Sunday, May 30, 2010

The other side of the weekend

Since I posted on what the weekend was supposed to hold, I thought I would post on what the weekend did hold... which was pretty much what we had planned :)

Saturday was pretty much spent doing Saturday things -cleaning, shopping etc... The Bell's came over as it was much easier for us with the kids. You know, when Duncan was little we'd just set up the playpen whereever and we were good to go. Now, Cordie just doesn't sleep well when we're out. I have no doubt this is because we have not gone out with her as a little baby near as much as we did when Duncan was that little. Oddly, the reason we haven't is b/c Duncan needs the routine of a normal bed time more - well he did in the 1st year of Cordie's life. Now we don't really care if he runs around to whatever hour once in a while, but Cordie is in her routine now, and it can't be messed with. I really wonder how it is going to go once we're living at my parent's place.

We had a great visit with Chris and Rhonda and the kids. You know we used to be at their house at least 2x a week, if not more - and then kids came along. LOL!! Not that I regret having kids, but it is funny how it changes things. And frankly, as Chris works 5 evenings a week we wouldn't be there that often anyhow, so we treasure getting together with them more. We made home made pizza - okay, Bill did, and hung out. Rhonda and I went to bed together... it had been a few years and I felt I owed her. *grin* Okay... so the story there, the 1st time I ever met Rhonda was just after Christmas and they had just gotten a new feather bed topper, and she asked me to come check it out. So within moments of meeting her we were both flopped out on her bed saying "oh" and "ah". In many respects it was how I knew we were instant friends. The other was that I had a nasty cold and went through an entire box of kleenex, and they still asked us back.

So last night Alex said she was ready to take a nap (around 9 or so) and so I said sure go lay down on the bed. Well Rhonda comes downstairs "your bed is so amazing" and since everyone else was occupied (Alex didn't stay in bed) we went up there and hung out on the bed and chatted about exciting things like Alexandra's 7th birthday party. But we had a lot of fun making jokes about how long it had been since we'd been to bed together (at Laura's house quite a few years back actually).

Enough about that. Today we went for a nice long walk with the kids. My 1st good long walk with Cordie in our back carrier for her, and she fell asleep, so it must have been comfortable!! Duncan had, a few days ago, wanted a turkey dinner, but turkeys were too expensive, so I bought a cook from frozen chicken and it turned out now, so we had a chicken dinner instead. It was a great weekend.

And now I can't stop yawning, so time to head up. Have a good week friends!!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Happy Friday everyone! It's 4:30 and I'm having a coffee, my little girl having me up every night caught up to me today. I was hoping b/c I didn't need to get up for the alarm today she would let me sleep in, but it was false hope. I told Bill tomorrow he can get up with her. I'm pooped!

But we both had the day off (Bill flex day, I took a vacation day) so we could go into the bank and sign off on our mortgage, set up an RESP for Cordie, and re-set up our RRSPs. So we're all done there. After we had some fun and went to the La-Z-Boy store. We are certainly planning on buying 2 recliners when we move  - it's our new house gift to ourselves, so we were trying them out. I think we've narrowed it down to the Maverick and the Joshua. If we decide on something from Lazyboy though we might order it through our local furniture store as they are actually pretty good for price matching or getting it cheaper. We will also be getting a sofa of some sort. 

We went and saw Prince of Persia this afternoon. It was fun. Nothing spectacular, but enough of a plot to make it worth while, and it's crazy b/c this is the 2nd movie this week we've been to!

Then home, made some phone calls about house stuff, and then time to grab the kids. Cordie is standing on the outside of her exersaucer right now - she is really close to cruising - she wants to walk - watch out world! This morning for the 1st time Duncan got out of bed and came downstairs without someone having to go get him. So I guess we need to lock the gate at night now b/c I don't want him wandering down during the night.

Torrow is Sportball and in the afternoon I think we're going to the Bell's to visit. If the weather is nice Sunday we'll go for a hike or something.

And that's what's going on!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


How you can tell I'm back at work. I have no time to blog (or read blogs!)

Outside my window: Some sun. some rain. Clouds. I hope it's cooler tonight.
I am hearing: Bill playing the latest Prince of Persia game. It is 9:43 and I was going to go to bed early tonight. So much for that.
I am thinking: I should really go to bed.
I am hoping: That the people we are buying from still surprise us and we can move on the 26th of June. That Cordie once again starts sleeping through the night. That my 5-year plan works out.
I am wondering: not a whole lot.
I am reading: A Minor Indescretion by Carole Matthews. A week ago I'd never heard of this British Author, and I read another one of hers called With or Without You - good British romance with some good humour thrown in. And practical results. I loved it! So I'm reading this one too. I got them from a coworker. Bless her.

