Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, I'm the 1st to admit it's still winter. Even with the snow yesterday (which is all gone) I say to people "however, it is still winter", but I was also being optimistic in switching to my spring jacket with a lighter zip up hoodie underneath. I was freezing waiting for transit this morning!!! It's I think -5 or -6 this morning (27F? or so?) and it was just chilly. We sent Duncan in his double layered jacket, but now I also think we should have sent him in his winter jacket yet. Bad parents.

Not much else on the go. Bill has a cold, but seems to be managing. His tooth extraction last week actually went really well and seems to have recovered from that.

Mom and Dad are going through the Panama Canal today. Duncan and I tried to look online this morning but couldn't see the ship. Back in 2000 Bill and I actually saw Mom and Dad online, standing on deck, and the ship went through the locks, which was cool. Too bad Duncan couldn't see OpaOma this morning. He really misses them. Every day "OpaOma? (they are one word)". "No, Opa and Oma are gone" "on a big boat?" Yep.

A big happy birthday to my Father in law, Bob, (Grandpa Bob) and my sister in law, Kelly, who both are celebrating birthday's today. Kelly is over in Sweden, so her day is almost over, but I hope both of you have/had great days. Not that either one reads my blog, but there you go :)

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