Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid-week hello

Hello!! Yeah remember me? I write lots and lots of blog posts in my head, but you know, unless they get transfered to my blog, it doesn't really matter does it? I'm just busy and I take very little time to be on the computer. I wish work was a little less crazy that I could get away with it there... Maybe soon?

Bill is listening to Billy Joel's Piano Man and writing some kind of a spoof of it and laughing to himself, which means it will probably be highly inappropriate :) We'll see. Oh wait... yep, I was right. Check it out. If you dare.

The weather has finally cooled down. Ahhh... Right now I'm hanging out in the Man Cave with my laptop, having a glass of wine, which Bill is playing on his computer. It counts for together time for us! I think we might go upstairs soon and maybe watch some tv. And have ice cream.

Tonight we went to Red Robin with C&R to celebrate Iain's 11th birthday. Okay, Iain was 2.5 when we met C&R. Insane to think. They kind of staggered our meals and what not, so the kids were done way before the adults, and they got a bit antsy. I have Up on my iPod (digital copy) so Ally watched that. Nice to see them.

Ummm.. last Thursday was our 10th wedding anniversary. Theresa baby sat and we went for dinner. It was wonderful. Bill got me a beautiful ring, and I got him... a beer fridge for the man cave! And he loves it! It's been going over quite well with his friends. Always good to have your husband's friends think you're cool. Not that it was an issue. I am cool. *grin*.

But yeah, 10 years. And although cliche, better than ever.

Saturday we had our kick ass party to celebrate the house and 10 years of marriage. It was so awesome to have our friends out. The kids played awesome (over all). And as most people have small childen, we were done by 8:30. LOL!

Flooring is all done in the house, so we can finally get around to moving my stuff into Sewrenity! We need baseboards done, but we can just pull stuff away from the wall and do it that way. Next, and pretty much last, thing is putting in the 3rd bathroom. We bought the toilet and sink already, so it's just a matter of getting it done.

What's coming up... this weekend we've got two play dates for Duncan. So that will be some awesome Duncan/Mommy time, and Daddy/Cordie time. Weekend after we're attempting Seattle for Jesse and Laura's party. It's been 3 years. Duncan doesn't do well in the car. But we're going to try. I told Laura if one of them pukes going down we're turning around and heading home.

We're still looking for a preschool *sigh*. More on that later.

Alright, laundry is done. Have a good night you all!

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