Monday, February 22, 2010

Datebook February 22, 2010


Outside my window: gorgeous day today. A little cool this morning, but otherwise sunny and beautiful. I think it is supposed to rain the rest of the week though.

I am hearing: Olympics - waiting for the medal ceremony for ice dance.

I am thinking: honestly - I am thinking "okay, we'll watch the medal ceremony, then finish watching that episode of True Blood we were watching last night, finish my wine, go to bed, and hope Cordie sleeps well tonight..." Nothing too exciting going on upstairs in that head of mine!

I am hoping: we win more medals. Ha ha ha... that Cordie really, really feels better soon and starts sleeping through the night before I return to work.

I am reading: A Lion Among Men. Enjoying it too. Have you picked up the Wicked Years series?

I am creating: I finished one of my block of the month blocks, so I need to get to my February one for Marcie down in Louisiana. I'm making her a Saints themed block (Bill's idea, she loves it!)

I am wearing: purple t-shirt, purple track pants. Slippers that are dead, dead, dead.

In the kitchen: tonight was home made pizza. We're also having a pork chop and mushrooms dish one night, crock pot chicken drum sticks, goulash, and we'll decide more later in the week.

Plans for the week: Well today Cordie was going to have her 2nd half of her flu shots, but I really didn't want her to b/c she has a cold and is fussy as it is, and the last time she got her flu shot she was feverish and up half the night etc... And so I went to the appointment and it turns out they are out of H1N1 anyhow, and doctor agreed that it's okay to not get the other 1/2 of the regular flu shot as the regular flu is almost non existant this season. He did check her out though - it is just a cold, which I knew, but I just wanted to make sure she didnt' have an ear infection (which she doesn't). So we walked out of there with a relatively happy baby. The rest of the week. Ronnie will be visiting. Tanya and the boys will be visiting. Otherwise... the days will fill up with many of the things I need to be getting done!!

A few of my favourite things:  Duncan yelling "Go Canada Go!" to the tv while I was upstairs changing Cordie the other day. Cordie go, go, going. She is a determined little girl who loves to smile and laugh. It's awesome. And she has attitude, and she talks and talks and talks - and she is telling you something, but we don't know what it is yet. She is going to be trouble as she gets older, but that's okay. :)

A picture thought:
Us at the Olympics.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


We had just fantastic weekend.

First, I need to say though, Cordie has a nasty cold and so that has made it a bit tougher in some respects. Poor girl is just so full of snot, and hates to have her nose wiped. And she's teething. Poor girl. She was up 1/2 the night last night. Add that I was gone 1/2 the day on Saturday (the longest I've been away from her) and she did not want to let me out of her sight today.  She is supposed to go for part 2 of her flu shots (both H1N1 and regular) tomorrow, but I might post pone it again and just ask the doctor to check her over because we're worried maybe she has an ear infection. She's been pulling on them, but that could just be due to teething.

So, back to Friday. As the Olympics are on the local commuter train has added trains (normally 5 in in the morning, and 5 out at night) and so we decided to take advantage of Bill's day off and surprise Duncan with a ride on the train. We bought tickets early (thank goodness, the crowds were crazy) and Duncan thought we were all just there to look at the train. When it pulled up Bill says "Hey Duncan, do you want to ride on the train?" You should have seen his face light up. They hopped on the train and I left with Cordie to drive to a stop about 15-20 minutes away and meet them. As I'm leaving one of the employees says she's be surprised if the train even stops at other stations b/c the train was so full it  couldn't take on more people. I thought eek! That would make a bit of an adventure to get the boys back home again, but it all worked out. I picked them up (we met up exactly, I saw the train pulling in as I was driving up), popped over to the mall real quick, and then came back home.

