Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Getting on the Wordless Wednesday Bandwagon here.

Us, beating the heat.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preschool. Is he ready?

Preschool. Is he ready?

Duncan is a smart kid. Not above average smart, but he's doing awesome with letters and numbers and colours and shapes... you know - where he should be at when he is 2 1/2. (For those who might not know, he was born early December, and cut off in Canada for schools is December 31, not Sept 30 or Aug 31 like in some places).

But at the parents night they said the kids should be able to put on their own shoes and coat etc... I'm quite sure Duncan could, but at least with us he is really, really stubborn about it. Even getting shoes on is such a game "no shoes, no I want sandles, no, I want shoes...NO SHOES!" He is going to be one of the youngest in his class, and assuming all goes well he will also be when he goes to K in 2 years and so on and so on...

I think it was Tanya and I having this conversation about holding a kid back to start school b/c especially with boys a year can make a huge difference in maturity compared to other boys and can cause problems down the road - no matter how good natured your kid is. Duncan is an easy going kid. Despite his two-ness he really is a phenomenal little man. Other people tell us this too, so it's not just Mommy and Daddy bias :)

I am going to put him into preschool and I talked to them that they will let me know if quite frankly he's just not ready. But I am interested to hear from some other people their thoughts on your child being the youngest in the class.

This and that

Lots of things I've been meaning to blog about.

1. It's hot out. Uhg. Not news for my local friends, but for our non-local readers (hi Nancy), it's beyond normal hot here. Environment Canada says the norm for today is 22C. It was 34C at 2 PM. Let me check again...No, now it's 35 (about 100 F) + humidity. I'm sitting up in the bedroom where the air conditioner is (ahhhh). Cordie is asleep in her bouncy chair, and Duncan is napping - finally. Oh he's been very two today :)

2. We had company. Bill's Dad and brother were in town for 9 days. It was a really good visit, but it's nice to have our house back. No matter how laid back people are you change how you live when they are there all the time.

3. Going to the cabin. Mom asked me to come out to the cabin for a week with the kids. I've been putting off doing this b/c the idea of it all is rather daunting - no cars, so we need to haul everything in. But their friends have a playpen we can borrow, which means we only need to bring one and a few other things. And clothes. And toys...but you get the idea. I said to Mom I would if she promises to help. I think Duncan is going to love it! So I think we are going on Sunday.

4. Potty training. *sigh* Okay, I'm a firm believer in "when they are ready they are ready" and if they are 2 or 3 or whatever - that's how it goes. But as D starts preschool in September, they want him potty trained, and so there is this pressure. And so everyone has their little tips on how to do it. The most common is let them run naked and they'll get it real quick. But the thing is I don't want puddles of pee, or bigger accidents, around my house! I'm sorry, but I can't get over the idea of letting stubborn Duncan do that all the time. I will give it a good go after we get back from the cabin. Doing the every 45 minutes or whatever and hopefully he'll get it. If not, then he can wear pull ups to school. It's only 2 1/2 hours 2 days a week. But this brings up my next wondering...Actually...I'm going to put that one in a separate post.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

sad news

I learned today that my cousin Leona (35 years old) lost her husband in a car accident (I believe on Wednesday). It absolutely breaks my heart for Leona and her children and I am praying for them. I don't even know what to pray except "be with them".

And then I learned another cousin lost her husband to cancer. Now, I don't know Leonora (she is 56) at all. I come from a really big family, but that doesn't change that another cousin lost her husband does it?

Different circumstances, but that doesn't matter does it?

Not much else to say on this matter. If you do pray, please pray for both women and their families.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Before I go any further I am not one of these people that complains when it rains during the summer, or it's not warm enough etc... I do enjoy nice weather, but I don't enjoy hot weather. We have hot weather. It's miserable.

Okay, in relation to some other people, it's not 104F+ out (thank goodness) but I did figure it was 96+ humidity this afternoon (using classic double it and add 30 - Blue said it was 33C).

Last night we slept just miserably and so in the middle of the night - when Bill was getting up at 1:30 AM to go downstairs and play on the computer for a bit b/c it was too hot to sleep - I muttered to him "I don't care what, we're putting in the air conditioner tomorrow". In his defense it was absolutely buried in the back of the shed, but this morning while I took Duncan out to the store with me for some Duncan/Mommy time he and Grandpa Bob pulled the A/C out of the back of the shed (along with an extra chair for the kitchen table) and when we came home they were installing it in the bedroom window. God bless them! It is so comfortable up there now, let's hope Cordie sleeps well tonight and we can all get a good nights rest.

The kids and I went to the water park in Pitt Meadows this afternoon. Mom and Dad have my niece and nephew this week, so Mom has been taking them to the park and what not each day. So we went to join them. We agreed that MR Park is better, and perhaps on Thursday we'll go there for a bit. Today we were going to go to Stanley Park but are going to see tomorrow morning about going instead.

