Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Preschool update

It seems to me that since I made the decision I want to do a reviews and giveaways blog I have had no time to even think about it!! I still want to. I'll get there. But right now the kids are priority, especially since it is Spring Break.

So, an update on the whole preschool situation. Thanks to those of you how commented before. I did call the school to pull him for next year and they were surprisingly understanding and said they would get me all my cheques back to me. I'm happy about that. They said they only had 3 kids register new (aside from the 19 total returning). This only puts the school, which has no home, at about 1/3 capacity. What bothers me - among many things - is that, for example, they said they were advertising on Criagslist, but there is no ad on there since I think September of last year.

Now we need to find a new school. It has to be something on this side of town, reasonable price, etc etc... I have a few more I will be calling after Spring Break is over and finding out. I called on one last week but I didn't get a good vibe on them. I still think it's a shame we even need to do this.

On Friday I was talking to the friend of one of our current teachers, and they didn't know at all this was all coming. I feel so bad for them b/c they are great teachers.

Also on Friday afternoon one of the other Mom's was talking to us and asked if we'd rec'd the letter from the school basically indicating that if you had attended the meeting the week before you were agreeing to the extra money each money, and to the parents who didn't attend, that meant majority said everyone had to pay. This is getting a lot of backs up. Attending a meeting doesn't mean you agree to it. So now more people thinking of pulling the kids out, which makes me wonder again if the school will make it to the end of the year. I would like to see Duncan be there through June because he really does love it.

And finally on to the wine raffle. Well I called printshops to see if we could get free tickets and it kind of comes down to they have so much in sponsorship available each year and we didn't fit in that anymore. So I emailed the other people who said they would print up tickets themselves, but since it is spring break I don't think the fellow who said he would do it got the email yet, and we were hoping to have this all out on Monday.

It's just a mess. Thank goodness it's just preschool though!!

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