Thursday, October 30, 2008

Laura in Seattle needs prayers

She just found out today that she has lost her job.

Please pray that she can find something new quick as we all know these are tight times financially.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm letting the world know!

I'm pregnant again! Alright, the 5 of you who read this I think know that already anyhow, but there you have it in writing. I'm due May 10 (so about 12.5 weeks along for those trying to figure it out). Of course we're really happy about this, and no we're not going to find out the sex before the baby is born.

I told my supervisor quite some time ago, but we let the other team managers and then my team know today, so now I'm free to chat about it (you know how they like information to come along in proper order). I told Sheryll (my boss) that I had to let the team know soon b/c I wanted to post it on Facebook and I have coworkers on there :)

So that's our good news!

Friday, October 24, 2008

That makes my day and other stuff

Bill is off work due to his iritis flaring again. You can see his blog post about it here. Anyhow, he normally still sends Duncan to day care - b/c Bill pretty much can't go outside too much as even when it's cloudy it's too bright, and feels bad that Duncan doesn't get to do too much when he keeps him home. Plus Duncan likes his friends at day care. The flip side of this is that we can let Duncan sleep in and we don't need to bring him over to Nikki's until he wakes up on his own - which is normally 7:30 - 8:00 as opposed to the evil 5:45 we normally get him up.

Today Bill decided to keep him home - well heck, he still loves his Duncan time. So I just called to say good morning (I was gone at 5:30 AM - UHG!) and Duncan was just waking up. Bill took the phone upstairs with him and put it on speaker phone. It is the sweetest thing in the world to hear my little boy chit chatting away with his Daddy and saying "Hi mama! Hi Mama!". Every morning he points to the various dinosaur thing in his room "arrr!!" and then we need to go over everything in his crib - Addison, Tinker, Steggie (the Stegosaurus), etc... Tinker and Addison are his favourite's right now, with Tinker totally being in the lead. He's a little beanie bear Mom got him when he was born, and it's getting to the go with him everywhere stage.

Laura - I think it's awesome you can get so much with your Shoppers Points! We don't shop there that often that I think I've got like 2000 points right now.

Andrea - Save-On points have actually gotten us quite a few things over the years. I figure I'm buying groceries anyhow, nice to get something on the side. However 1/2 the time I shop at Superstore (depending on what I need) so I don't earn them as quick as I once did.

This weekend - looks like we're going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with Oma and Opa and cousins Erik and Katie- should be a hoot. Then to the Bell's Halloween party. Duncan will be tired, but quite happy I think.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Tonight I used my Pampers Points To Grow to order some books for Duncan for Christmas. I think it's pretty cool that as a little added bonus for literally throwing hundreds of dollars their way, that I can get a little bonus like this on the side. In addition, we also used some Airmiles to get some free movie tickets. So tonight is get free stuff b/c I spent money somewhere else night. But hey, free is free, and if I'm spending the money anyhow...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Such A Thing As Glory

I’m listening to some Rich Mullins on my iPod. I just love Rich’s music and really encourage you to get your hands on some if you can. You can borrow my cds if you want, but I’d need to find them 1st (you know, everything is in storage). You might recognize some of the praise choruses from church, but his music goes way beyond that.

This song, Such A Thing As Glory, was my first favourite Rich song. I still remember my best friend from high school, Janette, and I going to a mini concert at a little Christian bookstore in Surrey. They played about 5 or 6 songs for us and asked “so is everyone going to the concert tonight?” and I muttered “no, can’t afford it” (I was in high school!) and they gave us free tickets to the show! That was awesome.

The Lord called Rich home in 1997 I believe it was – 11 years already! But his music is as moving as ever.

Such A Thing As Glory (slightly edited)

There is such a thing as glory
And there are hints of it everywhere
And the hints are overwhelming
And its scent is in the air
It's more powerful than morning
Oh the morning can't compare
With such a thing as glory
Such a thing as glory

There was a man named Jesus
And He was God and He was flesh
And He came down here to lead us out
From this burning wilderness
He took upon His shoulders
Our sin, our shame, our death
And there is such a thing as glory
Such a thing as glory

Now Jesus lives in glory
And Jesus reigns as Heaven's King
And the love of God is pouring out
On the earth the sky and sea
We who've come beneath His mercies
Will be compelled to sing
There is such a thing as glory

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ah... Sunday

I love Sundays. But 3 PM Saturday afternoon we'd done everything we needed to do for the weekend - run errands, clean the house, grocery shopping. So the rest of the weekend is ours!.

We rented Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I have to say, after hearing from so many people that this movie really sucked - I thoroughly enjoyed it! It everything I'd expect out of an Indy movie - action, bugs, snakes, etc... okay the ending was kind of silly, but still I didn't mind at all. Now, I'm not exactly the most discerning of individuals when it comes to movies - maybe b/c we just don't watch that many, but it seems to me that when people go on about how awesome a move is, I'm let down, and then people say a movie sucked, I quite enjoy it. Maybe b/c I have low expectations. Maybe b/c I'm not a die hard fan of the franchise, or of the comic book series (where is applies) etc... Anyhow, it certainly makes my life easier!

