Monday, February 22, 2010

Datebook February 22, 2010


Outside my window: gorgeous day today. A little cool this morning, but otherwise sunny and beautiful. I think it is supposed to rain the rest of the week though.

I am hearing: Olympics - waiting for the medal ceremony for ice dance.

I am thinking: honestly - I am thinking "okay, we'll watch the medal ceremony, then finish watching that episode of True Blood we were watching last night, finish my wine, go to bed, and hope Cordie sleeps well tonight..." Nothing too exciting going on upstairs in that head of mine!

I am hoping: we win more medals. Ha ha ha... that Cordie really, really feels better soon and starts sleeping through the night before I return to work.

I am reading: A Lion Among Men. Enjoying it too. Have you picked up the Wicked Years series?

I am creating: I finished one of my block of the month blocks, so I need to get to my February one for Marcie down in Louisiana. I'm making her a Saints themed block (Bill's idea, she loves it!)

I am wearing: purple t-shirt, purple track pants. Slippers that are dead, dead, dead.

In the kitchen: tonight was home made pizza. We're also having a pork chop and mushrooms dish one night, crock pot chicken drum sticks, goulash, and we'll decide more later in the week.

Plans for the week: Well today Cordie was going to have her 2nd half of her flu shots, but I really didn't want her to b/c she has a cold and is fussy as it is, and the last time she got her flu shot she was feverish and up half the night etc... And so I went to the appointment and it turns out they are out of H1N1 anyhow, and doctor agreed that it's okay to not get the other 1/2 of the regular flu shot as the regular flu is almost non existant this season. He did check her out though - it is just a cold, which I knew, but I just wanted to make sure she didnt' have an ear infection (which she doesn't). So we walked out of there with a relatively happy baby. The rest of the week. Ronnie will be visiting. Tanya and the boys will be visiting. Otherwise... the days will fill up with many of the things I need to be getting done!!

A few of my favourite things:  Duncan yelling "Go Canada Go!" to the tv while I was upstairs changing Cordie the other day. Cordie go, go, going. She is a determined little girl who loves to smile and laugh. It's awesome. And she has attitude, and she talks and talks and talks - and she is telling you something, but we don't know what it is yet. She is going to be trouble as she gets older, but that's okay. :)

A picture thought:
Us at the Olympics.

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