Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh me oh my

There is a song by the Wiggles about Wags the Dog and the chorus goes "Oh Me Oh My He barks all day and night". So Duncan calls it "me oh my" when he wants to hear it.

Oh me,oh my, last night my thumb got caught in an argument between and knife and an onion. It didn't stop bleeding, so I got Theresa to bring me to the ER. The wait was like 3-4 hours, but bless that nurse she wrapped it up real good on the promise I'd go for a tetanus shot today. It doesn't hurt unless I hit it...which I'm trying to avoid doing. Uhg though.

Weekend was good. I can't type too well so I'll just say we enjoyed the weather yesterday.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Tanya and Andre are home owners! Congratulations!

Tomorrow is Ronnie's birthday. Email her and say hi!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday morning

Thursday morning. Let’s see…hit the snooze button a few too many times this morning – slept in 20 minutes. Oops! But our mornings are flexible enough that we were still on our way on time, and into work early like usual. I did note that people were just being really pushy this morning. Getting on and off transit people would elbow in front just to get ahead of one more person (me). Really, maybe I’m slowing down, but I was keeping up with the crowd. Normally I just let them, but this morning there were a few people I very deliberately did not let push in front of me. With doors too. Maybe I should turn this into a post about common courtesy – or the lack of it. We see if every day on the roads – someone wants into your lane, you let them, but no thank you wave… but doors – normally you’d look behind to see if someone is coming through right behind you, and hold the door so it doesn’t slam on them. Not so much this morning. Oh well, I got here! I do think I need a coffee though. My tea does not seem to be cutting it!

I have a performance appraisal this afternoon. I assumed no news was good news – ie they would let me know if I was doing something wrong, but no, they insist we do a formal one. Part of it is that I have to do my own to bring to the table. It’s rather funny b/c I’m ticking off the highest boxes and making comments like “I like to think I excel at this!”

Duncan is good. His new word is “MINE!” Incidentally, that was my 1st word when I was a little kid learning to talk, but I had 3 older brothers. But also fun is his “I’ll do it!” when we need to do something. “We need to turn off the tv” “I’ll do it!” Or when the phone rings “I’ll get it!” What’s nice is that he actually will bring you the phone. He sees it as being independent, I see it as me being lazy and enjoying have a kid who will bring me things. His numbers, colours, and alphabet are coming along awesome. For some reason the numbers 5 and 7 are a little tricky, but I heard that’s kind of common around his age.

Bean is also good. 6 ½ weeks to go! (give or take). Guess I should wash some baby stuff or something ‘eh?

Tanya and Andre have put a bid in on an apartment – praying you guys get it!
Nancy and her family are contemplating moving for her work. Tough decision. You’ll make the right one, I don’t doubt it.

And finally I think I’m going to change the format of my blog again… I like this one but it’s a little too busy.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Boy, I'm just a prolific poster today.

I was just listening to the song "Grace" by U2. What a beautiful song.

Grace, she takes the blame
She covers the shame
Removes the stain
It could be her name

Grace, it's a name for a girl
It's also a thought that changed the world

And when she walks on the street
You can hear the strings
Grace finds goodness in everything

Grace, she's got the walk
Not on a ramp or on chalk
She's got the time to talk
She travels outside of karma, karma
She travels outside of karma

When she goes to work
You can hear the strings
Grace finds beauty in everything

Grace, she carries a world on her hips
No champagne flute for her lips
No twirls or skips between her fingertips
She carries a pearl in perfect condition
What once was hurt, what once was friction
What left a mark no longer stains
Because Grace makes beauty out of ugly things

Grace finds beauty in everything
Grace finds goodness in everything

no offense to actual blonds.

Blond returns to work after 30 years.

Good morning

Actually, it's not that bad of a morning. Although Monday, the commute was good, Duncan got off with very little fuss (sometimes he doesn't want to go to daycare after a great weekend with Mommy and Daddy). It's supposed to rain, but isn't yet, so kind of nice and light outside.

