Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quick Catch Up

Hi friends!
Sorry I've not been blogging. I write blog posts in my head all the time, but lately spending time on the computer has not been a priority, so I haven't :)

So what's going on - and I'll try and expand on a few of these later - but here we go.

  1. Return to Work (or RTW as we call it at work) is in 5.5 weeks. Not too happy about it. But you know, need the money and all.
  2. I've enrolled Duncan in the Pre-K program at Maple Ridge Christian School
  3. At that, I still have not received my cheques back from the other preschool and think I might put a stop payment on them
  4. We're hoping to buy a house soon. But we need to get this place read to list. Our friends in our complex listed on the weekend and have already had two 2nd viewings - so when we're ready it might go quick. I already found the house I want, but I doubt it will still be available when we're ready to buy
  5. My computer seems to be acting up. Hermmmm.... perhaps time to do a back up? :)
And that's it! Going to watch Idol and enjoy some time with my husband!

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