Sunday, May 30, 2010

The other side of the weekend

Since I posted on what the weekend was supposed to hold, I thought I would post on what the weekend did hold... which was pretty much what we had planned :)

Saturday was pretty much spent doing Saturday things -cleaning, shopping etc... The Bell's came over as it was much easier for us with the kids. You know, when Duncan was little we'd just set up the playpen whereever and we were good to go. Now, Cordie just doesn't sleep well when we're out. I have no doubt this is because we have not gone out with her as a little baby near as much as we did when Duncan was that little. Oddly, the reason we haven't is b/c Duncan needs the routine of a normal bed time more - well he did in the 1st year of Cordie's life. Now we don't really care if he runs around to whatever hour once in a while, but Cordie is in her routine now, and it can't be messed with. I really wonder how it is going to go once we're living at my parent's place.

We had a great visit with Chris and Rhonda and the kids. You know we used to be at their house at least 2x a week, if not more - and then kids came along. LOL!! Not that I regret having kids, but it is funny how it changes things. And frankly, as Chris works 5 evenings a week we wouldn't be there that often anyhow, so we treasure getting together with them more. We made home made pizza - okay, Bill did, and hung out. Rhonda and I went to bed together... it had been a few years and I felt I owed her. *grin* Okay... so the story there, the 1st time I ever met Rhonda was just after Christmas and they had just gotten a new feather bed topper, and she asked me to come check it out. So within moments of meeting her we were both flopped out on her bed saying "oh" and "ah". In many respects it was how I knew we were instant friends. The other was that I had a nasty cold and went through an entire box of kleenex, and they still asked us back.

So last night Alex said she was ready to take a nap (around 9 or so) and so I said sure go lay down on the bed. Well Rhonda comes downstairs "your bed is so amazing" and since everyone else was occupied (Alex didn't stay in bed) we went up there and hung out on the bed and chatted about exciting things like Alexandra's 7th birthday party. But we had a lot of fun making jokes about how long it had been since we'd been to bed together (at Laura's house quite a few years back actually).

Enough about that. Today we went for a nice long walk with the kids. My 1st good long walk with Cordie in our back carrier for her, and she fell asleep, so it must have been comfortable!! Duncan had, a few days ago, wanted a turkey dinner, but turkeys were too expensive, so I bought a cook from frozen chicken and it turned out now, so we had a chicken dinner instead. It was a great weekend.

And now I can't stop yawning, so time to head up. Have a good week friends!!

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