Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome Siena!

Well that went quick, and we are just thrilled for John and Amy at Siena's quick arrival. Amy called me at 2:30 PM to say she was on her way to the hospital, dialated 5 cm. John called around 5:30 to say she started pushing at 3:15 and Siena was born at 3:55 PM - so fast! That's awesome. I'm sure it was quite painful, but at least not drawn out. We hope to stop over on the way home tonight and say hello quick. But John and Amy we're really, really happy for you and welcome you in to the amazingly awarding world of parenting.

In other news - I'm a quitter. I QUIT WEIGHT WATCHERS. Okay. I said it. This is not necessarily a good thing, but you know my heart was not into it and although I was mostly following the plan and what not I was not doing everything I should and therefore have not been as successful as I would like. It's my own fault and I don't blame WW for not working, but I figure why pay them when I'm not doing it anyhow. Of course I'll continue to try and eat proper and exercise and drink my water and all. I do still want to lose weight, but I was starting to feel this constant guilt and anxiety over everything I was eating - good for me or not - and that's not cool. So there you go. Oh, and I had 4 coupons left so they are going to mail me a cheque for those, which is good. If I can get my hands on one, that money is going towards a Wii Fit.

It's Bill's birthday on Friday. We'll be going out to the Baron's in the afternoon so Bill can finally meet Warren. That's going to be awesome. Oh, Tanya, Bill, it turns out, also has the day off, so I'll make the dessert at home before we head out. Is there anything else we can bring? I think we'll probably leave around 3:00 before counterflow goes in at the Pitt Bridge.


Tanya said...

I can't think of anything else we'll need for Friday night. Just come! We'll see you when you get here!

PrincessButtercup said...

Well, CONGRATS to John and Amy and welcome Siena!

I think that WW teaches you good habits that you can take home with you so IMHO, Congrats for taking a stand and not paying the $$ for what you probably already know and if you are looking for encouragement your blog will be a great place to fish for WAY TO GOs! and sincerly, YOU ARE BOTH DOING GRRRRREAT!!!