Sunday, May 2, 2010

Datebook May 2, 2010

Today... is my last day off work! I'm surprisingly okay with it right now though. Now it feels like just another Sunday where I need to go to work tomorrow.

Outside - well it's dark right now, but pouring rain and windy. It was okay this afternoon. Yesterday was quite nice. I have no idea what the long range forecast is like.

I am thinking - I should probably find out what the long range forecast is like so I can send the kids in proper clothes *grin*. I am also thinking I should call my folks and make sure they got home alright as I don't know what the water was like for the water taxi.

I am hoping - we get that house!! Won't find out for a few days yet, but until then, we wait. I am also hoping Cordie does alright right full time daycare. She is in good hands, but she is certainly out of sorts since starting to go to Nikki's. I am also hoping that my body adjusts for nursing needs pretty quick because if not, I might be quite uncomfortable by 3 PM tomorrow :)

In the kitchen - tonight I made ribs for the 1st time ever. Super simple, and yummy! Will certainly be doing that again. Monday is slow cooker rotisserie chicken. Also on tap this week are steaks, something with ground beef... and something else I can't think of.

The weekend - Actually was a pretty good not over stuffed weekend. We went to Chris and Ronnie's on Saturday night as they invited me over for a "we're sorry you need to return to work" dinner. We brought the playpen and thought to have Cordie go down and just let Duncan run around until he fell asleep somewhere, but Cordie just wouldn't settle. I think it's because there is so much going on. Anyhow, so we were gone by about 8:30 or so. A far cry from the many nights we used to be there until the wee hours of the morning... oh the pre-children days :) But that's okay, we'll get there again.

Today we went out to Golden Ears Park and went for a walk on this little trail. Duncan wanted to go to the mountain. This trail ended up bring super short, so we drove a bit further down and wandered by the lake for a bit while Duncan and Bill threw rocks in the water. It was wonderful. It was nice to get out and do something different for us - and we'll be doing it again. But then it started to rain quite hard and it was time to go.

Oh, so I complained on facebook the other day about McDonalds screwing up our order. I complained to their head office, and they called back saying we're sorry etc etc... and what can we do. I said I'd really like my money back, and she said sure, please come on it. Well it was lunch time on the way back from the park so I said let's pop in, I'll get my money back, and get some food. I got my money back, but then I ordered food and the manager also gave me 50% off our order, and she packed the whole thing herself to make double sure the whole thing was correct. I was actually pleased and impressed with how she handled it, and I appreciate it.

We came home, lunched, got kids down for naps. Bill and I sorted through our closets to get rid of clothes. Bill has lost 30+ lbs since January, and so there was a bunch of stuff that fit him now - it was like going shopping! After that Duncan and I baked chocolate chips cookies which only turned out okay because I had to bake them with the ribs in the oven at a lower heat... they are okay, but not my best. We supped, bathed the kids, and now we're vegging before heading to bed.

This week - well, return to work tomorrow. We're hoping to hear on the house Tuesday or Wednesday. If we don't get it...well either we keep looking or take one of the ones we've seen. But we don't like anything near as much! We'll see. It's in God's hands.

I'm reading - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - kind of slow. It's cute, but I'm ready to be done.

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