Sunday was just gorgeous! I slept for about 10 hours on Saturday night. I felt like I was going to pass out at Superstore, so we canceled on going to C&R's and stayed home. I felt bad for bailing, but I'm glad we did b/c I did not feel well! But sleep did the trick! We went for a walk mid-morning. Didn't even need a jacket it was so nice out. Welcome, Spring!

2 weeks left at work! April 3 is my last day. Woo hoo! I'm allowed to flaunt it b/c it's for mat leave.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on baby wraps

So the more I think on it, the more I do think I want a baby wrap. I still think I'll wait until Bean shows up, unless I can find one I want before then. However, I no longer want the baby buddha! Okay, aside from the price, CK over at Bad Mommy Moments mentioned to me about the Moby Wrap and how she loved it and it's much more affordable. So I looked into it, almost the same as the BB, but only $35. And heck, I keep checking and you can get them on Craigslist for less. So I think that's the road I'm going to go. I just think that if I have this kid nicely secured it will be easier to go to the park with Duncan and just get out, and it will delay, for a bit, the need for a double stroller. We might still get one, but maybe we'll just see if we can do without. I think we'll end up getting one.

Double strollers - the problem with double strollers is the size. There are some awesome ones out there, like Phil and Ted's which have like a jump seat in behind so the stroller is no bigger than a normal stroller, but they retail for $600-$700!!! Even used you're looking at $450. But some of the other brands, like our reliable Graco - might not be pretty but wow has this thing been awesome for us, their double ones are just so bulky! I need to be able to fit into Starbucks you know. LOL!!! Okay, really, I'm not a yuppie Mom, but you get my drift. So we'll see. There was one I saw you can get at Babies World that is a lot like the P&T kind, but more in the price range of the Graco. So maybe we'll look at that.

I keep saying to Bill we don't need much, but I'm finding there are few things I want this time around. I want another nursing pillow. (I loved my nursing pillow!). I would love one of those forehead read thermometers - the kind you swipe. Do I need it? No, but I want it.

Otherwise.. I mean I need to go through and sort and clean stuff, but we've got what we need. Clothes, blankets, bedding, my nursing pump, car seat, etc... It's funny having been through this before how this time I haven't cracked a single book on pregnancy, haven't researched anything (aside from baby wraps), it's all "I can feel the kid, all is well, we're good to go". Mom is going to watch Duncan when it is actually time to have the baby (Due May 10 for anyone wondering).

Okay, it is 9 AM and Duncan is still asleep! He's stirring now (if haven't heard him stirring all morning we'd be worried, but we can hear him, so it's all good), but boy has he been sleepy! Growing again.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Morning

Good morning!
Not much to report here, but it's been pretty quiet on the blogging front, so I thought I'd say hi.
It's spring! Really, doesn't look much different than winter yesterday, but I'll take it. Dark and rainy here in Vancouver...oh boy downtown is such a gloomy place on mornings like this. But I got my Tea from Timmy's (come on baby, let's roll up that rim and win!)
Been a quiet week for us. Nikki and the kids have all been fighting the stomach flu for over a week now, and so we've just been watching and praying that Duncan doesn't get it. He hasn't yet, but Brayden threw up again yesterday, so who knows if it might still hit him. I hope not!
Bill is flexing today, so I hope those 2 boys have a great day together. I think there is a trip to the mall and or library in the works.
2 weeks left at work for me! Actually I'm keeping busy, which makes the time go fast - how I like it. Ronnie says she doesn't think she'd be able to concentrate if she only had 2 weeks left. I think if I screwed around the whole time it would just drag on by.
Bean is nice and busy. 7 weeks left there! (or so).
So let's see... Oma and Opa came back from their trip this week, and so Duncan and I popped out to see them Tuesday evening. Oh boy was he so excited to see them. I think we might get together tomorrow for brunch or something. We used to meet at WhiteSpot but Duncan doesn't quite have the attention span for eating out, so we've been taking turns making brunch at eachother's houses...although it's been a while since we've done that. We'll figure it out.
It's Theresa's birthday tomorrow. She is having an open house for her Jewelry she's selling (Silpada) on Sunday afternoon which is doubling as her birthday party. So if you feel like coming out to her place let me know and I'll get you the details. The more the merrier.
And it's Ronnie's birthday the following Saturday. But that's a whole week from now.
Alright, I should get to it. Have a good Friday and a good weekend everyone.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Evening

Well I figured I'd do a small update from this morning. Our systems never did come back, so it was quite a waste of a day. We would have been allowed to leave, but then you'd need to make up the time, which doesn't work for me, so I stuck around.

