Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh yeah

Earlier today I was talking to my Mom (for the 1st time... we talk a lot. When there is a day we don't speak for one reason or another both Bill's and my Dad's reactions are "what, are you guys fighting?" *grin*) she said "go write in your blog, I need something to read". Now, seeing as we talk multiple times a day, there really isn't going to be much in here that she doesn't know, but hey, here you go Mom. Love you lots.

Oh, there is something new. We think Bill's got "it". It Being the flu. It being the H1N1 as they are saying if you have the flu it's 99% likely it's the H1N1. At 1st we thought it was a nasty cold, but I think if tomorrow he has a fever (he hasn't yet) then we'll change it to flu. Poor guy. I complimented him tonight and said I was impressed b/c he hadn't been sterotypical sick male yet. Bill says "just wait". So tomorrow I need to get him in to see the doctor if for no other reason than he'll need a note for work. He might be off for the whole week. We've been hearing some employers insisting that people take at least 7 days (Ronnie, and I think Andre too), but we don't know what his work's policy on that is. Hey, I don't want him sick, but it's nice to have him around, even if on the whole I pretend he's not there b/c it helps my routine. I just folllow him around with a can of Lysol "Did you touch that? Yes? Okay" *SPRAY*. *GRIN*. I really hope the kids and I don't get it (duh, of course I hope that), but more so the kids than me. Not that I want it, but little kids don't understand being sick, you know?

Otherwise, not much going on. It's time for bed. I think that is a theme in all of my blog posts. I need to check on Cordie and see if she wants to eat.

Oh, funny thing, since I've started doing that datebook thing on Monday's that I stole from Colorado Nancy, I've totally been holding myself accountable to the meal plan. We always make a meal plan, but it's always so easy to say "oh let's just get take out instead". But since I've been writing it down I actually feel like I'm accountable to the 3 people who read this blog, and we're sticking to it. I'll ask Bill what he wants for dinner and he'll reply "I don't know, whatever you wrote in your blog". Oh, the power.

Okay, I'm yawning. Good night. Be healthy. Love you all.


Tanya said...

oesn't have any sort of policy about staying home sick...more to the point, his manager was dismayed to hear Andre was going to be away again. But since he can work from home, as son as he felt good enough to sit at a computer, he was back working - just not in the office. THis round, he missed 2 full days of work and his first day "back" (Friday) was not a full-quality work day. It was a self-imposed quarantine.
I love the Lysol! Hahahaha!!

Tanya said...

Weird. The first few words of that comment were - "Oh, Andre's work d"

This extra comment was brought to you by the word: mictupei