes up hungry. If I let her sleep I get to go to sleep earlier, but then I'll more likely have to wake up 2x in the middle of the night, and that's brutal!

I am hoping: Bill gets better soon and that none of us catch it. Oh, we've determined it's a nasty cold, not the flu.

I am reading: Still An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. I told you I'm a slow reader!

I am creating: still working on quilts. Lots of them to make! But I suppose this week we'll be doing pumpkins too.

I am wearing: my pjs!

In the kitchen:
Monday - home made pizza (was good). Oh, for Duncan (he doesn't care for pizza) I made this recipe I just received today from called Freaky Franks. It was awesome! You stick uncooked spaghetti through pieces of hot dogs and then cook it so that the spaghetti is cooked into the hotdog. Duncan devoured it!
Tuesday - Pork chops
Wednesday - chicken drumsticks
Thursday - left overs? I am so uninspired for meals this week. *sigh*
Friday - we'll figure that out on Friday

Around the house: There is always something to be done. Got some good work on Cordie's room last week, but still lots to do.

Plans for the week: Duncan's preschool Halloween Party is on Thursday so I need to bring something for that. Otherwise, trick or treating for Halloween on Saturday. But I'm wondering if Duncan is going to get dressed up this year. Last year he didn't. So far this year he doesn't want to. We'll see. Oh, and I'm planning on seeing Tanya and Warren on Friday! Let's hope the weather is dry so we can go to that awesome park.

A few of my favorite things: Cordie has discovered how to really use the jollly jumper and she just loves it!! She is so funny.

Picture Thought:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh yeah

Earlier today I was talking to my Mom (for the 1st time... we talk a lot. When there is a day we don't speak for one reason or another both Bill's and my Dad's reactions are "what, are you guys fighting?" *grin*) she said "go write in your blog, I need something to read". Now, seeing as we talk multiple times a day, there really isn't going to be much in here that she doesn't know, but hey, here you go Mom. Love you lots.

Oh, there is something new. We think Bill's got "it". It Being the flu. It being the H1N1 as they are saying if you have the flu it's 99% likely it's the H1N1. At 1st we thought it was a nasty cold, but I think if tomorrow he has a fever (he hasn't yet) then we'll change it to flu. Poor guy. I complimented him tonight and said I was impressed b/c he hadn't been sterotypical sick male yet. Bill says "just wait". So tomorrow I need to get him in to see the doctor if for no other reason than he'll need a note for work. He might be off for the whole week. We've been hearing some employers insisting that people take at least 7 days (Ronnie, and I think Andre too), but we don't know what his work's policy on that is. Hey, I don't want him sick, but it's nice to have him around, even if on the whole I pretend he's not there b/c it helps my routine. I just folllow him around with a can of Lysol "Did you touch that? Yes? Okay" *SPRAY*. *GRIN*. I really hope the kids and I don't get it (duh, of course I hope that), but more so the kids than me. Not that I want it, but little kids don't understand being sick, you know?

Otherwise, not much going on. It's time for bed. I think that is a theme in all of my blog posts. I need to check on Cordie and see if she wants to eat.

Oh, funny thing, since I've started doing that datebook thing on Monday's that I stole from Colorado Nancy, I've totally been holding myself accountable to the meal plan. We always make a meal plan, but it's always so easy to say "oh let's just get take out instead". But since I've been writing it down I actually feel like I'm accountable to the 3 people who read this blog, and we're sticking to it. I'll ask Bill what he wants for dinner and he'll reply "I don't know, whatever you wrote in your blog". Oh, the power.

Okay, I'm yawning. Good night. Be healthy. Love you all.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I really should be in bed

It's 10:22, I'm tired, I still need to feed Cordelia again (I always get her up and feed her one more time before I go to bed, this usually keeps her happy for a good period of time), but I am having such a relaxing evening. Bill is gaming (World of Warcraft) (and he has a cold, poor guy... I think I'll be spending some time with the Lysol tomorrow), and I've just been chillin' on the couch catching up on email, and my Google Reader. Oh, I also emailed Dole (you know, the pineapple people) because we bought some peaches that taste like they were canned well before they were ripe and we now have a box of peaches that are crunchy and tasteless. I email people. I'm one of those people who doesn't hesitate to say "I didn't get what I paid for" in a really nice way.

