Monday, July 20, 2009

Baptism and visit so far

Good morning! I have not had much time to blog. It's not b/c we've got company and I can't play on the computer while they are around, but I'm not usually comfortable just spending a lot of time on the computer while they are here. But I'll do it now.

Anyhow, Grandpa Bob and Uncle Frank - Bill's Dad and brother are out visiting us for 9 days. This will be the 2nd time they've been out. The last time Duncan was 1, now he's 2 1/2 - you know how much a kid changes in that amount of time! And of course to meet sweet Cordelia. They flew in on Thursday and our visit is going great. These guys are the two most laid back house guests you will ever meet. Of course Duncan has them wrapped around his little finger - it's a hoot to watch.

Yesterday we had Cordie's baptism. We planned it so Bob and Frank would be out for it. So it was quite amusing. We sat up front with Mom and Dad. Of course it got kind of boring for Duncan. Although he's used to church, it doesn't mean he doesn't find it boring and our church has implemented this thing where the nursery isn't actually open until about a 1/2 hour into the service. Kind of weird. Anyhow, he started singing "Wiggle and Learn" from the Wiggles during the prayer in the beginning. He did really well coming up front with us during the baptism. After that the pastor invited the kids up front for a story. So our little man goes and plops himself down right beside the pastor. It was so funny. Then he started wandering the stage. It was hilarious.

Duncan hanging out with the Pastor

Us at the baptism.

After church we went home, changed, and then off to Mom and Dad's for a BBQ. It was an absolutely wonderful afternoon. My whole family was there - including my brother Sean whom we hadn'ty seen in over a year and a 1/2. I'd asked him especially to come down for us - it's a good 4 hour drive - so it's great he did. That was his 1st time meeting Cordie too. We had friends, family, food, sunshine... we're so blessed.

Today I think Bill and Frank are going for 9 holes of golf. I think tomorrow is Stanley Park.

Daddy and Duncan

My family


Tanya said...

OOOOOOH Stanley Park!! When? What part do you think you're going to? Maybe Warren and I could come say Hi?

Hank & Melissa Hendriks said...

Great pictures... you had such a great day for a baptisim! Congrats!

Nancy said...

I wondered why you've been quiet. :) Love the dog's butt in the family picture! LOL