Alright, Bill just popped out to grab some supper, and Cordie is making noise, so I'll go see if she'd like to eat before supper is here.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baptism and visit so far

Good morning! I have not had much time to blog. It's not b/c we've got company and I can't play on the computer while they are around, but I'm not usually comfortable just spending a lot of time on the computer while they are here. But I'll do it now.

Anyhow, Grandpa Bob and Uncle Frank - Bill's Dad and brother are out visiting us for 9 days. This will be the 2nd time they've been out. The last time Duncan was 1, now he's 2 1/2 - you know how much a kid changes in that amount of time! And of course to meet sweet Cordelia. They flew in on Thursday and our visit is going great. These guys are the two most laid back house guests you will ever meet. Of course Duncan has them wrapped around his little finger - it's a hoot to watch.

Yesterday we had Cordie's baptism. We planned it so Bob and Frank would be out for it. So it was quite amusing. We sat up front with Mom and Dad. Of course it got kind of boring for Duncan. Although he's used to church, it doesn't mean he doesn't find it boring and our church has implemented this thing where the nursery isn't actually open until about a 1/2 hour into the service. Kind of weird. Anyhow, he started singing "Wiggle and Learn" from the Wiggles during the prayer in the beginning. He did really well coming up front with us during the baptism. After that the pastor invited the kids up front for a story. So our little man goes and plops himself down right beside the pastor. It was so funny. Then he started wandering the stage. It was hilarious.

Duncan hanging out with the Pastor

Us at the baptism.

After church we went home, changed, and then off to Mom and Dad's for a BBQ. It was an absolutely wonderful afternoon. My whole family was there - including my brother Sean whom we hadn'ty seen in over a year and a 1/2. I'd asked him especially to come down for us - it's a good 4 hour drive - so it's great he did. That was his 1st time meeting Cordie too. We had friends, family, food, sunshine... we're so blessed.

Today I think Bill and Frank are going for 9 holes of golf. I think tomorrow is Stanley Park.

Daddy and Duncan

My family

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dead ants

Alright... so most of you probably know we had a bit of an issue with ants in the house this week. If not, read about it in my husband's blog.

So, yesterday it got to be enough is enough. Bill had been out with the guys the night before and I wanted to let him sleep in, but I came downstairs and the ants were all over. It was so incredibly disgusting. I had to get him up to help clean them up b/c I also had to care for the kids, and couldn't feed them, etc... while obsessing with ants. He asked me to call the pest control guy, who had been out Monday evening to spray outside. The owner of the company came out this morning (Sunday morning - which incidentally costs about $100- $150, even though it was a Sunday, which I thought was pretty darned good. I tried to google how much pest control on a Sunday (a non-business day) would cost and couldn't find anything, so hopefully that helps someone else) and took a look, and then sprayed in the house. He told us that this problem was much bigger than just from this ant season. The ants coming out of our wall would have established themselves at least last year, and the big problem in the back yard had probably been several years in the making.

Anyhow, he has sprayed. We deserted the house for the day and so far while there are a few stragglers, it would seem that maybe we're on top of the ant problem - finally. Please pray it is done for us.

It seems like such a trivial thing while my friend's father is in the hospital, but it's just the creepy factor.

Now, as for deserting the house for the day, my very dear friends threw a baby shower for Cordie today. It was so wonderful. I am so blessed with the friends and family I have. Ronnie and Laura organized the whole thing and it was at my Mom's place. Cordie got an amazing alottment of clothes, and some other great things like a locket, dragonfly wall hangings, and this gorgeous dress.

And tomorrow Tanya is coming back out with Warren for a visit. That will be fun. Duncan will be at day care, but that just means Warren can play with his toys without Duncan getting jealous :) No, it's too bad that's how scheduling worked, but it will still be neat to see them.

Okay, nighty-night time. Have a good one everyone!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I had a really bad Mommy Moment today

I don't quite know where it came from. I was in a good mood when I woke up. Duncan and Cordie have been good - not overly fussy or acting out, but mid-morning today I kind of slipped over the edge into being a bad Mom.

We've had this ongoing problem with ants. I'll blame it on them. I was cleaning the kitchen and noticed some in the kitchen. Oh yesterday the pest control fellow came out and sprayed our back yard, but said it will take a few days before we know how well it worked and they will likely try and find some other way into the house. Anyhow, I noticed they were coming out of the utility closet. So I locked the gate to the living room and started emptying the closet floor out so I could figure out where they were etc... well while I was doing this Duncan was getting more and more worked up. He wanted out. He wanted in the kitchen. I don't blame him, b/c he was locked in the living room, but I wanted to get this ant thing taken care of before I let him out. Anyhow, he was just screaming at me and so I said something not nice to him. It wasn't anything really horrible, but I have never ever let my mood get the best of my like that before while dealing with him. Sure I've been frustrated with him before, and lost my temper, but this was different.