I'm also listening to music. I broke down today and bought 'I Gotta Feeling' by the Black eyed Peas on iTunes. Every time I hear this song I like it, so I thought why not. So I added it to my Gym Music folder, which really is more of my best of the best folder now b/c there is a lot of non-workout music in there. Okay, it's all non-workout music b/c I haven't been working out. Ha ha ha. Oh, but I told Bill I think I want EA SportsActive for Christmas. I like the Wii Fit but my problem with it is there is so much down time between exercises it's hard to maintain momentum. So a 20 minute work out can take you 45 minutes. I also told him I wouldn't mind some kind of a dancing video game. Something I can do where no one will see me. But I don't know what dancing games are good.

I had a coupon for buy one get one free Blizzard from DQ, so I popped out around 9 and got us some. Bill needed it for his sore throat you know. It was yummy. That and a cup of tea... ahhh...

Our cheap $25 dvd player is dying. Can you believe it?! I mean, come on, we didn't buy the $20 one for a reason... Okay, I guess we asked for that. But seeing as our PS3 doubles as our DVD player, we can use our "old" one. Confusing I know. We have a dvd player in the kitchen (with a tv, duh) so Duncan can watch Backyardigans etc while we're out there. yes, sometimes during meals, I'm a bad mom.

Kids are good, thanks for asking. Cordie is so funny. She talks and talks and talks. Bill just rolls his eyes and I assure him it is never going to end :) She's still been in our room but we're moving her to her own room this weekend b/c she is outgrowing the basinette. And I keep stubbing my toe on it. But I'll miss having her so close. Duncan is good too. He didn't want to nap today and fought it for an hour and a half! And finally I just turned the downstairs monitor off and went about my business and I turned it back on 10 minutes later and he was asleep! But of course we couldn't let him sleep long, and so he was quite owly for the rest of the evening. We got his school pictures (proofs) today. How cute.

Bed time!

Monday, October 19, 2009



Outside my window: it's overcast. It was foggy this morning. It's a nice fall day though. I love fall!

I am hearing: Rachel Ray. Mackenzie Philips is on there. I'm rather tired of her now.

I am thinking: if the cats, who are running around upstairs, wake the kids, furr will fly

I am hoping: that our decision to not sell next year, and stay put for a while instead, is the right one.

I am reading: Still An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. I told you I'm a slow reader!

I am creating: still working on quilts. Lots of them to make!

I am wearing: Gap pants and a black t-shirt.

In the kitchen:
Monday - pasta
Tuesday - Beef stroganoff
Wednesday - Pork chops (shake and bake)
Thursday - pasta again
Friday - we'll figure that out on Friday

Around the house: I need to get Cordie's room cleaned up!!

Plans for the week: Bill has Friday off. Duncan is going to daycare then instead and we're going to get work outside done.

A few of my favorite things: Duncan has taken some chores upon himself - like feeding the cats each morning, and helping set the table. I love that when we went for a walk yesterday afternoon with Oma and Opa he walked the whole way, at a good pace. He's just growing up. Cordie's new sound " Ba ba ba ba ba ba". She's so cute!!!

Picture Thought:
This is a Northern Flicker. Not a great shot, but he was hanging around in our back yard this past week and I thought he was (she was?) a beautiful bird.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vegetable Soup

Duncan received a book a while back from Theresa called "Vegetable Soup" by Ann Morris. For the life of me I can't find a direct link to this book online. Oh, he received a bunch of books from her, but he is particularly keen on this one. Going to Peek-A-Book at the library (baby story time) I learned that many children's book have a rhythm to them to read aloud. So, reading this book, we put our own rhythm to it, and it totally works.

Having read the book many, many times, we rather have it memorized (like many parents do with many books). So, with the weather turning cooler, we decided it was time to make it.

Put some water in a pot (we added the water last)
then add some more you'll need a lot.
Add fresh carrots, celery, beans
sweet potatoes and mustard greens (we didn't add mustard greens, but upon reflection I could have added some kale)
Stir in onions, tomatoes too (we used tomato sauce instead)
add green peas, you'll need a few
A bit of parsley is very nice (we didn't add parsley, I don't like it)
with salt and pepper for the spice (I used salt and Mrs. Dash)
Cook it slowly on low heat.
Simmer until it's time to eat.
When the carrots lose their crunch,
then you'll know it's time for lunch.
It's time for sipping vegetable soup!

(and might I add, it's rather yummy!).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. Why is it that when I sleep on my right side I put my arms a certain way, and it's totally comfortable, but when I sleep on my left I can't seem to get my arms the same way, and therefore achieve the same amount of comfort?

2. I have no problem buying No Name brand or a house brand, but I don't care what they say, there are certain things that don't compare. Like ketchup. Like most cereal. Like macaroni and cheese.

3. If we had a big earthquake today we totally would not be prepared. The whole supplies for three days thing? Yeah, not so much. That reminds me we also need to get a will done up now we've got kids.