I am wearing:my pj pants, a black t-shirt and some purple socks. Yep, I'm a sight to see!
In the kitchen:  tonight was tostadas (like toasted tacos - pretty good!). Also this week - pork chops, several chicken meals (which reminds me, I need to buy chicken), steak kabobs

This Week:  it's Tanya's birthday! Happy Birthday my darling! Love you lots! Otherwise, work, work... um Friday I have off so we can go to the bank and sign this and that and the next thing - mortgage, rrsp, resp, etc... I am thinking of seeing if I can set up a playdate with one of Duncan's friends from school.
A few of my favourite things: Duncan finally getting being potty trained. We've yet to get it mastered, but he is doing awesome with the 1st part of if. I knew we only had to wait until he was ready! I think night times will be a while away b/c as much as I love it, this kid does not get out of bed. Playing with Cordie. We play "here you go"  - she hands me something, I say thank you, then I give it back, she grins, gives me a big hug, and then hands it to me again. We can do this for a long time, and I don't mind one bit. My husband. Hey, he's not a thing, but he's a favourite!!
A picture thought:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend catch up

Good morning friends!

Lots going on around here. It's a beautiful weekend. Today is Cordelia's 1st birthday. She is an amazing beautiful little girl and it's been an awesome year. She is pulling herself to standing, so I don't think we're too far off cruising and then walking. She never really did crawl. She could, she just does the army crawl instead. She is an awesome eater. She seemed to enjoy the cake we gave her.

Oh, we had her party yesterday. It was a super nice little get together. We parked our car somewhere else and used the carport. We brought the BBQ up front and hung out around there. It was Mom and Dad (Oma and Opa), Theresa, our neighbours Phil and Karen and their daughters Lily and Ava. And Jesse and Laura and Gabe came up from Seattle. It was perfect. Rhonda was going to come with the kids but very sadly she had to put her 19 year old cat Hemmingway down yesterday. She said she thought she'd be fine, I'm not surprised she was upset. I was a wreck with Wraith died and he was only 7!

On the housing front - inspection went great! No surprises. A few recommendations for upkeep, or warnings like "you'll need to replace the furnace soon" (which we knew). We'll have some cash at our disposal after all the dust settles so we'll get some of the bigger things taken care of.  There will also be the matter of new furniture for the living room, shelving and redoing carpets in my sewing room, painting - little things. I want to put a toilet in the laundry room (it's roughed in to be a bathroom), so we have a toilet downstairs for the kids. We're still trying to figure out the bedroom situation. Upstairs the two of the kids rooms - the one that is perfectly decorated for a little girl is quite a bit bigger than the smaller one which is boy colours. I think we should leave them as they are b/c Duncan will have all his toys in the rec room anyhow, whereas Bill thinks we should switch them b/c Cordie doesn't need as much room right now and then Duncan can have his train table in his room. Both make sense. I think laziness will win initially - not wanting to do a whole lot when we move in, and later Duncan can take a bedroom downstairs if he would like. I can always switch my sewing room to the smaller room upstairs.

It's all exciting though. We have signed off on the subjects, however do need final verbal confirmation that the house is insurable. Then we need to get the deposit cheques and we're done!! Please pray that these people find a place to move June 26th. We can live with Mom and Dad, but it means moving everything twice.

Now, on a very sad note, we found out this morning that the father of our friend's son (our good friend Theresa, her son Ryan's Dad) was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday. Everyone is still in shock. Ryan is a mess (he's 16). Theresa is sad on so many levels - not only for Ryan, but Rick was her friend. It's going to be a long road for Ryan. Although she said she wasn't hungry we had Theresa over for "coffee" but got her to eat some yoghurt and pancakes anyhow. I told her she'd need the energy, and the last thing she needs is that feeling sick b/c she hasn't had anything to eat feeling. Please pray for Ryan. To be 16 and lose your Dad. Well really at any age, but they were close.

Have a good week friends.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday morning

Good morning friends!

Uhg it has been so busy lately I have not had time to blog, or read blogs, or anything! I am reading your blogs, but with my return to work (really, you can only spend so much time misusing time at work to read blogs), and house hunting, and offer etc... well it's been crazy.

But hopefully for the last time, we have a house. If all goes well we may even have subjects removed by tomorrow. Financing should bet set up today, Andy is doing title search, inspection is tomorrow, and we're getting insurance in line. I'm taking a 1/2 vacation day tomorrow afternoon to be there for the end of the inspection and hear the report, but we don't expect any surprises.