So back to Sunday. Church this morning. Duncan actually made it through the whole service in the nursery! He hasn't made it through in months! We usually get called to get him (they have a subtle number system). So we're really impressed with him. Now he's taking a nap, I got some stew put on in the crock pot for dinner tonight. This afternoon we're going to Kanaka Creek Park to go for a walk with Oma and Opa... everything a Sunday should be - filled with stuff I want to do :)

And I have a flex tomorrow! yay! So I get to bring Duncan to Kindersteps, which will be fun. So enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

We're a mess!

Both Bill and I are home from work today.

As you may have read on Bill's blog, his iritis has flared again, which is causing problems with depth perception, causing dizziness, and consequently nausea. Nice 'eh? So while he actually has a flex day today, he's feeling pretty cruddy.

And then I woke up with a nasty headache. So while I wasn't planning on being home today...ta da! Here I am! I actually think I'm going back to bed soon. Might as well. Duncan was up early and he just went back down for a nap, so I'm going to follow. If this headache goes away I might take him out to some thrift shops later to see if we can throw together a Halloween Costume for him. I'm thinking pirate - nice and simple. Black track pants, white shirt, black vest, bandana on the head... voila. Really, we're just taking him around the complex, but it will still be fun.

Well have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and other stuff

WARNING: this post ended up being long. Sorry! Here is the gist of it: vote tomorrow, weekend was nice, turkey is good, so are friends and family.

Let's take care of the other stuff 1st - don't forget to vote tomorrow! I won't tell you who to vote for, but it is important you do vote. And plus, if you don't, you can't complain. And what fun is a gov't if you can't complain about them? See if you vote for the people who don't get in you can say "if only the people I voted for got in..." and if you vote for the people who get in you can either say "I can't believe the people I voted for did that" or "I can't believe the opposition is going off about that again..." see - the possibilities!

That having been said - Happy Thanksgiving! We had a good but busy weekend. I look forward to next weekend which so far has no plans attached to it.

Saturday we had a mini-Thanksgiving dinner with Chris and Ronnie and the kids. It was a lot of fun, and good food. Ronnie did mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and salad, I did roast chicken, and roast cauliflower, stuffing and dessert. There was plenty left - it was a good test run though b/c we certainly took a lot less on our plates for our actual turkey dinner today. After dinner Duncan sat on the bed with Iain and "helped" him play Sonic. It was so cute - Iain gave him a controller that wasn't connected to the game and D was madly pressing buttons and saying "Whoa!!!" a lot. All 3 of the kids we're awesomely behaved - it was good to spend some time with them. Oh and after we watched "Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-long Blog" as we're been going on about it for some time. C&R loved it too (well they acted like they did!).

Oh, and as an aside, David and Genevieve and Caspian came over for a short visit Saturday afternoon! We hadn't seen them since G was still expecting with C, and C is now about 15 months old! Way too long. It was wonderful to see them and we're glad they thought of us.

Today I was in charge of the turkey. Actually this is our normal Thanksgiving thing now. Mom and Dad weren't around until today, so Mom get's all the fixin's, but I actually do the cooking. It turned out well - yay! And it scares me but I now no longer need any direction on how to cook a turkey. I said to Mom "I do this and this and this and this and this, right?" and yep, that was it. So I'm a big girl now - I know how to cook a turkey. LOL! One year I screwed up the stuffing (put way too much salt in it - oops!) and one year the turkey had a blood clot in it (ewww!) so half of it didn't cook! Mom got a refund on that one - so not my fault.

This afternoon we were at Mom and Dad's. Small crowd, Mom and Dad, Jeff and Shell, Sean and us. Duncan was really well behaved and he'd just learned how to say Uncle Sean, Uncle Jeff, and Auntie Shelley the day before, so you could tell they were all tickled by that. And D totally took to Uncle Jeff. No surprise there - Jeff is just awesome with kids - he's the kind of uncle every kid should have. But also when Sean was leaving Duncan went down and gave him a huge hug and a kiss. Sweet! Not bad for an Uncle he doesn't get to see too often (maybe a few times a year).

And now we're home, digesting. Duncan is fast asleep (I just realized, he's not babbling any more), Bill is playing WOW, and I'm deciding what I'm going to do now :) Good night!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I exermacized!

I'm healthy now. I exercised!

I actually managed to drag my bum off to Aquafit last night, just like I said I was going to. It was a really good work out, and I'm really glad I went. They have shortened the class to 45 minutes, which I really like. When I went a few years ago I always found around the 40 minute mark I'd be thinking "20 more minutes!" and now it's "yay, only 5 more minutes". I've also heard from several sources that a good work out actually maximizes at 45 minutes and you're not gaining too much beyond that point in time.