4. Ronnie has the flu - probably H1N1. How much does that suck? She's feeling better, but it's still brutal. If I got hit with the flu (any flu) we'd be hooped b/c I wouldn't be able to watch the kids. What do single Mom's do? (or single Dads). Bless them.

5. Need a lift? Check out

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I won!

Four times in the last 3 weeks no less - I've won some of the giveaways I've been entering.

I won a book and lip liner and lip gloss from Northern Mama, and some shaving products, and a Masterlock prize from 3 Boys and a Dog. It's kind of funny because I just enter these draws (no harm, no foul) and it's all just come together lately. It's fun. Mom says I should go buy a lotto ticket, but I said since these ones cost me no money, I'll stick with them.

Otherwise, Friday tomorrow. Tanya's last day at work. Woot! I don't know what I'm doing with the kids - if we're going out or not. Duncan has been being very 3 lately - like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He'll be super awesome, polite, well behaved one moment and then turn into this little monkey the next. His thing right now his hitting. When he does, he gets a time out, and when he apologizes he has to explain what he did wrong so I know he understands. But at this age, he knows the words to say, but he doesn't understand. Not that he actually hurts when he hits - he does it out of frustration, but how do you get through that it is not okay? Ah, we'll get there.

So Bill is gaming tonight and I think I am going to do a bit of quilting and try and hit the hay at a reasonable time. I slept miserably last night. I tried to nap. That didn't work either.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday night catch up

I have been meaning to write every day for the last 4 days, but time gets away. Usually when I have time to do something like blog it's a choice between blogging, reading my book, doing some quilting, or maybe watching a show I like, or something else. So, blogging has been the victim. But I just finished my wee witchy quilt yesterday, so I have the satisfaction of having finished another project!

So, last Thursday we went to the Pumpkin Patch with Duncan's preschool. It was perfect weather for it, and we had a great time. He keeps calling it the Duncan Patch. LOL. And he loves his little pumpkin. He keeps wanting to play with it. I told him he can't play with it, because if he drops it, pumpkin goes splat and that's the end of pumpkin.

Friday Ronnie was over in the morning for a visit - which was awesome. We never get to see each other any more. I had picked up a sewing machine on Freecycle and wanted her to have it. So I took a bit of time to clean it out, figure out how to make it work, and then showed her. She said she was really happy to receive it. She's been wanting one for simple projects. This one is a Kenmore machine, probably 15 years old or so. The lady I got it from said she couldn't keep the needle threaded. While I was looking online for the manual that might go with it I noticed that Janome makes the Kenmore machines. I have a Janome, so I tried one of my bobbins in the Kenmore, and it worked great! So it seems after all that, the lady only had the wrong kind of bobbin in her machine. This one is a bit of a bear. When you press the pedal it is THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. I guess I am used to mine which has a speed control, and franhkly is a bit more gentle. But hers still works!

Friday afternoon it was WIGGLE TIME! Woo hoo! Oh boy did we have a blast! Honestly we enjoyed the show just as much as Duncan did (or perhaps because he did). They sang all of their really well known songs, and you can tell these people know how to entertain children. But on top of it I was really impressed with Anthony, Jeff, and Captain Feathersword with some of the physical tricks they were doing. These guys are in shape!! Jeff Fatt is over 60 years old. He's the Purple Wiggle. I would take Duncan again if I had the chance. And we can tell he loved it because he still keeps mentioning it. The only downside was the hour it took to get out of the parkade - most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. And Cordie was screaming bloody murder. She hates her car seat when we're not moving. So Bill eventually took her out and walked her around and down as we crawled forward. Once we got going both kids were out.

Saturday was standard cleaning and shopping and totally missing Andre's birthday party. I'm sorry Tanya. I never ever responded even after you told me when it was. We wouldn't have been able to make it out anyhow for several reasons, one of which is that the kids would have been completely over done if we'd gone out at that point, but I apologize for not at least letting you know. I hope you had a great time.

Sunday morning Duncan, Theresa and I went for a walk to the store. Duncan rode in the wagon there, but walked the whole way home, which for his little legs was a long walk, but that was great that he did.

Today, Monday, is Thanksgiving!! Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful afternoon at my parent's place with my siblings and their families. Unfortunately my brother Sean was not able to be down as he had to work. He's been having a bit of a rough time of it lately, so if you could pray for him/send good thoughts his way that would be awesome. Anyhow, Cordie and I went over to Mom and Dads around 1 to help with food prep. Cordie napped, which worked great. When she woke up I fed and changed her and left her there while I went home and got the boys. Duncan hadn't napped, so we thought he was going to be super owly, but he was so well behaved! My nephew Erik is just awesome with both of the little ones and makes a point of playing with Duncan and running around with him etc... it's nice for us because we can just sit and visit...or make food and Bill can read his book. Now that sounds funny, but our family get togethers are really laid back. My brothers Tim and Jeff were on their lap tops, Bill was reading, Nancy and Shelley (SILs) were chatting, kids were running around... it was just perfect. And now I'm just having a cuppa tea and writing while Bill is gaming... just unwinding.

