Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've been noticing a lot of people at work wearing capris during the week - not just on casual Friday. So last weekend I picked up a nicer pair at Lane Bryant (since I was there, and seeing as they were on sale) and decided to wear them in today. I pulled it off! I was concerned that I didn't have a nice enough work shirt to go with it, but went with a simple green T and it looks just fine! So now I'm thinking I just need to get a few more pairs and that's what I'll wear all summer.

Bill is home today! Once again I didn't want to blog that he was out of town, while he was out of town, but since he's back I can say he was gone :) We missed him and Duncan is going to be very excited to have Daddy home tonight. And Bill has a flex tomorrow so that's going to be some awesome Duncan/Daddy time right there.


Tanya said...

Welcome Home Bill!! I BET he and Duncan missed each other.
My summer wear solution is skirts and t shirts. I tried pants, but it was a bad scene, and my dear husband is no fan of capris. Since he is my own personal Stacy and Clinton, I must listen!
It's freeing to know you have cooler clothes to wear that work, eh?

Carole said...

I'm just not a fan of skirts - much to Bill's dismay. :) And while I honestly can't say I have much of a sense of fashion, I've come to realize shorts are not really for me.