Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today March 2, 2010

Yeah I know I'm a little late. Oh well!

Outside my window: it's getting sunny now. It was spitting earlier. I brought Brayden too and from preschool with us today, and so Mom watched Cordie while I did that (thanks again Mom! (and she cleaned and put my groceries away too! My Mom rocks!)). Anyhow I was going to walk for the pick up portion of it but b/c it was rainy and cool and both Duncan and I have this cough, I decided to drive.

I am hearing: Rachel Ray.

I am thinking: I need to get the kids up. We're going to one of Duncan's friend's house for an afternoon playdate. I'm really glad Sarah (Dylan's Mom) and I get along and that we call each other to get the kids together to play. It's nice.

I am hoping: We can figure out our preschool problem. I'll post about that later. I'm hoping I can blog more. I'm hoping Cordie keeps sleeping through the night as she has the past 2 nights. Bless her!

I am reading: Both a Lion Among Men (bedside) and Unexpected Gifts by Holly Jacobs - that's the Harlequin Romance I won recently, and it's fun. Holly was very sweet to send it to me with a personal note inside and all.

I am creating: Nothing. I need to be! But I'm not.

I am wearing: jeans and green t-shirt

In the kitchen: So I won this subscription to this menu planning site, which is cool b/c it helps me think of new things to make, but at the same time, it makes my grocery list a mile long. So this week we've gone back to basics - burgers, tacos, tonight is a breakfast chicken and fries, also goulash, and shake and bake chicken. Groceries were still expensive but because it was one of those we ran out of everything weeks.

Plans for the week: well last night was preschool meeting. today we're going to Dylan'S house, tomorrow is MOPS, Friday morning Duncan is getting his haircut. It's spring break next week. I'm going to attempt potty training.

A few of my favourite things: Cordie learned how to clap and cheer watching us cheer for the Olympics. It's the cutest thing. Duncan learning how to jump and actually get his feet off the ground.

A picture thought:

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