Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on baby wraps

So the more I think on it, the more I do think I want a baby wrap. I still think I'll wait until Bean shows up, unless I can find one I want before then. However, I no longer want the baby buddha! Okay, aside from the price, CK over at Bad Mommy Moments mentioned to me about the Moby Wrap and how she loved it and it's much more affordable. So I looked into it, almost the same as the BB, but only $35. And heck, I keep checking and you can get them on Craigslist for less. So I think that's the road I'm going to go. I just think that if I have this kid nicely secured it will be easier to go to the park with Duncan and just get out, and it will delay, for a bit, the need for a double stroller. We might still get one, but maybe we'll just see if we can do without. I think we'll end up getting one.

Double strollers - the problem with double strollers is the size. There are some awesome ones out there, like Phil and Ted's which have like a jump seat in behind so the stroller is no bigger than a normal stroller, but they retail for $600-$700!!! Even used you're looking at $450. But some of the other brands, like our reliable Graco - might not be pretty but wow has this thing been awesome for us, their double ones are just so bulky! I need to be able to fit into Starbucks you know. LOL!!! Okay, really, I'm not a yuppie Mom, but you get my drift. So we'll see. There was one I saw you can get at Babies World that is a lot like the P&T kind, but more in the price range of the Graco. So maybe we'll look at that.

I keep saying to Bill we don't need much, but I'm finding there are few things I want this time around. I want another nursing pillow. (I loved my nursing pillow!). I would love one of those forehead read thermometers - the kind you swipe. Do I need it? No, but I want it.

Otherwise.. I mean I need to go through and sort and clean stuff, but we've got what we need. Clothes, blankets, bedding, my nursing pump, car seat, etc... It's funny having been through this before how this time I haven't cracked a single book on pregnancy, haven't researched anything (aside from baby wraps), it's all "I can feel the kid, all is well, we're good to go". Mom is going to watch Duncan when it is actually time to have the baby (Due May 10 for anyone wondering).

Okay, it is 9 AM and Duncan is still asleep! He's stirring now (if haven't heard him stirring all morning we'd be worried, but we can hear him, so it's all good), but boy has he been sleepy! Growing again.

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