However I did find the $5 I dropped! It was in the car beside the drivers seat and the door. So it was a near thing, but I got it back. Excellent b/c I need $2 for jeans day tomorrow. St. Patty's Day tomorrow!

Maternity appointment tonight. Bean is good. I only went up .5 lbs since 3 weeks ago, so that's awesome. I was so afraid. Almost back to my WW anxiety for weigh in. Nothing new to report, I'm on every other week appointments now. I'm 32 weeks for those of you wondering.

Alright, that's it!

Monday morning

So far, it's being true to it's nature. I slept just horribly last night, and I don't know why! I didn't nap. I was tired. No caffeine pretty much after 10 AM. But I couldn't stay asleep! I know I wasn't awake all night, but it sure felt like it. So I'm beyond exhausted. I dropped Duncan off at Nikki's and she informed me that both of the boys have the stomach flu... I still left him b/c I don't have the option of not coming into work, but let's pray he doesn't catch it. I lost the cash that Bill gave me for this morning ( for coffee). And now I'm at work all our systems are down. So we're all kind of twiddling out thumbs. That's the problem with being so technology dependent.

But on the other hand while looking through my wallet for some cash I found 4 Starbucks cards, and so I went through them and found I had almost $9 to use there. Sweet! So I did get my coffee - which I really needed.

Sundays: It seems that no matter how hard I try, Sunday's are still busy. I try to do everything on Saturday (groceries, laundry, cleaning) so that Sunday we can just spend the day doing fun stuff - playing at home, going for a walk, church etc... okay I'll admit our church attendance has been spotty anyhow, but still. But despite doing all that other stuff on Saturday, Sunday is spent doing stuff. I made brunch for me and the boys. I wanted to get a chicken in the crockpot, so got that on. Cleaned the kitchen. Later when Duncan was napping, got the bread on, got the casserole which is to be for lunch food for the week together and in the oven. Then there's putting lunches together for the next day. Okay, is that not one of the most tedious things? Making lunches? We rarely buy lunch at work, so we bring our lunch most times. But it's just tedious. Listen to me whine. :) Anyhow, I come out of Sunday feeling just as tired as I did going in. Oh well! It's stuff that has to be done!

But on a final plus, we did our taxes and actually came out ahead! Woo hoo!! I almost always owe! Now going into mat leave that money will be coming at a really good time. Also we've talked to Bill's Dad and brother and they are both coming out in July for a visit. So I think we'll wait for Bean's baptism until they are out. And finally Mom and Dad come home tonight. I'll bring Duncan by this week one evening. He's going to be so excited to see them. He asked about "OpaOma" every day they were gone, but knew they were on a "big boat".

Friday, March 13, 2009

Aw, thanks Nancy!

Hey, even if I qualify b/c I'm one of 5 people who comment on your blog I'll take it.

Nancy has bestowed me with the Kreative Blogger award.

In keeping with the rules I will now list 7 things I love and then pay it forward to 7 other bloggers.

1. My boys - Duncan and Bill. But of course!
2. Wine. I love wine. I've been good not being able to drink wine, but I look forward to wine again.
3. Icecream. I also love ice cream. I've been trying really hard to not over do it with the ice cream consumption this pregnancy, but it's difficult at times!
4. Being Canadian. Sounds corny, but I'm really blessed to live somewhere that I get an entire year off for maternity leave to be with my kid(s).
5.sleep. I love sleep.
6. I love the fact that I only have 3 weeks left at work and then when I go back to work I'll be in Langley, only about 10-15 minutes away from home.
7. Jesus.