Saturday was our big Olympic adventure. Needless to say, we had an awesome time. The atmosphere in Vancouver was just so great. Sure there were crowds and lines, but everyone was so laid back about it, and it was so well organized to keep people moving. It was wonderful to see Gosia, who gave us the tickets to the game. She said it was for all the years we had her over for Thanksgiving dinner. The game was fun. We didn't have time to pop down to see the cauldron, which is too bad, but as mentioned, it was the longest I'd been away from Cordie, and while I brought my breast pump we decided, not knowing how long it would take us to get back home after the game, to just head on out. As it was we made awesome time getting home. We got some take out Greek, and for my parents too as Mom watched the kids all afternoon and evening.

Speaking of which, the kids were awesome for her. Not too surprising. At least we knew Duncan would be super well behaved - and he was. They watched the hockey game on tv, but we were kind of in a camera dead zone, so they never saw us. I was a little worried for Cordie though. Pumping hadn't been producing anything, and so we went the way of formula. She drank a bit of it. I'm glad we had that options for Mom though b/c I have a feeling if we hadn't she would have been screaming the whole time we were gone.

And then today is my Mom's birthday! We did end up missing church as I was up with Cordie 1/2 the night, and so Bill, bless him, let me sleep in. Anyhow, we went to Mom and Dad's this afternoon for food, and cake, and watch the sucky hockey game *grin*. Everyone except my brother Sean was there too, so nice to see the family. Duncan's cousin Erik, who is almost 10, is just awesome at playing with Duncan, so it's kind of nice to not have to entertain him the whole time.

So it was just a really neat weekend. And one of those weekends where everything comes together the way you hope it will.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Datebook February 16, 2010

Today… from the home of the little girl who is 9-months old today!

Outside my window: It's dark, but it was quite clear out, I saw the moon, and it's not that cold. It's supposed to get up to 15 C later in the week!

I am hearing: Duncan's music. It seems quite loud tonight.

I am thinking: Not a whole lot.

I am hoping: Cordie sleeps longer than 2 hours at a time tonight. Duncan doesn't fuss going to Nikki's tomorrow.

I am reading: Would you believe I am 14 pages from the end of Echo?! Yes, after all this time it is almost done. I said to Bill my next few books will be shorter and paperback so they are a bit more portable. But you know, I've totally enjoyed it, and because it's like visiting old friends, I don't mind dragging it out a little because I know it will be a while before the next book comes out.

I am creating: Nothing. But I should be! I'm so poor with my time management lately it's crazy. Oh, I am working on my other blog. It doesn't look like much yet, but I'm learning how to make my own banner, button, etc... check out I'll let you know once something real is on there.

I am wearing: pj pants, brown t-shirt. Slippers that are barely hanging on to life.

In the kitchen: Um, tonight was steak, potatoes and green beans and peas. Last night was pasta and a yummy sausage/turkey pasta sauce. So, later this week we've got stuffed pastry chicken, lasagne, goulash, and other stuff I just can't bring to mind. But we do have a menu.

Plans for the week: Well it's Tuesday. Sorry about that. Tonight I had registration for next year's preschool. M, W, F for the boy. He's loving going there so that's a good thing. Tomorrow is MOPS, and seriously I'm considering not going because I'd like to get some stuff done around here, but I kind of feel like I paid for the year, so I should go. Otherwise... our big plans for the week... on Saturday we're going to an Olympic event!! Our awesome friend Gosia said she has 2 tickets for us to join her and her friend (she's in town from TO) and if we pay for snacks she'll pay for our tickets. So I called up my Mom looking for a sitter. "Mom, Gosia has offered us 2 tickets to go see a men's hockey game on Saturday afternooon..." "Yes I'll babysit!!!" LOL, I didn't even need to ask. My Mom rocks. Anyhow, so now the challenge is getting Cordie to drink milk from a bottle. I've been giving her water from a bottle, so she's getting used to that, but I have not been pumping at all and produce almost nothing when I do, so we'll see how that goes. I need to keep at it. We figure we'll be gone for about 8-hours total so if all else fails, formula? She's never had it before, so we'll see. Not a horrible option. Not like I'll quit nursing over it. Anyhow, I'm super excited to do something Olympics.

A few of my favourite things: Duncan singing with all his heart in church Sunday morning even though he didn't know the words or the tunes. And I know God didn't mind that either. It was just awesome.

