Saturday, May 31, 2008

Can you keep an eye out

I'm looking for a small back yard Little Tikes-like slide/climber thing for Duncan. Our back yard is quite small, but I think it would be fun for him to have something to climb all over back there. I've been looking on craigslist, I've been searching garage sales, but they are in such high demand used, I'm not having much "luck" (I don't believe in luck, but it's the best word here). We're willing spend I'd say $35-$75 dollars (after all it is used) and I don't mind scrubbing it down to get it clean. We just don't want to drop $200+ on one...well heck we don't have $200 to drop on a new one :) So if you come across something and think it's what I have in mind, please let me know! I don't need to leave my contact info here because if you're local you know how to reach me anyhow.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I took a day off

I was sitting at work yesterday morning and just not wanting to be there. Bill had already decided he'd keep Duncan home on Friday so I thought "I'm going to ask if I can take a vacation day tomorrow." Well it all worked out and so not only did the rest of the day go quick (suddenly had a lot to get done), but I have today off! One advantage to having stuck with the company for so many years - vacation time! :)

It's been a nice day! Duncan is in a super good mood - I think because we're both home. He was up early, but that's okay. I made waffles for breakfast (I know, not weight watcher friendly), and after a bit he went back down for a nap. We went to Coquitlam Centre later to run some errands (I'm looking for a Wii Fit), back home again... Oh Bill and I cleaned up the back yard finally so Duncan can get out there, and he seems quite happy he can. Of course we need to lock the cats up when he's wandering in and out of the house, but we can deal with that.

Duncan and I popped out to visit Oma at work, and then came home and Opa was coming by. Well let me tell you the squeal of glee he let out when he saw Opa... My Dad got the biggest grin on his face getting that kind of reception. It was sweet. Anyhow, Dad was bringing the piano by... so we have a piano! Now I need a piano bench, but still, I'm excited... so are Bill and Duncan. Going to be noisy for a bit until the novelty wears off for Roo. :) Well Bill too. :)

Swimming in the morning, errands in afternoon, Peanut's big reveal Saturday night. Sunday I'm in charge of coffee at church (with other people). Hoping to go out to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon, but we'll see how the day goes. And I think Mom is baby sitting Duncan one evening next week and we'll go see Indiana Jones.

Well I hope everyone else has as pleasant of a day as we are. Have a great weekend and I'll see some of you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good news!

Bill went to the doctor today and his eye is really getting better. The inflammation is going down and he can taper the drops he has been taking and should be back to work on Monday. Bill said yesterday and today had already been much better - no pain etc... but it's good to hear. It's been a hard few weeks on him so I can already tell his spirits are lifted. Thank you to everyone who had been praying for healing for him - it worked!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zenith 1234

Okay, this is interesting to me.

As you would probably guess the conversation during our commutes can go all over the place. Usually it's down right silly, but we also reminisce a lot, and the other day I was mentioning the old Zenith 1234 commercials. Neither Bill nor Ronnie had any idea what I was talking about.

So I looked it up. This was developed back in the days with rotary phones and not having a "Z" on the phone. You call the Operator and ask for Zenith 1234 and she would put you through. I remember it being a children's help line.

It turns out it still is! If you call the operator (at least in BC) and ask for Zenith 1234 you will get connected with Ministry of Children and Families. I just found it interesting is all.

Not into it today

I've actually had a fabulously productive morning but I am not into it today! It's the kind of day where you work hard to make the day go fast, not because you're wanting to be there.

I'm so excited they opened a new Starbucks downtown!! *grin* I now have 7 literally within one block of where I am sitting. How sad! What's even more sad is that they all do steady business.

We're thinking of getting our windows replaced. They don't have to be, but they aren't high quality and we need to get the sliding door done, so we might go ahead and do it all. We need to write strata and what not 1st, but it would be good.

Bill came into town yesterday to chat with his boss and what not. Work is being really good about him being off. Bill decided to check his email while he was there and it just confirmed that he literally can not work right now. I think that was good for him because it takes away some of the guilt of missing work. There is a difference between saying you can't work and going and trying and confirming it. We went for lunch together and then he met Roc in the afternoon. It was good he got out of the house, but the sunlight was really harsh for him. Next doctor's appointment is tomorrow.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The weekend

Well our systems are down at work, so I figured I'd take a minute and blog.

Random things:
I decided to try the Crystal Light Single Serving Mix - Pink Lemonade. It's actually not bad! Maybe my body is adjusting to artificial sweetener - saying well if it is the only way I'm going to get sweet stuff... I'm generally not a fan of things like aspartame, Splenda, etc...

We had a great weekend. Duncan and I had the privilege of meeting Warren. What a sweet boy. Cute too! Duncan was a little jealous when Mommy was holding him, but Duncan will need to adjust when Mommy and Daddy decide to have another baby.

