Thursday, June 26, 2008

Raising your children...

I’ve signed up (why not) for this email on tips to raise children to be, well, well balanced. The emails are kind of cheesy and this lady has written an e-book they want you to pay $20 for, but since I could get these lessons in 6 free emails, I said why not. So most of it is kind of blah blah blah, but today I really liked how it summed up what it is we want to see in our children.

From the email:

We want you to . .

-- Be Honest
-- Have Integrity
-- Be Unselfish
-- Be Kind and Caring
-- Anticipate another's needs and jump up to help
-- Be Industrious
-- Be a good and willing worker
-- Carry a job to completion and do it well
-- Be a Self Starter
-- Don't need pushing or prodding
-- Have Courage
-- And much more

Isn’t that the truth? Now, if I could just tie it up in a neat little package for Duncan

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