Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I stole Bubble Bath

I stole a bottle of SpiderMan bubble bath from Superstore yesterday.

Of course it was totally accidental, and once I realized it I turned around, went back into the store, told them what I had done and went to pay for it. What's funny is they were surprised that a. I told them and b. went to pay for it. I guess they lose a lot of merchandise that way, but perhaps it's an oddity that someone actually realizes their mistake and takes care of it? Makes you realize how easy it is to steal something. Of course had I done it on purpose I would have looked guilty, but not having known I'd done it (it fell to a hard to see area on the stroller), of course I didn't look guilty. Because I wasnt!

Otherwise, we're doing well. Having a good week with the kids. Very laid back. Our friend and her two little boys were supposed to come over today, but her smaller one was sporting a fever and we agreed it was better to not risk spreading whatever it was he has. So we had an open day, and quite enjoyed it.

Evidence Duncan is my son (not that we had any wonder about, but anyhow) tonight around 8:00 he announced that it was time for his nap, and got ready to march upstairs to brush his teeth. When I was a kid I would say to Mom "I'm sleepy, I'm going to bed now" and off I would go. I have always liked my sleep! Apparently he does too. I just hope Cordie enjoys sleeping too. I can pretty much rely on Duncan to sleep until about 7 AM. Now. I was reading Tanya's post about Warren being up silly early one morning, and I remember those days Tanya! I remember when us taking turns to get up early meant 5 AM. Duncan moved beyond it, let's hope Warren does too.

We got tickets to go see the Wiggles! WooT! I joined the Wiggles fan club (free) and so we got a presale code. At 1st I thought it was at an outdoor stadium... in October... in the fall... in Vancouver... actually I think it's Thanksgiving weekend, but that usually means rain and I was thinking "Why on earth would they book a kids concert at an outdoor stadium in October?!" but then I realized it's at the arena, not the stadium, and so it's all good. We got decent tickets. We didn't try for floor, or 1st row or anything b/c I don't think Duncan needs that, and it cost us less, but we're in a row 4 in the stands, so not too bad.

Cordie is doing well. She's a total doll. A really good little girl who loves to chatter and smile. She also loves Duncan, and Duncan loves her. I know that won't always be that way. I expect them to fight like my brother Sean and I did growing up, but hopefully they'll get over that. Anyhow, that's then. This is now.

Duncan is also doing well. Starting preschool in 3 weeks. I think he's going to enjoy it. He is such a great little boy. A total joy. His words and speaking are just growing by leaps and bounds now. It is so much fun to actually have conversations with him, ask questions and get answers, have him ask questions and know he understands the answer... I admit I'm enjoying each stage for what it is. I don't sit around wishing that they could be this way forever and never grow up, but I don't wish away the time either. I know people do. It's too bad for them.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer TV

We don't tend to rent/watch many movies. To get through the summer we tend to catch up on tv shows from the past season that perhaps we had not watched yet. Thanks to the beauty of Windows Media Centre, which acts as our PVR, we can do this...with no commercials!

So this summer we started by watching the Mentalist. Loved it. It took a while for the main character to grow on me, but he did. Then we switched to Fringe. It's a bit of a switch to go from the Mentalist to Fringe, but within a few episodes we were hooked. Now we've been watching Season 1 and 2 of Chuck. We LOVE Chuck. What a great show. It's geeky and clever and while light hearted also intensely serious at times. I understand that it was almost cancelled by NBC, despite it's solid ratings... go figure. You know, the networks are so dense at times. I honestly think that when something is not mainstream it is more likely to be considered for being axed, even if it does well.

Starting in October Stargate Universe also starts down in the states. We're huge Stargate fans, so I'm looking forward to this show. This past year we also watched Castle - another really enjoyable show, and Dollhouse. Not as big of a fan of Dollhouse - although I love Joss Whedon and think he's brilliant, but we'll keep with it.

We also watch CSI (the original Vegas one), and of course my addiction American Idol when it is on. So tell me, what show do you really love that you think we should start watching?

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Last night we went for our 1st date in... I honestly can't even remember the last time we went out together.

1st about last night. As I noted a few days ago we had our 9th anniversary and so Theresa, the rock star that she is, said she'd watch the kids. Cordie has been pretty fussy in the afternoons and evenings due to teething. (She's 3 months old today!) I think we're a ways away from teeth poking through, but poor girl, it's driving her nuts. I caved and went and bought her a Sophie the Giraffe to knaw on. She seems to like it so far. I feel like such a Yuppie Mom.