Next big thing is my Dad's 70th birthday party on November 21. I've been calling around for a venue, but we need to solidify something soon. 3 people are flying out from Holland for this, which is awesome.

My blog roll on Google Reader is getting insane, but I really enjoy them for casual reading. Three blogs I follow are "food blogs" and they are also women who are really talented with a camera. So if you want to have your taste buds tantilized, check out:
The Pioneer Woman - Ree has been winning all kind of blog awards for her blog, and with good reason. She also just released a cookbook.
The Otherside of 50
- I ran into this one through the Dinnervibe menu I get. We tried her turkey meatloaf with quinoa, which we loved. She calls coworkers Co-irkers. tee hee hee...
Imperrfections - Meg Kat... I think one of her recipes was in the Dinnervibe email I get weekly (which helps me with menu planning), and I got sucked in with both her photography and recipes. What's interesting is that she actually noted that her recipe being linked made he readership go through the roof. Well done Meg!
And once again, stolen from Jersey Girl in Colorado - Nancy -

Outside my window: it is dark. Another beautiful fall day, but it is now supposed to rain for like a week straight.

I am hearing: Main Theme music for Last of the Mohicans. Love this soundtrack.

I am thinking: Not a whole heck of a lot. Just worn out physically because Cordie has been getting up several times a night again. I knew it wouldn't last (sleeping through the night), but it is taking it's toll on me!

I am hoping: That Cordie sleeps well tonight :) That we get Dad's birthday organized soon.

I am reading: Still An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. I told you I'm a slow reader!

I am creating: Well I just finished my Wee Witchy Quilt, so I think I'll pick up the other quilt I'm half done and am considering giving away for Christmas.

I am wearing: my pjs pants and a brown t-shirt

In the kitchen:

* Monday: was turkey dinner! Yum!
* Tuesday: Pork chops, baked or boiled potatoes, veggies. I'm thinking of adapting this recipe. I can't make it as is because the chops are too thick, but I'm thinking of baking them 1st and then finishing them this way. Do you think it will work?
* Wednesday: Probably pasta
* Thursday: I'm thinking left over chicken and rice casserole
* Friday: Burgers and fries I suppose. I make a meal plan for the week but we don't assign actual meals to specific days until the day of "what do you want tonight?" "what's on the menu?"

Around the house: There is always so much to do. But we really need to get the outdoors cleaned up for winter. Gardens cleaned up, and finish digging up the dirt by the foundation and laying rocks down. That dirt was a big part of the reason for our ant invasion *shudder* this past summer.

Plans for the week: clean, sort, get Dad's birthday party figured out - at least a location booked.

A few of my favorite things: Duncan's prayer for breakfast this morning. When we pray before meals we get him to repeat after us, but today he didn't need to. "Jesus, thank you for today and friends and school and family and food. Amen" That about sums it up, doesn't it? My other favourite thing? Cordie giggles.

Picture Thought: Duncan digging the Wiggles:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Right Now

Stolen from Nancy. Hi Nancy.


Outside my window: It was a gorgeous fall day today. The sun is just setting right now and the trees at the end of the driveway are orange.

I am hearing: The Backyardigans "I am Scared of You"

I am thinking: I wish Duncan would stop playing with his pancake. In his defense, he ate two already (made from scratch... yum!), but he did ask for another one, but is just now rolling it around the table. Oh well, it doesn't have anything on it, so no harm.

I am hoping: Bill came down with that cold is going around, so I hope he feels better soon. I also hope I don't catch it. Or the kids.

I am reading: An Echo In The Bone by Diana Gabaldon. Diana's newest book. It's like visiting old friends. Love it.

I am creating: A little witchy quilt wall hanging. I've got it quilted, now I need to make the binding and finish it off.

I am wearing: A pair of Old Navy slacks that I got from Value Village brand new. It still had the tags on. Total steal. A v-neck black t-shirt and black socks.

