Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This and that

Lots of things I've been meaning to blog about.

1. It's hot out. Uhg. Not news for my local friends, but for our non-local readers (hi Nancy), it's beyond normal hot here. Environment Canada says the norm for today is 22C. It was 34C at 2 PM. Let me check again...No, now it's 35 (about 100 F) + humidity. I'm sitting up in the bedroom where the air conditioner is (ahhhh). Cordie is asleep in her bouncy chair, and Duncan is napping - finally. Oh he's been very two today :)

2. We had company. Bill's Dad and brother were in town for 9 days. It was a really good visit, but it's nice to have our house back. No matter how laid back people are you change how you live when they are there all the time.

3. Going to the cabin. Mom asked me to come out to the cabin for a week with the kids. I've been putting off doing this b/c the idea of it all is rather daunting - no cars, so we need to haul everything in. But their friends have a playpen we can borrow, which means we only need to bring one and a few other things. And clothes. And toys...but you get the idea. I said to Mom I would if she promises to help. I think Duncan is going to love it! So I think we are going on Sunday.

4. Potty training. *sigh* Okay, I'm a firm believer in "when they are ready they are ready" and if they are 2 or 3 or whatever - that's how it goes. But as D starts preschool in September, they want him potty trained, and so there is this pressure. And so everyone has their little tips on how to do it. The most common is let them run naked and they'll get it real quick. But the thing is I don't want puddles of pee, or bigger accidents, around my house! I'm sorry, but I can't get over the idea of letting stubborn Duncan do that all the time. I will give it a good go after we get back from the cabin. Doing the every 45 minutes or whatever and hopefully he'll get it. If not, then he can wear pull ups to school. It's only 2 1/2 hours 2 days a week. But this brings up my next wondering...Actually...I'm going to put that one in a separate post.

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Nancy said...

I was never a fan of letting them run around naked either, especially on the carpet. I've heard to keep him contained to a room without carpet, and keep the potty seat in that room for easy access. But we pretty much let daycare do the heavy lifting with training Alex. We'll see how it goes with Zach after we move.