A picture thought:
From gym time at the Leisure Centre last Friday morning.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Olympic Torch

Today the kids and I had the honour of seeing the Olympic torch run through our town.  Yes, I did say honour. For it or against it, it is likely something that will only happen once in our lives (unless it's not).

I wouldn't be surprised if in 50 years the Olympics aren't even around any more due to costs and controversy, and just the sheer task of pulling them off. Bill thinks there should be two permanent Olympic Islands - one for summer, one for winter, not associated with any specific country. I like that idea too. I'm sure Iceland is up for grabs. Oh, just kidding.

Whether you are pro-Olympics or anti-Olympics, the fact is the 2010 Winter Games start in Vancouver this coming Friday.  When I first heard that the Olympics were coming I'd said I wanted to take the time to Volunteer for it. I'm a bit of an Olympic junkie. But as life would have it, I have two amazing little children, and I just couldn't make myself available for volunteering. I have no regrets there. But oddly, as the games are going to affect a lot of people, I think seeing the Torch today was pretty much the extent of the games touching my life some how. I never go to Vancouver anymore. In fact I go weeks at a time now where I don't even leave town here. Something I'm quite content with. I guess 12 years working in downtown Vancouver has kind of done me in for big city life.

In a way it's a bit of a shame I'm not taking advantage of many of the free things available to people during the games. But based on past experience, I can pretty much guess that the horrors of dragging a 3-year old with no knowledge nor care of the Olympics, and a 9-month old baby through traffic, and transit with one hour waits, who need snacks, and naps and everything else, would far out weight an enjoyment such an event would hold.

And as for Bill and I getting a sitter and enjoying an event or concert? Same deal. Bill works in Vancouver and makes that trip every day. It's a personal little hell to make him doing it again when he's not working, and again with the traffic and waiting...not to mention that I'm nursing a little girl who has no interest in a bottle at this time.

And so I'll watch the games on tv like it was somewhere else in the world. I'll laugh quietly at how pretty our city looks - the kind of thing you sure don't appreciate when you're working there every day!!

On a little side note, it was rather humorous this morning when we went to see the torch. See, it was supposed to come into our town around 7 AM. I said forget it with getting the kids up that early and dragging them out to see it. I didn't think it was running by our place, and so I was planning on dropping Duncan off at daycare and then driving to another location quite near our home where the torch would be around 8:45 - a lot more reasonable time.

Bill's Aunt out in Newfoundland pointed me to the live feed that is always on of the torch as it is run through towns (her son is on the crew) and so as we're sitting in the kitchen having breakfast, I pulled the lap top out to watch the torch come through our town. And I'm noticing it's getting closer and closer. I didn't think it was coming this way. I looked for the route online real quick and realized it was going to be 1/2 a block away. So I said "Duncan! Do you want to go see the torch?!" And he said "Yeah!" "Quick get your boots!" "Quick Mom, I need ot get my boots on!" and we scrambled, locked the door, and ran down to the highway. (I felt kind of bad here though. Turned out only 1/2 of the traffic was blocked, and we were on the other side of the street, so I tried to cross the street but Duncan tripped in the middle. Oops! So I apologized to him and we just stood on the far side of the road - I think I looked like a pretty crappy Mom then!). And then a minute later here came the torch. We waved and cheered, and went home. Nice and quick like that. I don't think we were gone 10 minutes. I don't think many people have that luxury.

Datebook February 8, 2010

You know, I still keep accidentally typing 2009 before catching myself.


Outside my window: It's a beautiful sunny day! Considering how gray and foggy and rainy it was this morning, I'm rather surprised.

I am hearing: The Bonnie Hunt show. Cordie laughing and talking to her toys.

I am thinking: I did not get done near as much as I wanted today. Oh well.

I am hoping: my parents have a safe flight home from Hawaii tonight.

