Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where there's a Will...

Well look at us being all responsible! We finally did up a will! You know we've only been married for 10 years and had kids for at least 3 1/2 years. So perhaps it was time we finally got around to it. Not that it's a complicated one - if one spouse goes the other gets it, if both do the kids get it, if we all do, our parent's get it, etc... But after having seen recently how messy things can get when no will is in place, it was the kick in the butt we needed to finally move ahead with it.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the notary and signed all our papers and what not. One step closer! Either Thursday afternoon or 1st thing Friday morning I need to go pick up my cheque from the sale of our place and go deposit it, and then turn around and get a new cheque done up for the purchase of our new home. Said and done we have a little less left than we thought. Still enough to get done what we need to, buy some furniture, a lawn mower, etc... but maybe the lazy boy recliners need to wait a little while longer.

Packing is going well. Okay, Bill has done 99% of the packing - he takes care of it while I run interferrence with the kids. He has been awesome about it though. We won't finish the kid's rooms until Friday morning when they are at daycare b/c every time we try to pack something that is their's (okay, Duncan) he wants to play with it. So we plan to move his stuff to Mom and Dad's during the day and have his bed all set up so it will be a bit easier for him to adjust once we're there.

Other stuff... both kids are sick again. Just a nasty cough. They both slept better last night but were up early this morning. Poor kids. It sucks b/c there is very little you can do for them. Okay, so when did cough and cold rx start being for ages 6 and up? It used to be don't give it to them under the age of 2, but now it seems it's 6?

Ants!! The ants are back in the back yard! Thank goodness not in the house, but after the horrors of last year, we dug up all under the back and put down rocks b/c it's supposed to keep the ants from coming near the house... well they are just coming out on top of the rocks! We put down a bait trap that our exterminator gave us last year, and it did the trick, but we also called the exterminator to come spray b/c I don't think that's a present the new owner really wants. You know, those ants are part of the reason we decided to sell.

Okay everyone, have a great day! Nancy - saw your post on 5 minutes for reading. I still don't have enough time to read :)

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