Saturday, May 31, 2008

Can you keep an eye out

I'm looking for a small back yard Little Tikes-like slide/climber thing for Duncan. Our back yard is quite small, but I think it would be fun for him to have something to climb all over back there. I've been looking on craigslist, I've been searching garage sales, but they are in such high demand used, I'm not having much "luck" (I don't believe in luck, but it's the best word here). We're willing spend I'd say $35-$75 dollars (after all it is used) and I don't mind scrubbing it down to get it clean. We just don't want to drop $200+ on one...well heck we don't have $200 to drop on a new one :) So if you come across something and think it's what I have in mind, please let me know! I don't need to leave my contact info here because if you're local you know how to reach me anyhow.


PrincessButtercup said...

I will certainly keep my eyes open for you because I do understand the value of having climby things for the kids and the fact that paying the whole amount for one is yucky cause 1)they grow out of them too fast and 2)they are SO scrubbable.

Andi said...

I have been thinking the same thing or one of those water play table things, but they are so expensive new!