Now I need to give this to 7 other bloggers. But like Nancy, I don't really know 7 other bloggers, but I'll make this work. See not everyone who reads my blog, blogs. Like Mom. Like Auntie E., like Ronnie who has a blog, but doesn't blog.

1. Tanya (
2. Laura (
3. Donna Mc (
4. Tara (although she should blog more)(

Okay, that's it! Go forth and bloggy love someone!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Woo hoo!

We just made the last payment on our car - 3 months early! Hey it might be a small thing in the grand scheme of life, but it's just nice to know it's done, we're on the up and up, and one less debt to be thinking about. And hey, we still have 6000 km before the warranty is up...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, I'm the 1st to admit it's still winter. Even with the snow yesterday (which is all gone) I say to people "however, it is still winter", but I was also being optimistic in switching to my spring jacket with a lighter zip up hoodie underneath. I was freezing waiting for transit this morning!!! It's I think -5 or -6 this morning (27F? or so?) and it was just chilly. We sent Duncan in his double layered jacket, but now I also think we should have sent him in his winter jacket yet. Bad parents.

Not much else on the go. Bill has a cold, but seems to be managing. His tooth extraction last week actually went really well and seems to have recovered from that.

Mom and Dad are going through the Panama Canal today. Duncan and I tried to look online this morning but couldn't see the ship. Back in 2000 Bill and I actually saw Mom and Dad online, standing on deck, and the ship went through the locks, which was cool. Too bad Duncan couldn't see OpaOma this morning. He really misses them. Every day "OpaOma? (they are one word)". "No, Opa and Oma are gone" "on a big boat?" Yep.

A big happy birthday to my Father in law, Bob, (Grandpa Bob) and my sister in law, Kelly, who both are celebrating birthday's today. Kelly is over in Sweden, so her day is almost over, but I hope both of you have/had great days. Not that either one reads my blog, but there you go :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Polar Bear Cubs coming out of Winter Den

Okay, I can't resist. This is just so cute. This is why Polar Bears rock. They care cute and mean. Perfect combination.

Taken from The Daily Mail.

Look Mum, it's been snowing... The first steps of the polar cubs
By Daily Mail Reporter. Last updated at 12:01 PM on 09th March 2009

It's a sight to warm even the coldest of hearts.

On wobbly young legs, they emerge blinking into the early spring sunlight, amazed at a world where everything is a new adventure.

These polar bear cubs, just eight weeks old, are taking their very first steps outside their birth den under the watchful eye of their protective mother, braving the chill Arctic wind and facing the threat of predators for the first time.

Three's company: Snuggled together for warmth, the young polar bear family find a safe place to rest on the first day away from their den.

Want more? Check out the article!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Evening

There just really isn't a lot to say! We've had a really low key weekend. I was still getting over that cold - and really low energy, and now it looks like Bill has come down with one!! Oh, disease house! I think we had 2 hours on Saturday where everyone felt healthy. LOL!

But we did go for a walk this afternoon, while it was still sunny, and that was nice. We had a coupon for A&W so we picked up some lunch and brought it home. I like A&W better than any other fast food place, but they are not the quickest.

I did read a book this weekend. I think I mentioned it the other day, "Skinny Dip" by Carl Hiaasen. Really cute. 3 days for a book is pretty quick for me, so you can tell I was into it. It was only about 365 pages or so, but still I am not a quick reader. But now I'm back to "what do I read now?" I still have books in storage I've not read, but they are in storage. We need to take care of that soon.

This time change is going to be so hard on Duncan tomorrow. On us too, but it will be like getting him up at 4:40 and sending him off to Nikki's at 5:15 instead of 6:15, so I warned Nikki he is going to be really tired. She knows. Hopefully that will get him back into a normal routine pretty quick b/c he'll be tired at night. Tonight I have a feeling it will be 8 or 8:30 before he's in bed. Normally he's down around 7:30, and with very little fuss.

Only 4 weeks left at work. I ended up only being in 2 days last week, so I'd really like to make an effort to be there 5 days a week for my remaining time!

Alright, that's all on this end! Making butter chicken for dinner tonight. Yum! Looking forward to that. Bought the sauce on sale at Costco.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday night

You know it's so sad I can't think of better titles of my blog posts, but it is what it is!

