Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Night Catch Up

Hello friends!

You know it's kind of funny because I had the whole week off work and was home for most of it, but spent less time on the computer than I normally would. So despite having unsubscribed to a bunch of blogs, I'm behind on everything. But fear not, I have the personal blogs I am loyal to, so my friends, I am not ignoring you.

So briefly, what's going on...

Well we attempted to go to the cabin with the kids. I had some reservations about going, but everyone said "Go! Enjoy" and so I got over myself and we went. And it was fun. The kids were having a great time during the day and very well behaved. However night time was a different story. The kids are not used to sharing a room, so when one made a noise the other woke up, etc... and then Cordie was up to 3 AM one night coughing... which meant I was too, and Duncan was up before 6 because he was so excited.. well after a few nights of that I declared myself a quitter and we went home. We're glad we did. We all slept well in our own beds and enjoyed the week together.

We have finished painting our rooms, and my brother hopes to get floors done for us this week, so that will be great. Once that is done, it will go a long way to gettting a bunch more stuff out of the garage as there is no point in moving it inside before floors are done.

What else... Cordie is officially weaned. I am sad about it in that Mom way. 14.5 months of nursing my baby girl every day. Truth is, she hasn't been interested in it for a while, and barely was nursing at all in the end, so Cordie isn't suffering, but it's a sweet bond. If we weren't going away in September I might have pushed for her to continue, but I think it's better to be done so she doesn't look for that comfort while we're gone.

My Mom is bravely moving in for 5 days in September while Bill and I take off to Vegas. I have no doubt it will go fine, but I'll miss the kids!

Colorado Nancy mentioned she is annoyed at her babysitter (and I don't blame you!). I am annoyed at the lady I was trying to hire to come clean our house. Bill caved in after years of me going on about it - I wanted someone every other week to come and clean the house. So I decided Craigslist might be a good place to look for someone. And I found this lady, and we got in touch, and I explained what we're looking for, and we discussed prices. I said I would like to meet her, check references, and then get her in once next week, and then the following Friday, and every 2nd Friday after that. At first she was very keen "Oh I'll get you the references to check" which she never did. And then We should meet. But after several emails she still hasn't gotten back to me to meet. So today I said forget it. I am not going to chase you down to get your business. Work for it honey. So back to square one.

Well that's enough for tonight. Hope you're all well! Back to work tomorrow!

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Shannon said...

I can totally relate. My kids sleep in their own rooms in cribs and on vacation I ended up having to borrow a pack n play from a blogging friend. They still didn't sleep great, but better. Thanks for stopping by!