I apologized to him right away, but at this point it's raining out, the ants are coming all over the place, he's screaming and crying at me, and I'm literally on the phone to Bill sobbing. I was just crying I was so frustrated. I want these ants gone. I don't want something like that to upset me so much I take it out on my kids. It wasn't Duncan's fault there were ants. And then b/c I couldn't get rid of them all I had to use Raid, and then although it was in another room I got even more upset I just sprayed Raid in my house with two young children.

Bill did what he could from work to settle me down, but even as I type this I'm just so angry with myself. I called Ronnie, and true enough my best friend just laughed and said "honey I've been there" and I knew I had to hear her say that. And Theresa was over later and reassured me that she'd been there more than once too, but I feel really crappy about the whole thing.

Yes I know hormones and a distinct lack of sleep contribute too, but it still sucks.

You know my husband is awesome and my kids are awesome, but at one point I thought I wanted more children. I could see us with more kids, and I could see myself being able to take care of more kids and handle that. Now, I think I was totally kidding myself. Kudos to my friends who do have more. Not that we were thinking of more anyhow, I'm happy with two, but this just confirms to me that two is a good place to stop.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

How he is growing...

For the record, the reason there are a lot more Duncan stories than Cordie is because he's doing more than her. She's doing awesome though. Sleeping and eating well, giving us smiles... she's just such a gorgeous little girl.

But it makes you aware of how much your bigger one is growing. It seems like every day Duncan is doing something new to make us realize more and more that he is a big boy. For example, he's telling stories. He wanted to watch an episode of Thomas (big surprise) and was telling me it was about Percy and Harold, and Harold flies into the trees and then into a hill (Harold is helicopter and he has too heavy of a load and the load gets caught in some trees and then Harold falls into a haystack). What's really funny is that episode used to make him cry 6-8 months ago when Harold would crash.

He is also climbing stairs and coming back down by using the railing. He probably could have done this a long time ago, but never tried. He's the kind of kid who kind of wants to make sure he can do it before he does instead of trying and failing.

Sometimes I forget he's only 2 1/2. He just seems like such a big boy. Well he is.

Let's see what else is going on. I read a book!! This is a big deal because I just kind of lost the brain power before. I finally read Long Way Round about Ewan McGregor and Charley Borman's motorbike ride around the world. I'd watched the show before, but Bill got me the book probably 2 years ago and I finally picked it up and really enjoyed it. So now I'm also watching the show on DVD during the night when I'm up with Cordie.

I have started the Memorymaker's Daughter which people highly recommend. Jury is still out on this one. I'll let you know.

Bill's Dad and brother are out in just under 2 weeks. It's going to be crowded here for a bit, but awesome they are coming out.

Bill's new computer should be coming this week. Will be nice to have that up and running and media centre back.

I baked some banana bread...well in a cake pan with a double recipe b/c I don't know where my loaf pans are...anyhow, so banana cake? But it's yummy.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a good weekend. We did. I just hope this muggy weather breaks. It is supposed to rain this week, and while many people in the eastern US are getting hit by just so much rain, I'll be glad for it.

Oh, and I forget it I mentioned I emailed property management about our ant problem in the back yard - pretty much rendering our back yard useless b/c they are everywhere - well they emailed back and are sending someone out to take a look b/c I told them I want the place sprayed as our efforts are not working. So much for a non-chemical option, but it's just disgusting.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Mornings when Duncan is home from daycare we usually get a few good hours of play in together before Cordie wakes up again. She tends to wake up around 6:30 and then go back sleep until about 8:30 or so. So Duncan and I have time to play trains, have breakfast, etc...

Yesterday morning I noticed his back teeth seemed to be in just horrible shape. They honestly looked like they were rotting out of his mouth and so I started to freak out. We are super diligent about brushing his teeth and so I'm wondering how on earth we missed a problem this big. So for 5 minutes I tried to get him to let me check inside his mouth, but all the time he's crying "no! go back to bed!" (which is what he says when he's in trouble). Finally I pinned him down and got my finger inside his mouth...

And it was his purple Flintstones vitamin I'd just given him!!! Isn't that hilarious. I'd honestly just given it to him 5 minutes before all of this, but had forgotten. So it was the vitamin still in his teeth. And here I'm thinking he has some horrible tooth problem and I'm going to have to rush him to the dentist. LOL. I apologized to him b/c I knew I'd upset him, and here he thought he'd done something wrong. I was just a little too silly in the head to realize what it was. LOL.

Incidentally while brushing his teeth last night I checked and as far as I can tell his teeth are in excellent condition - nice and white and clean. :)