In the kitchen: In no particular order:

pasta and garlic bread
pork chops with either baked potatoes and veggies or rice and veggies
hamburgers (going real healthy this week)
something else made with ground beef b/c I bought a pack from Costco last week and we've got lots

We had the pasta last night, and I think we'll do pizza tonight. As Bill isn't feeling well, no point in going through a huge effort. But you know what's really sweet is that our neighbour gave us some home made pea soup for Bill to feel better. Normally we eat with Duncan but the evening got away on us as Duncan and I were outside and it was getting too late. I asked him what he wanted - pancakes and bacon. So he got that and cheese and tomato. Over all, I think a reasonably balanced meal. Bill won't eat breakfast for supper. *sigh*

Around the house: I love thew new sewing desk I got for my birthday. We rearranged the kitchen, and although messy right now, I love how much more room this gives us.

Plans for the week: Well today Cordie and I went to Peek-A-Book at the library. I love this program for children aged 3 months - 18 months old. I took a few minutes to speak to the head of the children's dept there and thank her for the program, which I also did with Duncan. Tuesday Duncan has school. Wednesday is MOPS and then it's breastfeeding awareness week in Canada, so there is a nurse in at the library, so Cordie and I will be going there. Thursday is preschool again. On Friday it's the WIGGLES! Woo hoo!! Oh, Tanya, we can't make it to the party b/c we're at the Wiggles.

A few of my favorite things: Aside from the obvious like Duncan is just growing so much and becoming less and less of a toddler all the time, and that Cordie is just a gorgeous little girl who loves to smile and play? And that Bill is an awesome Dad/husband? Well I recently learned paper-piecing as a method of quilting and I was scared to try it for a long time, but now I've done it, I am just thrilled with myself.

A picture thought:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already!

I love October!! I love fall. I love cooler weather, and rain, and the cozy feeling, and the air feeling more fresh, and gorgeous things like Thanksgiving, and, oh yeah, my birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday to me! Bill already got me my gift which is a sewing table. We totally scored on Craigslist for this thing. We priced it out at a local sewing shop, their floor model, cheapest one, would be $800. We got this one for $80. Sure, it's used, but it's in good condition and is totally what we wanted. So I am thrilled. It's still sitting in the Mazda because we need to re-arrange some furniture in the kitchen to make it fit. I'll end up in front of the kitchen window, which I also love.

Last night we went to the Dougie MacLean concert in Vancouver. As always, Dougie put on a wonderful show. He has a fantastic voice, great guitar player, and is quite funny. And he's Scottish, so there was that gorgeous accent to top it off. Dougie kind of tells the same jokes every time. We've seen him 3x now, but he still makes us laugh. Duncan stayed home with Oma. Cordie came with us. Being gone for 5 hours was a little too long to be away, especially when she's not taking a bottle yet. What can I say, I'm lazy, and BF works so well for me I don't even bother to pump. Anyhow, everyone was just cooing and loving her, commenting on how good she was being. Until just after the intermission, then she started fussing. We took her to the back and she fell asleep pretty quick. So all in all, a good evening.

Duncan is doing good in school. I think he's adjusted really well, so that's all good. Our little man is growing up so much!

Anyhow, Bill is waiting for me, so we can watch some tv. Have a good night and a good day tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Misc stuff

We just booked our trip to the San Diego Comic Con for 2010. I hope this pans out. It is going to be part in celebration of our 10th anniversary. And in part b/c we've been wanting to go for some time now. Mom has said she'll watch the kids over the 4 days we're gone. That will be the hardest part I think - being away from them. Now we need a place to crash in SD.

I also just got our tickets to the Dougie MacLean concert next Wednesday. That will be fun.

Oh, hang on. Duncan is finally done supper - 45 minutes after we were. Bill is reading one of the Harry Potter books, I've been puttering around on the 'puter. Let me go clean him up. Alright, I'm back. Bolt is on the tv. Cute movie. The soundtrack to this movie is wasted on it. It's a good soundtrack. Anyhow, just so you know Duncan wasn't being punished by us making him eat supper that long. He just took that long, quite contentedly, to eat it. No problem. We weren't in a rush.

School is going well for him. When I dropped him off today I told them to not let him fool them and he can get his boots on by himself. I did get a call to come change a stinky bottom. So I think until he is potty trained I won't be able to do things like run errands while he is at school. I'll just need to chill around the house. No problem. Always lots to do!

Diana Gabaldon's new book came out today. An Echo In The Bone. I'll be popping out to Costco tomorrow to pick it up. I'm a slow reader, so I won't be one of these done by Friday kind of people.

Been enjoying quilting more again. I picked up this book on fantasy themed quilts using a method called paper piecing. A method which scares me. But I'm giving it a go b/c there are a bunch of patterns in there I want to try.