Once it is all said and done I'll tell you more about the place, but we're very happy with it, it's only 3 blocks from where we live now, so we're staying in our current neighbourhood, and for commuting purposes, on a better side of town. Now let's just hope that if Pete and Nikki sell that they buy on this side too! I know they want to stick local too.

Cordie's birthday party is this Saturday. Her actual birthday is on Sunday.

And speaking of my little sweetness, time to get her up.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

It is a glorious day! Happy Mother's Day! I hope you're being treated well and enjoying your day.

I found it quite funny as I was running errands yesterday how a lot of signs said "Say I love you with..." Say I love you with roses. Say I love you wish a gift basket (from the liquor store ha ha ha!). How about we say I love you with our mouths and actions?

I've been having a really nice day. Bill tried to let me sleep in. He got up early with Duncan - how was awake early for some reason today. And I got up with Cordie around 7:30. She is teething and is quite irked at me this weekend for the whole day care thing. And so when she is awake it's all about Mommy. I don't mind this, but some times I need to put her down or pass her to Bill, and even this she doesn't like. She is going to be super POed at me tomorrow morning when I drop her off at Nikki's.

Bill made me breakfast (french toast and bacon). Cordie took a wee nap while I showered, and then went for a walk down by the river. It was really neat! We hadn't been on that trail before. Duncan did fall into the mud, and so when we got back to the car had to strip him down, but we weren't too far from home, so that wasn't a big deal. We hung around outside talking to our neighbour while Duncan and Lily played. I made some Sunshine Lemon Bars and the rest of the family is napping right now. We'll be off to Mom and Dad's once everyone is awake.

Housing Update. Okay, I edited this part out b/c there has been a development. Bah. I need to stop blogging about places we like.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Surviving my return to work

Actually, it wasn't that bad today.  I wasn't sad, I wasn't nervous, it just felt like I'd never left. Well except it's a new office, I don't know 1/2 the people, and almost 1/2 the proceedures have changed. But otherwise, it's the same old, same old.

I did get the low down on what I'll be doing. For quite some time they've been saying they didn't know where I would be going. I always said this was nonsense (okay, I used a stronger word than nonsense, but we'll keep it clean). And today I got called into a meeting with the head guy, and they asked me to do a 3-4 month stint in a roll I haven't done in 8 years.

I actually don't mind - I always enjoyed that job, but I pointed out that it had been 8 years, and every thing about that job had changed in that time. So while I appreciate their confidence in me, I'm not sure they'll be getting the output they perhaps were hoping for. The roll is called a DBA. I explained I'm also an expensive DBA because I still get paid at case manager levels. I just hope they don't have some silly idea of my going back to that permanently.

Duncan's school is having a Mother's Day tea on Thursday morning. So I took a 1/2 day off, and I am going to surprise Duncan at school. I was going to keep Cordie home for part of the day, but I think while we're gettting into the swing of it all, it would be better to maintain routine for a bit longer yet.

No word on the house yet. They accepted our counter offer, but the other people are still trying to remove subjects and have until tomorrow night to do it. They went ahead and got an inspection in case financing comes through - their final subject. Having had an inspection - not good news. But maybe if they haven't had financing yet, they won't tomorrow either. And if they don't, it's our turn. Let's keep hoping and praying!

In other news. Duncan went pee on the potty FIVE times today!! He'd been sitting on it here and there, but this is by far the biggest jump forward for us. Nikki said she'd straighten him out. Gee Nikki, on day one - good job! I told you she rocks. Okay, we're still a ways off from fully trained, but that's an awesome start. Cordie also did good today. She seems to be adjusting to the new swing of things just fine.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Datebook May 2, 2010

Today... is my last day off work! I'm surprisingly okay with it right now though. Now it feels like just another Sunday where I need to go to work tomorrow.

Outside - well it's dark right now, but pouring rain and windy. It was okay this afternoon. Yesterday was quite nice. I have no idea what the long range forecast is like.

I am thinking - I should probably find out what the long range forecast is like so I can send the kids in proper clothes *grin*. I am also thinking I should call my folks and make sure they got home alright as I don't know what the water was like for the water taxi.

I am hoping - we get that house!! Won't find out for a few days yet, but until then, we wait. I am also hoping Cordie does alright right full time daycare. She is in good hands, but she is certainly out of sorts since starting to go to Nikki's. I am also hoping that my body adjusts for nursing needs pretty quick because if not, I might be quite uncomfortable by 3 PM tomorrow :)

In the kitchen - tonight I made ribs for the 1st time ever. Super simple, and yummy! Will certainly be doing that again. Monday is slow cooker rotisserie chicken. Also on tap this week are steaks, something with ground beef... and something else I can't think of.