Sunday afternoon Duncan and I hung out with Theresa on her back patio. Duncan discovered dirt for himself... so he was having a good time there.

I'm trying contact lenses again. I wore them for years and years, but lately haven't found any comfortable ones. But I had some sample packs so I'm trying those and right now, 3rd day in a row, it's going pretty good. I find by the evening I'm done with them - eyes are too dry, but it will certainly be easier than Duncan grabbing my glasses all the time!

Have a good Monday everyone!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ants and baby Powder

In answer to several of your questions/comments - ants, at least the little ones, can't walk across really fine substances - like baby powder. Now we ran out, so I also tried baking soda, but it was not where near as effective. I'll need to pick up more baby powder this weekend I think. Jennifer - same idea as what Hope said about crossing chalk. Let me see if I can find something about it online... hang on here... *pokes around the internet*... I know it's here somewhere...

Okay before I go on... looking at this it says at the bottom that most baby powders don't contain the substance that makes ants go away any more. However I use Johnsons and Johnsons (or whatever brand I happen to have) and it does seem to keep them away.

Mint plants are very very invasive. So be careful if you plant them - they will take over your garden.

The soapy water solution sounds confusing to me.

Read on!

How to Get Rid of Ants

Few pests are harder to get rid of than ants once they've established themselves in your home. Sprays and baits don't always work (and they aren't safe if you have young children, pets or chemical allergies). Here's an alternative, using common baby powder. This method comes from a kitchen staffer at an upscale, pesticide-free restaurant.


  1. Follow the trail of ants to determine where they are entering the home. Locate the hole, making sure that you've found them all.
  2. Apply Diatomaceous earth, which is available at most convenience stores as baby powder, to the holes or cracks which the ants are using to enter the home. The ants on either side will not cross the line of baby powder. Ants that come in contact with the powder will die almost immediately.
  3. Check to see that the ants are no longer using the hole. If they are, apply more baby powder and check the trail to be sure you found the right hole in step two.If the ants are no longer using the hole and they start to scramble around, you've broken the chain of ants leading from the colony into your home.
  4. Kill the remaining ants by sprinkling the baby powder on them. After they're dead, sweep away the ants and excess powder.


  • DO NOT DISTURB THE ANTS! This will only irritate and they'll move somewhere else in the home.
  • Make sure to leave an adequate amount of baby powder around the entrance the ants have been using, so they don't return the next day.
  • Try mixing baking soda and icing sugar in equal parts and leave it in small piles. Some people say this won't work, but keep at it and you'll see your ant population shrinking.
  • A natural remedy for ant problems is to fill a spray with water and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Spray this wherever you see ants,and they will soon go elsewhere.
  • Another option is to leave piles of borax crystals around your property.
  • For grassy areas, try adding 1/4 cup liquid dish washing soap (Dawn is the best) to a 5 gallon bucket of water. Fill the bucket half way then add the soap. Do this on the grass and about 4-6 feet uphill from the ant hole. Let the suds spill out as you fill the bucket. Once the bucket is full then you can slowly pour the soapy water (hold bucket about 6 inches off the ground while pouring) around the hole (no more than a 3 foot radius or you'll be too far out to saturate the ground well enough) working inwards toward the hole. Finishing off with some of the soapy water directly in the ant hill. This won't hurt the grass and when the ants breathe in (to hold their breath because of the water) they get soap bubbles, which will block their air supply. You can use this soapy water technique for the breaks in sidewalks and cracks in driveways and other such areas. (I believe the thing about breathing soap is incorrect. Instead, the soap "softens" the surface tension of the water so that a droplet can envelop an ant. Did you ever see an ant walk beside a drop of water on a hard surface?)
  • Once your house is ant free, there are simple money efficient ways to keep them out. Sprinkling coffee grounds (buy a cheap brand for this) around your house prevents ants from coming into your home, as they wont pass the grounds. Another easy way to keep them out is to soak a long piece of string in peppers or cinnamon.
  • Planting mint plants along the side of your house will keep ants at bay.
  • Most baby powders no longer contain Diatomaceous earth.


  • Like most powders and dusts, be careful to use the baby powder in a room with some type of ventilation.
  • If you opt for the borax solution, be extremely careful. Borax is a very strong poison; you should wear gloves when using it, and not place it in a high traffic area.
  • When soaking string in pepper be careful to wash your hands, contact with eyes or sensitive areas could be potentially hazardous.
  • Trust your instincts. If you think you can't handle the problem on your own, call a professional.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Totally misc stuff

We have ants. YUCK! I hate it when ants get in the house. I find that using the baby powder or baking soda trick does it 99% of the time (we have one small boy and two cats, not too keen on using poison in the house), but it's a matter of finding out where they are coming in and doing something about it. We think we found the spot though, so we just need to watch carefully.