I'm still feeling super run down. I warned my supervisor I might not be in tomorrow. I will still get up, but if I'm having a hard time pulling myself around the house I am not going to bother. I know I need to rest, but I feel so guilty calling in! I swear I have called in sick more this year than I have my entire 12 year history with the company. But Bean is worth it. It's just a cold, but at various times today I felt like I was going to pass out, throw up, or just over heat, so I think I do need to still take it easy. After that, only 4 weeks left at work, which is just crazy. This is coming up so fast. *looks at belly* Hi Bean! See you soon, but not too soon okay? :)

Just finished watching American Idol. I think I was more entertained tonight than I have been all season so far. I am so glad they did not put Tatiana through. I was afraid they were going to b/c people would love to hate her, but nope, sense prevailed and I'm actually quite happy with the top 13. Yep, 13, they made room for Anoop, which is also awesome. I don't have a clear favourite at this time, but we'll see as it all comes together.

This weekend we're doing very little. I figure if I'm too sick to work I'm also too sick to do other stuff, so there will be a lot of sitting around (as Duncan allows). I borrowed this book called Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen from a coworker and I'm just eating it up. It's light, but clever and funny.

Bill's cousin (well his cousin's wife) has been scanning in old pictures she's been finding of the family. This is awesome because honestly to date I have seen maybe 2 pictures of Bill as a small child, and never one of him as a baby. He honestly thought there weren't any. Well Karen found some, and I just love it! I'm going to add one at the bottom here, and it just kills me how much Bill and Duncan look alike around the same age! I love it! Thanks again Karen, and keep them coming! It means a lot to us.


I very occasionally will get some stuff from Ebay. I often find that if you factor in shipping and handling it's not worth any money you save. This is especially true when most things come from the US and are shipped to Canada. We have gotten good deals though - we got Mater from Cars, and shipping was only $4, I bought a case for my iPod and shipping again was maybe $5.

As I mentioned previously I have been trying to track down Red from the Cars movie. Duncan loves the character Red for some reason. Anytime Red goes off the screen crying Duncan says "Red crying!". But tracking down Red to buy has been the tricky part. I'm bidding on one right now which is really reasonable - starting at $10 (they retail for more) and S&H is only $5 to Canada, so that's cool. But looking at the auctions is leaves me gobsmacked at how much some people think they can ask for S&H. Some of the auctions for Red quote shipping to Canada as being $60 US!!! Are you kidding me? Okay you want me to pay $60 S&H for a toy that's worth maybe $10-$15? Not so much.

I don't think I'm going to win this auction - it's far too reasonable of a price for something I want. But I'm not willing to pay more than the toy is worth, especially when my 2-year old is just going to be crashing it with his other Cars :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday - uhg

I think I feel worse today than yesterday. Duncan was up from about 12:40 - 2 AM. He was just crying the whole time. I changed him, got him a fresh bottle, but he just did not settle down. But we let him cry himself to sleep. He was fine this morning! Maybe a little tired, but in a good mood and seemed to be no worse for wear. But Bill and I feel pretty pooped! So that probably didn't help with the whole "I'm supposed to rest" thing.

And then I broke one of my Pyrek measuring cups on the tile floor in the upstairs bathroom. Pyrex does not break nicely. It sent shards of glass everywhere. So here I'm feeling gross, trying to pick up shards of glass... I poked myself a few times, but I think I got it all.

Otherwise, Bean is nice and active! It's fun. I don't remember when my sciatic pain started when I was pregnant with Duncan, but so far I'm doing great in that regard. And only 4 1/2 more weeks at work! It just gets harder to get the energy up to go every day along with the commute, so I'm glad I'm stopping sooner.

Monday, March 2, 2009

NetiPot and other stuff

I tried the NetiPot we'd bought a few weeks back today. This morning it worked like a charm, tonight I'm so stuffed up it wouldn't work at all! You're supposed to tilt your head and pour it in one nostril, it goes through your sinuses and out the other nostril. Sounds gross, but really does help clear things up. Anyhow, tonight it wouldn't even get through the sinuses! I'll try again in the morning.