The weekend - Actually was a pretty good not over stuffed weekend. We went to Chris and Ronnie's on Saturday night as they invited me over for a "we're sorry you need to return to work" dinner. We brought the playpen and thought to have Cordie go down and just let Duncan run around until he fell asleep somewhere, but Cordie just wouldn't settle. I think it's because there is so much going on. Anyhow, so we were gone by about 8:30 or so. A far cry from the many nights we used to be there until the wee hours of the morning... oh the pre-children days :) But that's okay, we'll get there again.

Today we went out to Golden Ears Park and went for a walk on this little trail. Duncan wanted to go to the mountain. This trail ended up bring super short, so we drove a bit further down and wandered by the lake for a bit while Duncan and Bill threw rocks in the water. It was wonderful. It was nice to get out and do something different for us - and we'll be doing it again. But then it started to rain quite hard and it was time to go.

Oh, so I complained on facebook the other day about McDonalds screwing up our order. I complained to their head office, and they called back saying we're sorry etc etc... and what can we do. I said I'd really like my money back, and she said sure, please come on it. Well it was lunch time on the way back from the park so I said let's pop in, I'll get my money back, and get some food. I got my money back, but then I ordered food and the manager also gave me 50% off our order, and she packed the whole thing herself to make double sure the whole thing was correct. I was actually pleased and impressed with how she handled it, and I appreciate it.

We came home, lunched, got kids down for naps. Bill and I sorted through our closets to get rid of clothes. Bill has lost 30+ lbs since January, and so there was a bunch of stuff that fit him now - it was like going shopping! After that Duncan and I baked chocolate chips cookies which only turned out okay because I had to bake them with the ribs in the oven at a lower heat... they are okay, but not my best. We supped, bathed the kids, and now we're vegging before heading to bed.

This week - well, return to work tomorrow. We're hoping to hear on the house Tuesday or Wednesday. If we don't get it...well either we keep looking or take one of the ones we've seen. But we don't like anything near as much! We'll see. It's in God's hands.

I'm reading - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - kind of slow. It's cute, but I'm ready to be done.

Picture thought:
The one I want is on my phone and I'm too lazy to go get it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday afternoon

Anyone want a 3-year old? :) Oh it's crazy. Yesterday he was the most agreeable little boy on the face of the planet. Today we had a 15 minute melt down because he didn't want to get dresses. They didn't go to sportball because it was not worth dragging him out there when it would just be him sitting on the bench not wanting to play. *sigh*. But he's down for a nap now, and then we're going to Chris and Rhondas, so hopefully he'll be a bit better for us.

Chris and Rhonda invited us over for a "We're sorry you have to go back to work" supper. LOL! That's so awesome. Looking forward to seeing them. This time we're remembering the playpen so we don't need to leave by 7 PM due to an overtired girl with no place to sleep. Duncan I'm not so worried about. He can either keep going or do what I used to do as a little kid when were out - fall asleep under the table :)

Yesterday the kids were at daycare - Cordie has done pretty good transitioning in to that. And Bill had a flex day, so we had a day alone together! So what did we do?! We ran errands!! *grin* Actually, we met Andy to look at a few more houses. It just confirmed our decision on the one on 228th. More on that in a minute. We then went out for lunch together, ran to Zellers (Cordie needed a jacket), Payless (BOGO - so got 2 pairs of runners for Duncan - one for now, one next size up for later... both for $21 total - not too shabby!), and then to Hopcott Meats for our week of meat needs.

So yes, we looked at 3 places, including one we'd previously liked as our back up in case 228th fell through. Well, upon 2nd showing - it's still good, but we do realize it would need some work. Two other places - one was awesome location, but higher in price and would need work, and then one was really neat - different layout and good shape over all, but the rooms weren't enough for our needs. So we had put in an offer on the one we love, they countered, we countered... and we were supposed to hear today if it was accepted.

Except it turns out that the other offer on the place was never officially collapsed, and those people are still trying to get financing for this house. So after all that we still might not get it. That would be a shame. We want it!! But subjects are set to be removed on Tuesday for that deal, so we just need to wait. Sounds like that other realtor is a bit of a piece of work and has left town for the week, didn't leave his work with anyone, and can only be reached by email...

We're not fretting over it - we're just annoyed because we want to move ahead with it all. We're ready to be done with this process and get subjects removed and look forward to moving in.

And that's where we're at. Duncan is just waking up from a nap and I can hear him whining... so doesn't sound like that did him a world of good. Great. I keep hearing Jo Frost's voice in my head "be the adult, be the parent"...