Duncan wants to play Thomas games on the computer, so I will run. Take care!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dougie MacLean, Preschool and other stuff

I found out today that Dougie MacLean is coming in concert to Vancouver on September 30. Woot! Love, love, love Dougie's music. I own a whole bunch of his cds. A few years ago for my birthday Bill ordered some for me and had them signed by Dougie - very cool. We've seen Dougie 2x before and he is just a fun entertainer, on top of great singer and musician. He tends to tell the same jokes, but that's alright. Anyhow, if you ever find yourself getting the chance to go hear Dougie in concert, really do yourself a favour and do so. He's a Scottish Folk musician. If you're local and would like to borrow a cd or two to get the idea of his music, you're more than welcome. Mom has said she'll baby sit Duncan that night. I think I'll bring Cordie b/c we'll need to leave around 6:30 and won't be home probably until 11 or so, and really I'd rather bring her and nurse her than worry about taking a bottle or not. She's taken a bottle once so far.

Speaking of Cordie-Ella as Duncan calls her, she turned 4 months old yesterday! She also had her 4 month appointment. It was supposed to be her 2 month, but time got away from me :) Anyhow, she is doing awesome. Not that we had any concerns regarding that, but it's nice to hear. She now weighs 16 lbs 11.5 oz. She was 8.1 at birth, so she's certainly put the weight on, which is awesome. Yay breast feeding :) She is 26.3 inches long - 21 at birth. She is just such a gorgeous little girl and a total joy. Oh, and she rolled over today!! Not just once either, so I'd say she's got that little trick under her belt. I found it funny that rolling over is a milestone around 4 months. My girl, 4 months, one day - rolls over. It was almost like she thought "oh, well I might as well get this done with".

Yesterday I went to the 1st MOPS of the year. They almost seemed happy to see me *grin*. What's cool is I should be able to attend the whole season this time. I may need to take two 1/2 vacation days after I go back to work in May, but it will be neat to be able to jump in not thinking "well I'm only here for a bit". MOPS, for those who don't know, is Mothers of Preschoolers and it gives Moms a chance to have a bit of a break a few times a month, and they provide goodies, and coffee, and child care. It's nice. It was cute, they started this skit with this woman in her pjs sweeping her floor and I laughed "they snuck a camera into my house!" b/c that's me every morning.

Day two of preschool today. My baby Duncan is so predictable. I knew he would put up a fuss to go "you mean we're doing this again?" I knew he would cry. I knew he would stop the second I left. I knew he would have a good time. Check. Check. Check. A Mom who left the room a moment after I did told me he stopped as soon as I left. *grin*. And when I picked him up he was all grins. He had a blast. They sang songs, did art, played on the playground... Yay!

Now, there are still some concerns as to how he will do in the grand scheme of things. One of his teachers asked how his life skills at home were coming along - like putting on his boots, b/c they had to help him. That monkey. He totally knows how to put on his boots!! He does it all the time. Heck, even when we're not going out he wears them b/c he loves his boots. He loves his boots so much last night he woke up at 2:30 AM and asked if he could put his boots on. LOL. Anyhow, so I assured her that yes, he can put on his own boots. I need to pick up a way smaller backpack for him (which I knew). Anyhow, I chatted with both my Mom and Nikki (and Bill of course) about how things might go if it seems he probably shouldn't go yet. I admit it would break my heart if after a month we decided perhaps he needs a while longer yet b/c he just had such a good time. I want to be - and will be - a responsible parent. I'm not going to plug my ears "not listening" if there are concerns, but as a Mom who wants the best for her little boy, I hope this all pans out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The 1st day of school

Oh, my little boy is growing up

As we speak he's refusing to nap, but I'm making him lay down for a bit anyhow b/c he needs his rest. He didn't nap for Nikki yesterday either. He is way too young to not nap any more. I was hoping to do a bit of quilting this afternoon, as Cordie also just fell asleep, but I guess not.

Today was Duncan's 1st day of preschool. Crazy. Of course he was the one who made the fuss as I left, but he settled right after I was gone, as it his norm in a new situation. I think he's going to love going and doing all the new things and making new friends. He is the youngest in the class, but I'm not too concerned at this time about that.

Also a 1st this week, he is no longer having a bottle. Yes, I know, he was still having a bottle, but I figured he's starting school, and turns 3 in 2.5 months, so time to stop. He'd been having one at nap (perhaps part of the reason he's not napping, but whatever), and one before bed. The before bed one was easy. I was out with a friend at a kids stuff swap meet last Saturday (which was a zoo! Remind me (I won't need reminding) to never go to one of those with a toddler and stroller again. Duncan was awesomely behaved, but it was way too crowded in there) and I saw her little girl drinking from a Nuby sippy cup. Got me to thinking it was kind of like a bottle, and we have a few of those up in the cupboard. So we call it his "special" bottle, but it's not, it's just a sippy cup. He still has his milk before bed and before we brush his teeth, but just from a normal sippy now. He's been none too happy about the none at nap time rule, but he hasn't had one at Nikki's in months and months, so it's not like he needs one.

