Monday, March 2, 2009

Ah ha!

The snow out front of our house - the stuff that fell on Christmas Eve (well, where the snow plow put it) has officially melted as of last night! I see that there is still quite a pile at the far end of the complex, but that area doesn't get as much sun, and it was a much larger pile. Anyhow, it feels like spring out, which is nice. It's quite windy today, but nice and fresh out.

I called in sick to work today. I caught this cold, and I just feel nasty. It's just a cold, but I want to go to the doctor and find out what I can take for this cough b/c I'm 30 weeks pregnant (eek! 30 weeks now!) and I don't want to take just anything. Okay, it's an hour later. I'm back from the doctor. The long and the short of it is that there is very little to take. It is just a cold, but with with cough any medicine that I could take has codeine, which makes me sick, which means I can't use it. He did recommend a saline nasal rinse. We'd just picked up one of those neti pots, but hadn't tried it yet, but he said that's perfect. So I guess I'll be trying it today. Otherwise, rest, fluids, steam... Take tomorrow off. So I already called work that I won't be in tomorrow. It's so weird to send Duncan to Nikki's when I'm home, but I know he'll have more fun there than with Mommy sitting on the couch "no honey, Mommy is too tired". I'll be sending him pretty much full time in April too b/c I want to get some stuff done around here before Bean shows up, and again, I won't be too exciting of a Mom to play with.

Weekend was good. I had Friday off as a vacation day, which Duncan and I enjoyed together. Friday night Bill had a LAN party here to play WOW, so Duncan and I went off to Ronnie's for the evening. Take out Greek and we rented Made of Honor. Cheesy, predictable, brainless enough for a Friday night. Not a huge Patrick Dempsy fan. I don't dislike him, but I also don't think he's hot. Sorry Patrick.

Saturday we normal groceries etc... we all look a long nap in the afternoon, and then went out to Chris and Ronnie's in the evening for Chris's birthday party. It was fun, but again we didn't stay long b/c Duncan had to get to bed, and he wasn't going to sleep with all the activity going on there. As it was he didn't end up going to bed until 11 PM! He'd had a really long nap in the afternoon and I think he was still quite wired from the party. But it was no big deal. We'd rented Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which we quite enjoyed as a fun film, but didn't require 100% attention, so it was okay Duncan was wandering around and playing with his trains.

Sunday ran a few more errands, got a pasta sauce on in the slow cooker, and otherwise vegged.

And here is Monday. It sucks b/c part of me says "oh an unexpected day at home!" but my energy levels suck so I can't really do much. Which is why it is a sick day. You know a woman's tendancy to want to get stuff done? It's a tough battle. I was speaking with my friend Lisa who had a baby 4 weeks ago, and she was struggling with the whole "when Baby naps you should nap" vs "baby is napping, time to get stuff done" dilema. I think in the 1st few weeks getting stuff done is a low priority. The other stuff will come. But it made me realize that I'll be really tired all the time again pretty soon. But I got by with Duncan and I will with Bean too.

Alright, I'm going to go have a cup of tea and veg.

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