Monday, March 2, 2009

NetiPot and other stuff

I tried the NetiPot we'd bought a few weeks back today. This morning it worked like a charm, tonight I'm so stuffed up it wouldn't work at all! You're supposed to tilt your head and pour it in one nostril, it goes through your sinuses and out the other nostril. Sounds gross, but really does help clear things up. Anyhow, tonight it wouldn't even get through the sinuses! I'll try again in the morning.

It's 8:30. Just listening to Duncan talk to himself, or his stuffed animals, over the monitor. He's a cute kid. I'll post a picture, he is growing so much. Or so it seems.

And although I'm supposed to be sticking to this 2000 calorie diet, which until today I was only kind of losely doing, Bill has insisted that I need ice cream to make me feel better, and went out and bought some. Well twist my pregnant rubber arm. I can feel Bean being happy about it already. I've actually been doing awesome on the not eating so much ice cream and bad for me front, which is hard b/c I love ice cream. But you know if my husband insists. :)

And I think we're going to watch How I Met Your Mother (yay, new episode, funny show if you have not watched it yet!), and maybe another episode of the Dresden Files. I think only 10 episodes ever aired, which is a shame b/c we're really enjoying it. But we knew that going into it. Just like Carnivale, which was an amazing show, and even Farscape, which by far ended far too early. If you like Sci-Fi, do yourself a favour and watch Farscape. Brilliant show.

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Nancy said...

He's so cute, and getting so big! He's losing the babyishness. :)