His words are just improving all the time. I love that he finds funny things funny - he is "getting" humour, and he can tell me stories. Like when we look at a book together. I can read it once and then I get him to tell me what happens on each page, and you can tell he understands what's going on.

What's going on otherwise... We're putting laminate in the kids' rooms on Friday. That will be nice to have done. We've had the stuff for a year now and it's taking up so much space in our storage closet. We're thinking of going on the market in the new year. I like to look at the housing web sites anyhow, and found the house I totally want for us. But we're not in a position to sell and move yet. And then as a bigger tease our banker called to tell me that mortgage rates have gone down even further. We had a bit of a discussion about housing costs though and honestly with a 35 year mortgage, the house I like, would only be $1500+ a month. Which is a fair chunk of change, but not outrageous, and only $400 more than we're paying now. So it's doable. Okay, I am not surprised, that house has already sold. It was awesome. 3 bedrooms, split level rancher, huge back yard. If we get something like that when we go looking I will be tickled.

Okay, it sounds like Duncan may have actually fallen asleep! Wow! Maybe quilting will happen after all... hmmm...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday night

Hi! Not much to say here.

I was taking a nap this afternoon...or trying. Cordie wasn't too keen on the idea, anyhow, you know that weird place in your mind when you're drifting to sleep, but still 1/2 awake but your mind is wandering? yeah, that's weird isn't it?

Took Duncan for a haircut today, and he did awesome! Michelle is just the Queen and she totally worked with him, let him have it cut in her kitchen instead of the hair dressing room she has... normally he screams, but she pulled out some old Thomas books her son has and so he and I looked through it while she cut his hair. We were tempted to grow it out, but he gets so warm and I wanted him looking all nice for Preschool starting next Tuesday.

This weekend Amy and I are planning on hitting the big Cloverdale Kid Swap (swapping stuff, not kids) and possibly the baby fair. Should be fun. I need a dresser for Cordie. Bill and my Dad are going to be putting down the laminate we got off of Freecycle a year ago into the kids' rooms. The carpet in there is old, old, old, so it will be good to have that done. We're thinking, once again, of listing next year. We want to get into a house, and with the HST coming in and that will affect realtor fees... anyhow, we talk big, but we'll see what happens.

Oh, and finally, just learned that my brother lost his job. So if you can send prayers/job finding vibes to my brother b/c he lives about 4 hours away, and so he's a bit more on his own. Granted, he was miserable there, but it was still a job. So let's pray he finds a new one soon.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hi everyone,

Just plugging a giveaway going on right now, which I believe would be pretty darned sweet to win. And so I am telling you about it.

Kelli, over at 3 boys and a Dog is having this September long give away. You can find the button to her site on the right of my page, under the buttons area.

Every day Kelli is giving away something different, but over all, she is also giving away a chance to win a Casio Watch, Roxio Photoshow, or Seagate's FreeAgent Go Chrome SE drive. I am particularly interested in the hard drive :)

And so you know, I have won stuff through giveaways give it a go!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I stole Bubble Bath

I stole a bottle of SpiderMan bubble bath from Superstore yesterday.

Of course it was totally accidental, and once I realized it I turned around, went back into the store, told them what I had done and went to pay for it. What's funny is they were surprised that a. I told them and b. went to pay for it. I guess they lose a lot of merchandise that way, but perhaps it's an oddity that someone actually realizes their mistake and takes care of it? Makes you realize how easy it is to steal something. Of course had I done it on purpose I would have looked guilty, but not having known I'd done it (it fell to a hard to see area on the stroller), of course I didn't look guilty. Because I wasnt!

Otherwise, we're doing well. Having a good week with the kids. Very laid back. Our friend and her two little boys were supposed to come over today, but her smaller one was sporting a fever and we agreed it was better to not risk spreading whatever it was he has. So we had an open day, and quite enjoyed it.

Evidence Duncan is my son (not that we had any wonder about, but anyhow) tonight around 8:00 he announced that it was time for his nap, and got ready to march upstairs to brush his teeth. When I was a kid I would say to Mom "I'm sleepy, I'm going to bed now" and off I would go. I have always liked my sleep! Apparently he does too. I just hope Cordie enjoys sleeping too. I can pretty much rely on Duncan to sleep until about 7 AM. Now. I was reading Tanya's post about Warren being up silly early one morning, and I remember those days Tanya! I remember when us taking turns to get up early meant 5 AM. Duncan moved beyond it, let's hope Warren does too.