In other news - we got iTunes working! And therefore we got my iPod working! Thank you again Bill who found a web site that gave beautiful step by step instructions as to how to get it working. I think the heart of it was the "repair" choice on Quicktime. So I got it charged, now I need to get some music on there. Bill had been one by one getting our cds converted to iTunes, so I'll take some from that collection, and eventually we'll get them all switched over.

And it's Thursday. Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This and That

Good morning! We were a little slow getting out the door this morning, but Duncan continues to be awesome going to Nikki's. He danced there this morning :)

Day #2, still no iTunes working on the computer, and this is after Bill had a go at it. Soon I am returning that iPod. Sorry Apple. I realize the problem is probably Vista, but I'm not going to get a new computer just so an iPod will work.

We had an offer! But it wasn't a very good one. $40,000 below asking, so we didn't even counter, we just turned it down. Here is our listing. Pictures should be up soon.

I brought left over chocolate cake to work. It was hard to let go, but I didn't need it in my house, and I can promise the next time I walk by the lunch room it will be gone. I hope other people enjoy!

I'm in training all day today. Hope you all have a good day.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Technologically challenged

Okay, I'm not exactly a slouch when it comes to technology. I know my way around a computer well enough, if something doesn't work I can usually figure out the answers through FAQs or googling it and just putting 2 and 2 together and getting stuff figured out.

But it seems to me that the last few days, technology is against me.

Bill, sweetheart husband that he is, bought me an ipod for my birthday. I'm looking forward to getting all my music on there (and I mean all, b/c there is room on this thing for all of it) and using it at work or on the Skytrain... So last night I sit down after dinner to update my Itunes and sync my new ipod. Itunes has been prompting me to update to v. 8 for a few weeks now but every time I try it hasn't worked. So I thought this would be a good time to figure out the issue and get it all running.

Yeah, not so much. Tanya and Andre, I know you're Apple people. But at this point in time I am sooooo close to returning that Ipod to Future Shop and getting a Zune instead. After one hour, the silly program still wouldn't install - a problem with Quicktime. Quicktime won't uninstall. It won't reinstall. I've been to the Apple site. I've Googled it. It's not working. I finally had to shut it down out of frustration. We'll give it another go again maybe tonight, but if it doesn't work soon, I will return that thing. Are you listening Apple? I don't even like Quicktime! Why don't I like Quicktime? Because it's an insidious program that you can't get out of your computer. That's why.

LOL!!! Okay, vent over. I'm just having fun, but the heart of it is frustrating b/c it shouldn't be that hard.

Otherwise, we had a wonderful weekend. It was wonderful to have our friends over on Saturday night and introduce them to the joys of Wii Fit. Who knew it was such a great party game. And on Sunday we had the joy of meeting Paige Hatch. She's so small!! Was fun to hold her and visit for a bit.

Back to the grind!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well how about that?

We've got our 1st showing this afternoon at 2!! That was quick. I am praying. I don't expect it to result in a sale, but the Lord may have other plans. Wouldn't that be something?

Happy Birthday to me!

Well it was a happy birthday for me. I just need to say I have the most wonderful husband ever. Bill, being the awesome man that he is, ordered several cd's from Scottish Folk Musician Dougie MacLean, direct from Dougie's web site, and signed and all. I can't recommend Dougie highly enough, and I just think it's awesome Bill thought of such an awesome gift. Thanks again sweetheart.

For dinner last night we made homemade pizza - which I love. So it was the perfect Birthday dinner for me. I had some awesome cuddles from Duncan - it was a good night.

I also have awesome friends and family - from Mom who dropped off a card, beautiful plant arrangement, and chocolate cake, to Ronnie who gave me a Starbucks card - which is allowing me to enjoy a Grande Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte right now - to Theresa who tried to buy me tea yesterday afternoon. I say tried b/c she forgot her wallet at her desk. Convenient? Well get this, Starbucks says "don't worry, we'll get it next time". They see us in there all the time, so I guess they know she's good for it. I told her it was a handy trick though.

Tonight we at Mom and Dad's for dinner. Tomorrow night we've got people coming over! Yay! So it's like a 3 day celebration. And well you know, I'm worth it, so that's okay. LOL!!!! JK!! I'm really not that cocky.

Love you all. Hope you're well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We've Listed

Alright folks, we've got the wheels in motion to sell our place. I'll post a link once there is something to show on or

If it works for you, please send a prayer our way that this sale might go quick in this really slow market. We're not asking for a miracle (ie that we'll get asking price) but just that we might get something quick and reasonable. We'd love to be in the new place by Christmas, or even Duncan's birthday!

Speaking of which our little Roo is 22 months old. Can you believe this kid is almost 2? He's such an amazingly sweet soul. Oh yeah and he's just loving being back at Nikki's. No more fighting Duncan in the morning! yay!

Love you all! Congratulations Jennifer and Kevin. We're thrilled for you.