Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday morning

So far, it's being true to it's nature. I slept just horribly last night, and I don't know why! I didn't nap. I was tired. No caffeine pretty much after 10 AM. But I couldn't stay asleep! I know I wasn't awake all night, but it sure felt like it. So I'm beyond exhausted. I dropped Duncan off at Nikki's and she informed me that both of the boys have the stomach flu... I still left him b/c I don't have the option of not coming into work, but let's pray he doesn't catch it. I lost the cash that Bill gave me for this morning ( for coffee). And now I'm at work all our systems are down. So we're all kind of twiddling out thumbs. That's the problem with being so technology dependent.

But on the other hand while looking through my wallet for some cash I found 4 Starbucks cards, and so I went through them and found I had almost $9 to use there. Sweet! So I did get my coffee - which I really needed.

Sundays: It seems that no matter how hard I try, Sunday's are still busy. I try to do everything on Saturday (groceries, laundry, cleaning) so that Sunday we can just spend the day doing fun stuff - playing at home, going for a walk, church etc... okay I'll admit our church attendance has been spotty anyhow, but still. But despite doing all that other stuff on Saturday, Sunday is spent doing stuff. I made brunch for me and the boys. I wanted to get a chicken in the crockpot, so got that on. Cleaned the kitchen. Later when Duncan was napping, got the bread on, got the casserole which is to be for lunch food for the week together and in the oven. Then there's putting lunches together for the next day. Okay, is that not one of the most tedious things? Making lunches? We rarely buy lunch at work, so we bring our lunch most times. But it's just tedious. Listen to me whine. :) Anyhow, I come out of Sunday feeling just as tired as I did going in. Oh well! It's stuff that has to be done!

But on a final plus, we did our taxes and actually came out ahead! Woo hoo!! I almost always owe! Now going into mat leave that money will be coming at a really good time. Also we've talked to Bill's Dad and brother and they are both coming out in July for a visit. So I think we'll wait for Bean's baptism until they are out. And finally Mom and Dad come home tonight. I'll bring Duncan by this week one evening. He's going to be so excited to see them. He asked about "OpaOma" every day they were gone, but knew they were on a "big boat".


Tanya said...

YAHOOOO Starbucks cards!! That's great! Mondays have their redeeming features .. for example-with the system down, you have time to clean your desk! And BLOG! 2 things that couls fall by the wayside otherwise.
we love you.

Carole said...

I'm getting all sorts of stuff done! I verified my appointment for this evening at the maternity clinic (she thought it quite funny I couldn't remember), filled out some other paper work, read my email... I'd rather be at home! How you feeling? getting over that cold?