Eating healthy is time consuming, and bulky. At the advice of my WW leader, I'm rather trying the core system from WW (which really isn't that bad!) and trying to snack on proteins instead of carbs (I'm a carb head). However my salad takes quite some time to assemble each night, and takes 3 separate containers to transport. I make a tuna salad with salsa and yellow mustard, then I put together a lettuce and spinach, cucumber and shredded carrots part, and then tomatoes, beets and corn. It all gets mixed very nicely together at work (and is maybe 2 or 3 points for the whole shebang), but my lunch bag is massive!

I'm going to go to work early tomorrow and try to get some stuff done.

Bill, Duncan and I are really looking forward to meeting Warren this weekend.

I think I need to go to bed. Good night!

America Got It Right!

David Cook won American Idol! I was actually surprised, but super thrilled. David really is a talented guy, has an amazing voice and he is going to go on to have an excellent career. Congratulations!

In other news, Bill is going to be off work at least through Monday due to his eye. I nagged him (yes, I admit it! I nagged him!) into going to see our GP Wednesday, and he in turn got Bill in to see the specialist right away. The appointment was supposed to be for today, but I'm glad they got him in. Now the really, really icky part... they had to stick a needle in his eye! EWW! Actually he said it wasn't near as bad as you'd think it would be (I imagine it being quite bad). I think it was a cortisone shot, so kind of an uber-dose, vs. the drops Bill has been taking. So the doctor says it should respond quite quickly now. Follow up appointment on Monday. Please pray for Bill because it is a. rather painful b. really frustrating! He hates being stuck at home and having to miss work - although his work is being awesome about it. Not that we're surprised at that, but it makes it easier.

Duncan, as always, it a sweet heart. I love my boy. I got greeted yesterday afternoon with lots of kisses, hugs and snuggles. :D He really is a sweet, sweet boy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Finale

So it comes to another end - American Idol Season finale is tonight. They are handing it to David Archuleta - although David Cook is a phenomenal musician, and I really look forward to seeing what he is going release. It's funny because the producers of the show still very much push who they want to win. David A. is a really, really talented kid, and he has been consistently an excellent singer this entire season. My problem is I couldn't imagine listening to an entire cd of him. David Cook - in a heart beat. I'm a fan of Daughtry, but he's more talented than Chris, and I really look forward to more music from him. And he's easy on the eyes.

And do pretty much the one television show I follow at all any more (is any one else bored with tv?) is done. So now I'll be watching nothing! Not that this is really a problem - I think part of the reason I don't watch more tv is because I'm busy with other things in life, like a cute little boy :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Freecycle Rocks! (and other things)

Freecycle is the best! Okay, I know a lot of people already know this, but if you haven't, and you don't mind used items, check out your local freecycle group.

This weekend I received both the card game "Killer Bunnies" which Chris has been wanting to play, and I responded to a post for "Quilting fabric, craft books, and a quilting frame". So on the way out to John and Amy's yesterday we stopped to pick up the quilting stuff, and it was loads of fabric! Bill had to stop me from going through it all with glee right there in the people's driveway. I'm attaching pictures, but I just need to say I am so tickled by this. A quilter can never have too much fabric in her stash (especially when it's free!), despite what her husband (Bill) might say *grin*.

On that note, I am freecycling a pair of lazy boy recliner/love seat type chairs. I'm attaching a picture. If you want them, you need to come get them, but they need to go soon. Mom and Dad are redoing their bedroom (it's going to look awesome!) and my piano no longer fits, so after all these years the piano is coming home. It needs a lot of work, but since it needs to sit here for about a month 1st, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. And for those people wondering, no I don't really play the piano. I like to fiddle on it, but I don't perform :) But Bill wants to learn and we hope Duncan will be interested too.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our weekend so far

Happy Long weekend! I hope people are getting out and enjoying the nice weather. We're doing good here. Today was Amy's baby shower, which was fun. Worked out really well - sandwiches from Safeway, fruit and veggies from Costco - simple and good. I did duck out early though b/c I've barely seen Duncan all weekend and wanted to get some good Roo time in.

The rest of the weekend is pretty laid back too. We were going to go visit Warren and his Mommy and Daddy tomorrow, but that might not pan out (not due to having to change the time Tanya! I'll email you!). And we're getting together with friends from prenatal class on Monday - been a while since we got together. This whole work thing is interfering with my social life :)

Anyhow, it's late and I should go wake Boo from his late nap. Have a good day!

Google Analytics

So learning more about blogger, I was looking at how I could look up the ever fun "statistics". Google recommends a number of programs, and so I went with Google Analytics - kind of fun! Basically gives you all the information you need plus a bunch of other stuff you don't, which is also very interesting. So if you've moved your blog and want to know this stuff, check the program out.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pay it Forward

We had a small pay it forward moment last night. We were at the Tim Hortons Drive Thru and went we got up to pay they informed us that the person in front of us had paid for our coffee already. How nice is that?! I don't remember recognizing the car, so it really does appear to be random. So at that, we paid for the coffee of the fellow behind us. (It was still cheaper than our two!).

