Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What happened today

Gah, what a draining day!

The long and the short of it is that our realtor contacted us around lunch time today to say there may be a problem with the people buying our house. You know it's not going to be good when someone says "now I don't want you to panic..." (and I didn't - then *grin*).

From what we understand our buyers lost their financing through the place that was going to give them their mortgage. Not sure what happened there. Anyhow, if she was unable to come up with the financing then we wouldn't have the proceeds from our sale to fund the purchase of our new house, we'd have to come up with an additional $33k, and figure out something about financing our current home on top of it all. We, you know, just having bought coffee from Starbucks, don't have 33K laying around.

And if we can't buy the new place they can sue us for breech of contract, and we in turn can do the same to our buyer, etc etc... but no matter what we were stuck in the middle and kind of hooped.

So we prayed. I said right away I had faith the Lord would take care of us. I also suggest people pray for the woman buying our place - who is going through a nasty divorce, has two children, and really, would have been in a much tougher spot than us had this not gone through.

Our 1st answer to our prayers came when my folks told us that they would make sure it works out - lend us money, buy our place if they need to, etc... the 2nd answer came with our banker calling saying "we'll make it work, fear not". Our 3rd answer came on the way home when I got a call (I pulled over to answer it, don't worry) from our Realtor saying everything was settled and her financing was in place, and it was all good.

So said and done we had a stressful afternoon for nothing, but that people stepped up to the plate for us like they did means so much to us. Thanks again Mom.

And then we came home and Duncan and I made cupcakes and cookies and then Mom and Grandma Mac asked if I could come out for dinner, and we went for Greek, and now it is 10:12 and time to go to bed. The end.

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Tanya Baron said...

It's awesome when people step up and pray for you. What a difference it makes to yor day! I know God's listening no matter how many people pray, small or large, but the support is awesome.