Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning

Hi friends!

Yeah it's your long lost Carole who has not been blogging at all any more. Darn work for getting in the way of my blog writing and reading! I am constantly hitting "Mark All as Read" in Google Reader and I've been unsubscribing to a bunch of blogs I used to follow as I just don't have the time any more. Don't worry dear friends, I do still make sure I keep up on my friend's blogs. I can't access Reader at work. It's not blocked, but our net connection at work is so slow. It's dial up slow. That's right - DIAL UP SLOW! I honestly think that having a slow internet connection is our company's best defense against people wasting time online during the work day. It's too frustrating. Thank goodness for my iPhone *grin*.

So I'm behind on my reading of blogs. I've also been enjoying doing this ancient activity known as "reading a book". I've been back into book reading again. Just finished another one last night and it's so nice. I am enjoying spending time in the evening with my book on the couch and just reading. I'm glad I have a husband who is also a reader and understands when I say "I don't want to watch tv tonight, I just want to read". He get's that. I'm still reading books from British Author Carole Matthews. Really enjoying all the books I can get my hands on (through the library).

We're less than 2 weeks to moving date. We've done a lot, but still lots to do. We're now into "eat everything we can in our freezer and cupboard" stage. Although we're not moving far but since we'll be at Mom and Dad's for two weeks the less we need to bring there the better. When we move to the new place there is going to be a major shopping trip involved. We haven't been replacing stuff we're running out of like condiments etc... So by the time we move we'll be living off of bread, milk and peanut butter. *grin*.

Bill has had some kind of flu again this week. It's been brutal for him. He missed all but one day of work this past week and frankly I'm not sure he'll be ready for work tomorrow. He's been doing what he can to pack some boxes and stuff but his energy is so low he pretty much can do a little and then has to rest. And sleep. I'm glad Cordy-ella has been sleeping through the night consistently, so I'm actually not too bad for getting up with the kids. Yes Tanya, there is hope for kids sleeping through the night!!

Duncan. What can I say, this kid is awesome. Yeah he's still very 3 - throw the ocassional fit, but less and less all the time. Potty training is going well - at least at daycare. He's still resistent a lot of the time to wear underwear at home and sit on the potty. And I still refuse to push him. He got a hair cut on Friday and looks like such a little man. At this age you think about how much they can change in even 2 months and it's amazing. Verbally, singing, learning. Yesterday he figured out how to blow bubbles. It sounds like a silly thing but he's been trying to learn for a long time now. The look on his face when he got it was awesome.

Cordelia. She is a gorgeous, clever, funny girl. She is totally figureing stuff out. She's cruising around furniture now so it won't be long to walking. She really just sits down and figures stuff out. She is a total go getter. She is an awesome eater. Really, usually she eats more at meals than Duncan does. I'm still nursing her, which I love it's going this long, but will need to wean by August before we go to Vegas.

Work. I'm glad I live close to work now. I'm glad for the pay cheque that comes with it. 'Nuff said.

Looking forward to the new house!!

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