Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

I'm going to try posting my Menu Planning. I always Menu Plan (I can't shop without it) but I'm hoping I'll get some inspiration for some new meals by joining in this fun.

What's on the Menu this week:
Monday: No Bull Burritos - I find Mexican food works well with the kids b/c we can give it to them "disassembled" and they love it. I'll be making some home made guacamole to go with it.

Tuesday: Slowcooker Meat Sauce and Ravioli with Garlic Bread.

Wednesday: Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice and some kind of Veggie.

Thursday: Ham and New potatoes and Broccoli

Friday: Something simple.

How about you?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekending. Or should I say weekend ending

Good morning. As usual a few moments to sit with a coffee and read some email before getting the kids up.

I've been actually getting up a few minutes earlier in the morning and using the elliptical trainer for 20 minutes. Kind of crazy I know. Exercising! Hopefully it does some good. It does cut into my sit on my butt and boot around on the computer time, but oh well.

So how was your weekend? Good I hope! Ours was good. We got our new furniture for the living room on Friday. Ohhhh it's nice. We really like it. Opted to pay the extra cash and have it stain proofed. We also had our screens put in. We started actually moving boxes and stuff into my sewing room. It's going to be great once that is altogether.

Friday night Bill had some guys over to hang around in the man cave. So I had Theresa over. We got take out Indian (YUM! 1st time in over a year as I couldn't eat it while I was nursing) and rented The Ugly Truth. Oh boy, that was funny. Rated R for good reason, but it was funny.

Saturday Duncan and I went to his friend's place for a playdate there. And while the kids were napping I went grocery shopping, and then I took the kids to a birthday party at the park. Cordie was stung by a wasp - poor girl. Got her some children's benadryl and it seemed to do the trick. We rented Date Night. That was also funny.  Reminded me of Adventures in Babysitting.

Sunday morning was church, then Mom and Dad came over for coffee. I took some time to unpack some boxes in my room and otherwise, we hung out with the kids. Duncan and I went for a nice long walk. Picked some blackberries. I ate either a poisoned one, of it had a spider or bug in it that was poisonous b/c it tasted so bad. I spat it out immediately, but it made my tongue go numb for at least an hour (well part of it). It was kind of crazy. I'm fine now. We rented Shutter Island for last night (having fun watching movies lately... ) and are really enjoying it, but were falling asleep. So we'll need to finish it tonight and pay the late fee.

And that's about it. This week ahead nothing too crazy. We're attempting a trip to Seattle next weekend with our pukey kids. I told Laura if one of them pukes we're turning around, but at least we'll give it a go. DVD player, frequent stops... hopefully it will work.

Alright time to get the wee ones up and get some breakfast into them. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, August 20, 2010

My kids make me laugh

You know, I think I can kind of tell I like being a Mom. I am the sterotypical Mom who still share stories of my kids with anyhow who will listen. Not that they care. But some times, at least to me, something is too good not to share.

My children make me laugh. Cordie makes me laugh because she mimics words and sounds, often unexpectedly. We often joke with Duncan when we're going somewhere we'll tell "Come On Duncan! To The Upstairs!" and make that do do do do sound (like this). Well we did that the other day coming home and Cordie totally mimicked the do do do sound. We about doubled over laughing.

Duncan loves to sing. Both kids do actually, but seeing as Cordie's words are quite limited, we can a bit more legitimately say Duncan loves to sing. We sing songs from Yo Gabba Gabba, Thomas, Backyardigans, and fun things like Peter Gabriel, Black Eyed Peas, Tom Cochran. But the funny part is he has his own words. And don't try to correct him.

"I Gotta Feelin'" by the Black Eyed Peas (which he can almost sing the entire song of, very funny in itself) there is a line "We'll paint the town". Except Duncan says "We'll paint the tail". No honey, it's town. "No it's not Mom, it's tail.". If you say so sweetie.

"Life Is A Highway" (Cars soundtrack). "Life is a Highway! I'm going to drive in on my lawn!" (as opposed to all night long).

Yo Gabba Gabba Keep Trying, Keep trying... there is a part where it says "don't stop, don't stop, you'll get it right", except the Duncan version is "No Socks, no socks, in your eye..."

And again, he is quite insistent that those are the words, making it that much more awesome.

What's also funny is he mumbles with songs when he doesn't know the words - he tries, and he wants to learn them, and so he tries and sings anyhow (which is awesome). But when he gets to the part he knows he belts it out. Often this is only two words of a song.