I am wondering: is it possible to get an iPod dock that we can play music off of one ipod but in two rooms? See we have lullaby music playing in Duncan's room at night. We'd like to do that for Cordie too, but I don't want to listen to 2 different kinds of music at the same time.

I am reading: Still "Echo" but I'm getting closer to done. Ronnie is reading her 3rd book of the year, and she is not a reader at all, so I keep joking that she's read more than I have, and we can't have that!

I am creating: I needing to make, hopefully tonight, my January block for the Block of the Month exchange I'm doing with my online quilters group. I also want to make a block to contribute to a friend who is making a quilt for a sick friend of hers. I finally have what I need to make some bibs for Cordie, so I want to make those too. I need to get to the fabric store and get material to make a quilt for our new nephew Oskar in Sweden. (Isn't that an awesome name? I love it!). And I almost have all the blocks for Cordie's quilt with contributions for my quilters group online, so that will be pretty quick in line too.

I am wearing: A black t-shirt and brown frumpy pants. I'll change back into jeans before I go grab Duncan.

In the kitchen: In no specific order:
  • tacos
  • ham and mashed sweet potatoes
  • chicken and rice casserole
  • braised chicken and baked broccoli
  • some other pasta dish

Plans for the week:Welll.... today we saw the Olympic torch (more about that in next post). Groceries. I was going to work on Jeff's stuff while Cordie was napping and then work out, but as it is, my workout was the grocery shopping I did wearing Cordie in the wrap and she decided not to nap. Right now she is rolling herself up in the floor mat. It's so funny. I'll try and post a video later.

Anyhow, tomorrow is field trip to the firestation with Duncan's school. I'm also bringing Brayden, so that will be fun. We'll be popping out to see my folks a bit later in the day. Thursday is the Valentines Day party at Duncan's school and I need to do up a fruit platter for that.  I was supposed to be in church nursery next Sunday, but someone asked me to switch, and I did it yesterday, so that's done. Of course there is swimming and Sportball on Saturday.

A few of my favourite things:Cordie rolling herself up in the floor mat. Cordie almost crawling. It's also scary.

A picture thought:
Puddle jumping

Monday, February 1, 2010

Datebook February 1, 2010

Crazy! February?!

Outside my window: dark and rainy and mild. Most. Boring. Winter. Ever.

I am hearing: Bill typing. Otherwise silence. Could it be Duncan actually fell asleep?

I am thinking: I need to get my act together.

I am hoping: Duncan stops playing these silly bedtime games.

I am reading: Hahaha... Echo. But I'm going to be ordering Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and a Gregory Maguire book, and something else from Chapters as I have a gift card.

I am creating: A blog? Lots of stuff still in pondering mode. I'm participating in a block of the month exchange with my online quilters group, so I need to get my January block done up and sent off.

I am wearing: pj pants and my black cat pirate t-shirt. Oh, and brown slippers that are falling apart.

In the kitchen: Check out my previous post.

Plans for the week: Well today I was off to see my brother and he sent me home with some stuff to do. I haven't asked for any money for what I'm doing, but I have a feeling it will come back to me in the way of some gorgeous new tile for our kitchen backsplash. Anyhow, so rest of the week, sort that stuff for Jeff, I'd like to lay some groundwork for my blog, keep working out every day. Not massive results on the weight loss, but I already feel better for being more active. MOPS on Wednesday. I believe we have a playdate on Friday from Duncan's friend from school.

A few of my favourite things:  Duncan having play dates. Cordie smiles and laughs. She is such an amazingly happy baby and when she smiles it reaches her eyes and they just sparkle. My kids are remarkable. My husband is too. He went back to work today, but it was nice having that two weeks together.

A picture thought:
Duncan has taken to creating living room wide train tracks. It's awesome.

Menu plan

I'll do my datebook post later.

Meals for this week...

Saturday was home made pizza
Sunday was beef fajitas
Monday is pork roast, scalloped potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, veggies
Tuesday - Polynesian Beef Skewers
Wednesday - Soy garlic chicken
Thursday - Sweet and Spicy Grilled Pork chops
Friday - take out? We'll see then!