Anyhow, we decided to go to the Buffalo Club which just opened a few months ago about 1/2 a block away from us (stumbling distance). Incidentally, my brother and his crew did all the tiling for that place and the liquor store downstairs. Looks really nice! I had a few Cosmos, Bill had some Guiness, we share cheese fries, Bill had steak for supper and I had chicken pasta w/ Irish soda bread, with a glass of white zinfandel. We decided no to dessert b/c nothing on the dessert menu appealed to us. Anyhow, when we were done there was a comment card and it asks if we want to join the anniversary club. Our waitress explained that you can get $25 off your bill when you sign up for emails. We explained we were actually there for our anniversary and she says "lets see what we can do". A few minutes later the manager came over and said they were taking care of our drinks for us. Asparagus!! So that made a wonderful evening even more wonderful!

Cordie did wake up while we were gone but Theresa is more than capable, so it was fine. We actually weren't gone that long. Not that we rushed home, but we were just done. We were going to go for a walk but my shoes were giving me a blister.

Now, as to not going on dates much... we just don't. Even before we had kids it wasn't something we did. We usually get some good time together in the evenings after the kids are in bed, so we don't really think in terms of "a break from the kids" or anything like that. But we really enjoyed going out and decided we'll start trying to go out at least once a month. I know "they" say you should have date night once a week, even if going for a walk, but we'll work up to that, okay?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday misc

No creative title here.

Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary. Yay! I think we've already beat significant odds by being married this long! Let's pray it is many, many more.

In the morning the kids and I went to visit Tanya and Warren at their new digs. It was a wonderful day! Thanks again for having us over Tanya. Duncan was telling Bill all about his day, and Warren and Tanya... all the way home "where's Warren?" "Warren is napping honey". And we had a blast at the Variety park. We'll def. need to go there again - this time with sunblock, and a bit earlier before lunch so he can have a bit more time to run around. I'm just loading up a small video to FB of Duncan on the roller slide. Boy, did he loved that one.

We didn't go out in the evening for our anniversary. We're going on Saturday instead and Theresa is going to watch the kids. This will be our 1st time going out with no kids since Cordie was born. Mainly b/c I'm nursing and you don't want to go too far afield when she might end up needing you. See in the morning, say on the weekend, I can go for an hour or two - shopping or whereever - after she's eaten b/c she tends to nap much more in the morning than in the evening. But in the evening she cluster feeds, and so I'm not quite sure how that will go. Bill gave her a bottle on Tuesday night (1st time) and that went well, so I am sure everything will be okay. We're going for dinner a block away at a new place, so if worst comes to worst I can be home in 5 minutes walking.

Today I went over the bridge to Langley and had coffee with Theresa and then poked around the new office a bit. Visited with my supervisor - you know, kiss up a little. *grin*. While I was there another coworker also on mat leave showed up with her baby, so that was neat to see them. Mine's cuter *grin*.

Then we were off to the Passport office in Surrey. Surrey is big. I don't think about it much b/c I don't go there often, but it's just a bit place with lots of streets. Anyhow, I missed my turn, so got my handy google map reference (aka Bill) on the phone and he got me straightened out. The actual time at the office was good. I was in and out of the building in 50 minutes and that included changing Cordie 2x and nursing her once. So we'll get the passport in a few weeks. We're not going away or anything, but it's just nice to have.

Duncan has been fighting naps and night time. What it comes down to is that he's having far too much fun and doesn't want the day to end. So I think we're going to need to introduce a cool down period about half an hour before bed. No tv - just books, or playing trains or something quiet. We'll see. Darn us for being such awesome parents. *sigh* Oh the weight of the world...

Nancy - sounds like you guys are settling in just awesome. What kind of business does Jon run? You guys are so good about getting out with them to parks and fairs and festivals and stuff.

Alright, it's 9:30 and Bill is gaming tonight so I think I'll pack up and head to bed. I think both kids are asleep now. Good night.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday morning

Hi everyone! I keep meaning to post and tell you about our week at the cabin, but I just haven't taken the time yet. I will. We had a lot of fun.

D is at daycare today so I have some cleaning to do, and want to get C's passport picture done today if I can. Tomorrow Andrea and Meaghan are coming over and on Wed we're going to see Tanya and Warren and check out the new digs.

Have a good week! Nancy, I'm enjoying reading all about your move and everythings. So even though you think it makes for a boring read, I actually don't think so. We love that your new neighbours actually brought you fresh chocolate chip cookies as a welcome. It's both awesome and cliche :)