We got tickets to go see the Wiggles! WooT! I joined the Wiggles fan club (free) and so we got a presale code. At 1st I thought it was at an outdoor stadium... in October... in the fall... in Vancouver... actually I think it's Thanksgiving weekend, but that usually means rain and I was thinking "Why on earth would they book a kids concert at an outdoor stadium in October?!" but then I realized it's at the arena, not the stadium, and so it's all good. We got decent tickets. We didn't try for floor, or 1st row or anything b/c I don't think Duncan needs that, and it cost us less, but we're in a row 4 in the stands, so not too bad.

Cordie is doing well. She's a total doll. A really good little girl who loves to chatter and smile. She also loves Duncan, and Duncan loves her. I know that won't always be that way. I expect them to fight like my brother Sean and I did growing up, but hopefully they'll get over that. Anyhow, that's then. This is now.

Duncan is also doing well. Starting preschool in 3 weeks. I think he's going to enjoy it. He is such a great little boy. A total joy. His words and speaking are just growing by leaps and bounds now. It is so much fun to actually have conversations with him, ask questions and get answers, have him ask questions and know he understands the answer... I admit I'm enjoying each stage for what it is. I don't sit around wishing that they could be this way forever and never grow up, but I don't wish away the time either. I know people do. It's too bad for them.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer TV

We don't tend to rent/watch many movies. To get through the summer we tend to catch up on tv shows from the past season that perhaps we had not watched yet. Thanks to the beauty of Windows Media Centre, which acts as our PVR, we can do this...with no commercials!

So this summer we started by watching the Mentalist. Loved it. It took a while for the main character to grow on me, but he did. Then we switched to Fringe. It's a bit of a switch to go from the Mentalist to Fringe, but within a few episodes we were hooked. Now we've been watching Season 1 and 2 of Chuck. We LOVE Chuck. What a great show. It's geeky and clever and while light hearted also intensely serious at times. I understand that it was almost cancelled by NBC, despite it's solid ratings... go figure. You know, the networks are so dense at times. I honestly think that when something is not mainstream it is more likely to be considered for being axed, even if it does well.

Starting in October Stargate Universe also starts down in the states. We're huge Stargate fans, so I'm looking forward to this show. This past year we also watched Castle - another really enjoyable show, and Dollhouse. Not as big of a fan of Dollhouse - although I love Joss Whedon and think he's brilliant, but we'll keep with it.

We also watch CSI (the original Vegas one), and of course my addiction American Idol when it is on. So tell me, what show do you really love that you think we should start watching?

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Last night we went for our 1st date in... I honestly can't even remember the last time we went out together.

1st about last night. As I noted a few days ago we had our 9th anniversary and so Theresa, the rock star that she is, said she'd watch the kids. Cordie has been pretty fussy in the afternoons and evenings due to teething. (She's 3 months old today!) I think we're a ways away from teeth poking through, but poor girl, it's driving her nuts. I caved and went and bought her a Sophie the Giraffe to knaw on. She seems to like it so far. I feel like such a Yuppie Mom.

Anyhow, we decided to go to the Buffalo Club which just opened a few months ago about 1/2 a block away from us (stumbling distance). Incidentally, my brother and his crew did all the tiling for that place and the liquor store downstairs. Looks really nice! I had a few Cosmos, Bill had some Guiness, we share cheese fries, Bill had steak for supper and I had chicken pasta w/ Irish soda bread, with a glass of white zinfandel. We decided no to dessert b/c nothing on the dessert menu appealed to us. Anyhow, when we were done there was a comment card and it asks if we want to join the anniversary club. Our waitress explained that you can get $25 off your bill when you sign up for emails. We explained we were actually there for our anniversary and she says "lets see what we can do". A few minutes later the manager came over and said they were taking care of our drinks for us. Asparagus!! So that made a wonderful evening even more wonderful!

Cordie did wake up while we were gone but Theresa is more than capable, so it was fine. We actually weren't gone that long. Not that we rushed home, but we were just done. We were going to go for a walk but my shoes were giving me a blister.

Now, as to not going on dates much... we just don't. Even before we had kids it wasn't something we did. We usually get some good time together in the evenings after the kids are in bed, so we don't really think in terms of "a break from the kids" or anything like that. But we really enjoyed going out and decided we'll start trying to go out at least once a month. I know "they" say you should have date night once a week, even if going for a walk, but we'll work up to that, okay?