Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday morning

Good morning friends!

Uhg it has been so busy lately I have not had time to blog, or read blogs, or anything! I am reading your blogs, but with my return to work (really, you can only spend so much time misusing time at work to read blogs), and house hunting, and offer etc... well it's been crazy.

But hopefully for the last time, we have a house. If all goes well we may even have subjects removed by tomorrow. Financing should bet set up today, Andy is doing title search, inspection is tomorrow, and we're getting insurance in line. I'm taking a 1/2 vacation day tomorrow afternoon to be there for the end of the inspection and hear the report, but we don't expect any surprises.

Once it is all said and done I'll tell you more about the place, but we're very happy with it, it's only 3 blocks from where we live now, so we're staying in our current neighbourhood, and for commuting purposes, on a better side of town. Now let's just hope that if Pete and Nikki sell that they buy on this side too! I know they want to stick local too.

Cordie's birthday party is this Saturday. Her actual birthday is on Sunday.

And speaking of my little sweetness, time to get her up.

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