Otherwise, how is everyone? I know Tanya and Andre are busy with Warren. I look forward to meeting him! I need to email them this morning. Ronnie and I were in super early this morning, but getting lots done, so that's good.

Bill's iritis has flared again, so that sucks for him. He has a flex day today and is home with Roo. I think there will be much playing outside today because it is such a glorious day!

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh boy is this a great idea!

Maybe I shouldn't post about it before I check into the possibility, but I had a good idea!

I was chatting with Mom today and she was saying that my Dad has been thinking he should get a small car to putter around town in because due to the cost of gas, driving his Silverado is starting to cost an arm and a leg, and often he's just going to meet his buddy for coffee or something, but it almost costs $10 in gas just to get there and back.

At the same time it's starting to come up a bit more, especially on weekends, that it's too bad we don't have a second car to putter around with. During the week it doesn't matter, but on the weekends as more plans are made it can be a bit of a pain. For example this Saturday is Amy's baby shower, and I'll be gone almost all day with the car, leaving Bill and Duncan without. Now it's probably not even going to be a problem, but I don't like doing that to them. In addition with my upcoming Quilt Shop Hop I was going to rent a car for the weekend, but Rhonda has graciously said maybe I could borrow their 2nd one just for the few days, unless she comes along, at which we'd be using that one anyhow.

So it occurs to me - we should buy a second car with my parents. It would be perfect. We could use it on the weekends, Dad can have it during the week. Doesn't need to be fancy, but until such a time when we get a mini van or SUV in a few years (I want a mini van okay?) it would be perfect. And how environmentally sound would that be?!

Anyhow, I need to run the idea by Bill, and Mom will need to chat with Dad about it, at an opportune time (I'll leave that up to her)... but pretty smart 'eh?

What do you all think?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fantastic weekend!

Well we're home, in really round about way from Whidbey Island. What a fantastic weekend!

First let me say thank you again to Chris and Ronnie (although more Ronnie because Chris had to work, although I'm sure he would have preferred to have been home!) for taking Duncan for the weekend. Although absurd to many parents out there, it took us a while to build up to the "leave the kid with someone else for the weekend" stage. It might come naturally to some people, but not us. While it was nice to get "us" time, it was certainly not because we needed a break from Duncan. But it was also good for him to try it out. Ronnie says over all he did awesome, although he didn't sleep well last night- he was quite restless, and probably b/c he missed Mommy and Daddy.

So, we took off Friday morning and stopped at Bellis Faire for some shopping (yay shopping!). It was good to get some of that stuff done, although we ended up heading out from the mall later than planned.

We got to the cabin around 5 PM after stopping for groceries on the way. What a fantastic little place. I would recommend this cabin to anyone and Sandy who owns the place has is to nicely decorated and well stocked. I can not think of a single thing that we needed that they did not have. We made dinner that night instead of going out. In the morning Bill made me pancakes (thanks dear!) and then we sat on the back deck, which looks over the water, and drank our coffee and read.

Around 11 Am we headed into town where there was a Farmers Market going on. We ended up buying several paintings from a local artist - just gorgeous work, and very affordable! We gave one to Mom for Mother's Day and are going to have one framed for our living room. We felt so adult - we bought art! We then wandered around Coupeville for a bit, and then took some sandwiches back to the cabin for lunch. We read, vegged, watched some awful movies on tv, and then took a walk along the beach. Instead of going out for dinner, we decided to get take out (we're not really restaurant people when it's the two of us) and finally watched the Simpsons Movie which we'd bought a while back. Spider pig Spider pig...

This morning we were up and on our way pretty early. One thing about the cabin was that the bed was almost too soft for us, so we didn't sleep well. And since we were missing our boy we decided to get on our way. We were home before 11! Just worked out well with the drive, the border line up, the Albion Ferry.

After grabbing Duncan we spent the afternoon at Mom and Dad's for Mother's Day. It was a nice and relaxing afternoon.

We took tomorrow off. yay!

Tanya and Andre - we're thinking of you both tonight and wish you a happy and healthy delivery of Peanut. I look forward to good news tomorrow. God bless you.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Go figure

This stomach bug that hit me the other day is not letting up!! I am so tired this morning, even walking up the stairs totally drained my energy. But I had to come in today as we're off Friday and Monday. Looking forward to that!! This weekend is going to be nice! Even if it is raining all day Saturday.


does this work?

If you do the hokey pokey, and you turn yourself about, it turns out *that's* what it's all about!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Okay already!

I've moved my blog. Partly because everyone else was doing it, but also I agree with the reasons - having to log in to comment etc... So here you are!