Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Evening

Well I figured I'd do a small update from this morning. Our systems never did come back, so it was quite a waste of a day. We would have been allowed to leave, but then you'd need to make up the time, which doesn't work for me, so I stuck around.

However I did find the $5 I dropped! It was in the car beside the drivers seat and the door. So it was a near thing, but I got it back. Excellent b/c I need $2 for jeans day tomorrow. St. Patty's Day tomorrow!

Maternity appointment tonight. Bean is good. I only went up .5 lbs since 3 weeks ago, so that's awesome. I was so afraid. Almost back to my WW anxiety for weigh in. Nothing new to report, I'm on every other week appointments now. I'm 32 weeks for those of you wondering.

Alright, that's it!

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