Sunday, February 21, 2010


We had just fantastic weekend.

First, I need to say though, Cordie has a nasty cold and so that has made it a bit tougher in some respects. Poor girl is just so full of snot, and hates to have her nose wiped. And she's teething. Poor girl. She was up 1/2 the night last night. Add that I was gone 1/2 the day on Saturday (the longest I've been away from her) and she did not want to let me out of her sight today.  She is supposed to go for part 2 of her flu shots (both H1N1 and regular) tomorrow, but I might post pone it again and just ask the doctor to check her over because we're worried maybe she has an ear infection. She's been pulling on them, but that could just be due to teething.

So, back to Friday. As the Olympics are on the local commuter train has added trains (normally 5 in in the morning, and 5 out at night) and so we decided to take advantage of Bill's day off and surprise Duncan with a ride on the train. We bought tickets early (thank goodness, the crowds were crazy) and Duncan thought we were all just there to look at the train. When it pulled up Bill says "Hey Duncan, do you want to ride on the train?" You should have seen his face light up. They hopped on the train and I left with Cordie to drive to a stop about 15-20 minutes away and meet them. As I'm leaving one of the employees says she's be surprised if the train even stops at other stations b/c the train was so full it  couldn't take on more people. I thought eek! That would make a bit of an adventure to get the boys back home again, but it all worked out. I picked them up (we met up exactly, I saw the train pulling in as I was driving up), popped over to the mall real quick, and then came back home.

Saturday was our big Olympic adventure. Needless to say, we had an awesome time. The atmosphere in Vancouver was just so great. Sure there were crowds and lines, but everyone was so laid back about it, and it was so well organized to keep people moving. It was wonderful to see Gosia, who gave us the tickets to the game. She said it was for all the years we had her over for Thanksgiving dinner. The game was fun. We didn't have time to pop down to see the cauldron, which is too bad, but as mentioned, it was the longest I'd been away from Cordie, and while I brought my breast pump we decided, not knowing how long it would take us to get back home after the game, to just head on out. As it was we made awesome time getting home. We got some take out Greek, and for my parents too as Mom watched the kids all afternoon and evening.

Speaking of which, the kids were awesome for her. Not too surprising. At least we knew Duncan would be super well behaved - and he was. They watched the hockey game on tv, but we were kind of in a camera dead zone, so they never saw us. I was a little worried for Cordie though. Pumping hadn't been producing anything, and so we went the way of formula. She drank a bit of it. I'm glad we had that options for Mom though b/c I have a feeling if we hadn't she would have been screaming the whole time we were gone.

And then today is my Mom's birthday! We did end up missing church as I was up with Cordie 1/2 the night, and so Bill, bless him, let me sleep in. Anyhow, we went to Mom and Dad's this afternoon for food, and cake, and watch the sucky hockey game *grin*. Everyone except my brother Sean was there too, so nice to see the family. Duncan's cousin Erik, who is almost 10, is just awesome at playing with Duncan, so it's kind of nice to not have to entertain him the whole time.

So it was just a really neat weekend. And one of those weekends where everything comes together the way you hope it will.

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