It's 8:30. Just listening to Duncan talk to himself, or his stuffed animals, over the monitor. He's a cute kid. I'll post a picture, he is growing so much. Or so it seems.

And although I'm supposed to be sticking to this 2000 calorie diet, which until today I was only kind of losely doing, Bill has insisted that I need ice cream to make me feel better, and went out and bought some. Well twist my pregnant rubber arm. I can feel Bean being happy about it already. I've actually been doing awesome on the not eating so much ice cream and bad for me front, which is hard b/c I love ice cream. But you know if my husband insists. :)

And I think we're going to watch How I Met Your Mother (yay, new episode, funny show if you have not watched it yet!), and maybe another episode of the Dresden Files. I think only 10 episodes ever aired, which is a shame b/c we're really enjoying it. But we knew that going into it. Just like Carnivale, which was an amazing show, and even Farscape, which by far ended far too early. If you like Sci-Fi, do yourself a favour and watch Farscape. Brilliant show.

Ah ha!

The snow out front of our house - the stuff that fell on Christmas Eve (well, where the snow plow put it) has officially melted as of last night! I see that there is still quite a pile at the far end of the complex, but that area doesn't get as much sun, and it was a much larger pile. Anyhow, it feels like spring out, which is nice. It's quite windy today, but nice and fresh out.

I called in sick to work today. I caught this cold, and I just feel nasty. It's just a cold, but I want to go to the doctor and find out what I can take for this cough b/c I'm 30 weeks pregnant (eek! 30 weeks now!) and I don't want to take just anything. Okay, it's an hour later. I'm back from the doctor. The long and the short of it is that there is very little to take. It is just a cold, but with with cough any medicine that I could take has codeine, which makes me sick, which means I can't use it. He did recommend a saline nasal rinse. We'd just picked up one of those neti pots, but hadn't tried it yet, but he said that's perfect. So I guess I'll be trying it today. Otherwise, rest, fluids, steam... Take tomorrow off. So I already called work that I won't be in tomorrow. It's so weird to send Duncan to Nikki's when I'm home, but I know he'll have more fun there than with Mommy sitting on the couch "no honey, Mommy is too tired". I'll be sending him pretty much full time in April too b/c I want to get some stuff done around here before Bean shows up, and again, I won't be too exciting of a Mom to play with.

Weekend was good. I had Friday off as a vacation day, which Duncan and I enjoyed together. Friday night Bill had a LAN party here to play WOW, so Duncan and I went off to Ronnie's for the evening. Take out Greek and we rented Made of Honor. Cheesy, predictable, brainless enough for a Friday night. Not a huge Patrick Dempsy fan. I don't dislike him, but I also don't think he's hot. Sorry Patrick.

Saturday we normal groceries etc... we all look a long nap in the afternoon, and then went out to Chris and Ronnie's in the evening for Chris's birthday party. It was fun, but again we didn't stay long b/c Duncan had to get to bed, and he wasn't going to sleep with all the activity going on there. As it was he didn't end up going to bed until 11 PM! He'd had a really long nap in the afternoon and I think he was still quite wired from the party. But it was no big deal. We'd rented Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which we quite enjoyed as a fun film, but didn't require 100% attention, so it was okay Duncan was wandering around and playing with his trains.

Sunday ran a few more errands, got a pasta sauce on in the slow cooker, and otherwise vegged.

And here is Monday. It sucks b/c part of me says "oh an unexpected day at home!" but my energy levels suck so I can't really do much. Which is why it is a sick day. You know a woman's tendancy to want to get stuff done? It's a tough battle. I was speaking with my friend Lisa who had a baby 4 weeks ago, and she was struggling with the whole "when Baby naps you should nap" vs "baby is napping, time to get stuff done" dilema. I think in the 1st few weeks getting stuff done is a low priority. The other stuff will come. But it made me realize that I'll be really tired all the time again pretty soon. But I got by with Duncan and I will with Bean too.

Alright, I'm going to go have a cup of tea and veg.