Yeah my kids make me laugh.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid-week hello

Hello!! Yeah remember me? I write lots and lots of blog posts in my head, but you know, unless they get transfered to my blog, it doesn't really matter does it? I'm just busy and I take very little time to be on the computer. I wish work was a little less crazy that I could get away with it there... Maybe soon?

Bill is listening to Billy Joel's Piano Man and writing some kind of a spoof of it and laughing to himself, which means it will probably be highly inappropriate :) We'll see. Oh wait... yep, I was right. Check it out. If you dare.

The weather has finally cooled down. Ahhh... Right now I'm hanging out in the Man Cave with my laptop, having a glass of wine, which Bill is playing on his computer. It counts for together time for us! I think we might go upstairs soon and maybe watch some tv. And have ice cream.

Tonight we went to Red Robin with C&R to celebrate Iain's 11th birthday. Okay, Iain was 2.5 when we met C&R. Insane to think. They kind of staggered our meals and what not, so the kids were done way before the adults, and they got a bit antsy. I have Up on my iPod (digital copy) so Ally watched that. Nice to see them.

Ummm.. last Thursday was our 10th wedding anniversary. Theresa baby sat and we went for dinner. It was wonderful. Bill got me a beautiful ring, and I got him... a beer fridge for the man cave! And he loves it! It's been going over quite well with his friends. Always good to have your husband's friends think you're cool. Not that it was an issue. I am cool. *grin*.

But yeah, 10 years. And although cliche, better than ever.

Saturday we had our kick ass party to celebrate the house and 10 years of marriage. It was so awesome to have our friends out. The kids played awesome (over all). And as most people have small childen, we were done by 8:30. LOL!

Flooring is all done in the house, so we can finally get around to moving my stuff into Sewrenity! We need baseboards done, but we can just pull stuff away from the wall and do it that way. Next, and pretty much last, thing is putting in the 3rd bathroom. We bought the toilet and sink already, so it's just a matter of getting it done.

What's coming up... this weekend we've got two play dates for Duncan. So that will be some awesome Duncan/Mommy time, and Daddy/Cordie time. Weekend after we're attempting Seattle for Jesse and Laura's party. It's been 3 years. Duncan doesn't do well in the car. But we're going to try. I told Laura if one of them pukes going down we're turning around and heading home.

We're still looking for a preschool *sigh*. More on that later.

Alright, laundry is done. Have a good night you all!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Night Catch Up

Hello friends!

You know it's kind of funny because I had the whole week off work and was home for most of it, but spent less time on the computer than I normally would. So despite having unsubscribed to a bunch of blogs, I'm behind on everything. But fear not, I have the personal blogs I am loyal to, so my friends, I am not ignoring you.

So briefly, what's going on...

Well we attempted to go to the cabin with the kids. I had some reservations about going, but everyone said "Go! Enjoy" and so I got over myself and we went. And it was fun. The kids were having a great time during the day and very well behaved. However night time was a different story. The kids are not used to sharing a room, so when one made a noise the other woke up, etc... and then Cordie was up to 3 AM one night coughing... which meant I was too, and Duncan was up before 6 because he was so excited.. well after a few nights of that I declared myself a quitter and we went home. We're glad we did. We all slept well in our own beds and enjoyed the week together.

We have finished painting our rooms, and my brother hopes to get floors done for us this week, so that will be great. Once that is done, it will go a long way to gettting a bunch more stuff out of the garage as there is no point in moving it inside before floors are done.

What else... Cordie is officially weaned. I am sad about it in that Mom way. 14.5 months of nursing my baby girl every day. Truth is, she hasn't been interested in it for a while, and barely was nursing at all in the end, so Cordie isn't suffering, but it's a sweet bond. If we weren't going away in September I might have pushed for her to continue, but I think it's better to be done so she doesn't look for that comfort while we're gone.

My Mom is bravely moving in for 5 days in September while Bill and I take off to Vegas. I have no doubt it will go fine, but I'll miss the kids!

Colorado Nancy mentioned she is annoyed at her babysitter (and I don't blame you!). I am annoyed at the lady I was trying to hire to come clean our house. Bill caved in after years of me going on about it - I wanted someone every other week to come and clean the house. So I decided Craigslist might be a good place to look for someone. And I found this lady, and we got in touch, and I explained what we're looking for, and we discussed prices. I said I would like to meet her, check references, and then get her in once next week, and then the following Friday, and every 2nd Friday after that. At first she was very keen "Oh I'll get you the references to check" which she never did. And then We should meet. But after several emails she still hasn't gotten back to me to meet. So today I said forget it. I am not going to chase you down to get your business. Work for it honey. So back to square one.

Well that's enough for tonight. Hope you're all well! Back to work tomorrow!