Monday, October 6, 2008

Technologically challenged

Okay, I'm not exactly a slouch when it comes to technology. I know my way around a computer well enough, if something doesn't work I can usually figure out the answers through FAQs or googling it and just putting 2 and 2 together and getting stuff figured out.

But it seems to me that the last few days, technology is against me.

Bill, sweetheart husband that he is, bought me an ipod for my birthday. I'm looking forward to getting all my music on there (and I mean all, b/c there is room on this thing for all of it) and using it at work or on the Skytrain... So last night I sit down after dinner to update my Itunes and sync my new ipod. Itunes has been prompting me to update to v. 8 for a few weeks now but every time I try it hasn't worked. So I thought this would be a good time to figure out the issue and get it all running.

Yeah, not so much. Tanya and Andre, I know you're Apple people. But at this point in time I am sooooo close to returning that Ipod to Future Shop and getting a Zune instead. After one hour, the silly program still wouldn't install - a problem with Quicktime. Quicktime won't uninstall. It won't reinstall. I've been to the Apple site. I've Googled it. It's not working. I finally had to shut it down out of frustration. We'll give it another go again maybe tonight, but if it doesn't work soon, I will return that thing. Are you listening Apple? I don't even like Quicktime! Why don't I like Quicktime? Because it's an insidious program that you can't get out of your computer. That's why.

LOL!!! Okay, vent over. I'm just having fun, but the heart of it is frustrating b/c it shouldn't be that hard.

Otherwise, we had a wonderful weekend. It was wonderful to have our friends over on Saturday night and introduce them to the joys of Wii Fit. Who knew it was such a great party game. And on Sunday we had the joy of meeting Paige Hatch. She's so small!! Was fun to hold her and visit for a bit.

Back to the grind!

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