Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer TV

We don't tend to rent/watch many movies. To get through the summer we tend to catch up on tv shows from the past season that perhaps we had not watched yet. Thanks to the beauty of Windows Media Centre, which acts as our PVR, we can do this...with no commercials!

So this summer we started by watching the Mentalist. Loved it. It took a while for the main character to grow on me, but he did. Then we switched to Fringe. It's a bit of a switch to go from the Mentalist to Fringe, but within a few episodes we were hooked. Now we've been watching Season 1 and 2 of Chuck. We LOVE Chuck. What a great show. It's geeky and clever and while light hearted also intensely serious at times. I understand that it was almost cancelled by NBC, despite it's solid ratings... go figure. You know, the networks are so dense at times. I honestly think that when something is not mainstream it is more likely to be considered for being axed, even if it does well.

Starting in October Stargate Universe also starts down in the states. We're huge Stargate fans, so I'm looking forward to this show. This past year we also watched Castle - another really enjoyable show, and Dollhouse. Not as big of a fan of Dollhouse - although I love Joss Whedon and think he's brilliant, but we'll keep with it.

We also watch CSI (the original Vegas one), and of course my addiction American Idol when it is on. So tell me, what show do you really love that you think we should start watching?

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Nancy said...

I like all the shows you listed, though I've never seen Chuck. I've heard great things about it, as well as Mad Men, which we are getting from Netflix.

Burn Notice is a good one, about a spy who is blacklisted. Dr. Who is fun too. We also like Rescue Me, we usually happen to catch it when it's one but I did finally add it to the DVR.