Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two weeks!

Can you believe Cordie is already 2 weeks old? wow. we're doing great. Still learning each other, but that's the fun part, right?

Her fussy time tends to be early evening - any time between 5:30 and 7:30. I don't mind this b/c at least it's not in the middle of the night. Bill seems to have quite the magic touch when getting her settled, and darn if it ain't cute watching him with her.

We're also learning what foods cause gas in her. Sadly my greek salad might be one of the culprits. I like to make a big batch and eat it all week with lunch or dinner. Healthy and yummy. But the peppers, onions, cucumbers... they can also cause gas. So I need to hold off on that for now.

Bill goes back to work Monday :( We've really enjoyed this time off together, but you know, Bill needs to be paid so bills can be paid!

Duncan is still doing well. I just hope that come next week we can get into a good routine that helps me keep focusing on him while being able to care for Cordie. I think I need to find some good activities outside the home - like story time at the library that we can head off to during the week.

Otherwise... I just mentioned this on FB - I hate Zellers. We don't have too many local shopping options here. Basically Superstore and Zellers and if SS doesn't have it, we have to swallow our pride and go to Zellers. We went there today. I can not believe that a store can so continuously be so messy and disorganized. I could barely navigate the store with the stroller - clothes, hangers, other stuff, all over the floor. The clothes racks are so close together and so jam packed you basically can't walk by one without something just falling off. 1/2 the time prices aren't even listed on shelves. There is a big ongoing arguement in our area about Wal-Mart coming in. I know people hate WM, but it would just be nice to have a shopping option, especially on a budget.

Happy Birthday Tanya!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

When it rains it pours

As Bill asked earlier today "why is everything that costs money coming up now that you're on EI?" And it's a good question. We knew we'd be dipping into credit while I was off. We're good for the month to month expenses, but anything outside the box has to come from somewhere.

First it was Bill's computer. Hardware failure, blue screen of death. He managed to get it to boot one more time to back up important stuff and hit eject on both disc drives to get some discs out. Before this had happened there had been a message that the battery on the mother board was going, so in hopes it was just a simple fix we bought a new battery and tried plugging that in, but to no avail. Much to my surprise, and totally umprompted, Bill called Dell to see if they might have any ideas. His warranty was up a year ago, so we were pleased they were still willing to talk to him. Anyhow, when Bill described the error he was getting (there are diagnostic lights) and how it was behaving, the fellow on the other side kind of laughed and reported it was dead. We kind of knew that, but we were hoping.

Now as bad as it sounds, we're a two computer family. We don't do well sharing computers. We did this when we first got married, and we got a 2nd computer pretty darned quick at that time. Now, Bill does have an option for an interest free computer loan through work, and so we think we're going to go that route to get him a new one, but it's just the timing of it all.

And now today we're having our car serviced. We're just shy of our 100,000 km on the Elantra, and that's when the warranty runs out, so we kind of like to have it looked over one more time in case there is anything the warranty would cover and need fixing now. Well they called and informed us that the timing belt needs to be replaced - $700!!! We kind of don't have $700 laying around (okay, not at all), so we told them not right now, and we'll see if someone else can do it for us for cheaper. I think it's preventative, however from what we know if it does go, you have a much bigger problem. I figure Bill can take Blue to work and I don't need to go driving until we get it worked out. With weather like this, I don't mind walking!

Otherwise, we're doing good. Have adjusted to broken sleep quite well actually. I nap when I can, but no I don't sleep every time the baby does - frankly I'm not always that tired. I just need to start going to bed earlier I think. I had my appointment with the doctor yesterday and my blood count is headed back up in the right direction, so that's good!

Okay, lunch time before this little girl wakes up, then back out to get the car from Hyundai. There goes our day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One week check up

Well, 9 days old check up, but still, our little pumpkin is exactly that - a pumpkin. Not only has she gained her birth weight back (8.1 at birth, 7.10 on discharge, 8.4 4 days old), but as of 9 days old she weighs 9.05!! A full pound heavier than at birth. She is doing awesome! The doctor says "you're not giving her milk, you're giving her cream!".

I had to go for a blood test today, then f/u with my GP tomorrow. I'm pretty pooped today. Cordie isn't up for any horrible amonuts of time at night - last night was about midnight and 2:30 and then about 5:40 this morning, but I think culmination of that schedule is actually catching up to me. I went to nap yesterday but only got a short one b/c we had to finish filling out all the paperwork - birth certificate, child tax credit/child care benefit, benefit info, MSP, and short term disability forms for work. I'm glad Bill helped me with that b/c not that it's hard to fill out, but it's the kind of thing where you need to go look up line 150 of your tax return, which means finding your tax return etc etc... just a pain. But we got it done. Did you know they actually assign your baby a PHN in the hospital now? Not that I want to keep my child from the gov't knowledge, but for those who might want to, they are making it harder!

Anyhow, I'm getting Duncan hugs, watching Thomas, and Bill and Cordie are hanging out on the love seat together, but I have a feeling she'll need me soon.

Tanya - yep - it is doable. And if I can do it, you most certainly can! As you know, having an awesome husband helps a lot :) I'll admit I'm not looking forward to Bill going back to work next week. I know some people kind of get tired of each other, but not on my end.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good, and you?

Happy Sunday! How's everyone? Hopefully enjoying the gorgeous weather whereever you are. It's a little windy out, but considering it is supposed to rain tomorrow, I'll take breezy.

Cordie is over a week old already! Wow! Time flies. As we are right now, she and Bill are hanging out together, which is just one of the cutest things ever. Duncan woke up from his nap, Bill went to get him, and Duncan said "no" so Bill came back downstairs, and Duncan has been asleep for another half an hour at least. He was tired though. We had our 1st post baby meltdown this afternoon. He's been fantastic, but being two, and considering how his little world has changed so much, we knew it would happen. He's entitled. We won't tell him that though. He had a time out, and after that just a really good cuddle with Mommy on the couch, which really helped defuse the situation.

Cordie is doing great. Any possible jaundice is totally gone. She's putting on weight great, getting into better awake/sleep cycles. I was only up once with her last night, after about a 3 1/2 hour sleep. If she keeps that up, I will not complain.

I feel great. Sure, a somewhat tired as is to be expected, but I am coping with it much better than I did with Duncan at this point.

Cordie has her one week appointment tomorrow, and I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. So we'll see how the whole blood thing is going then. I'm taking my iron like a good girl. Hopefully it's doing the trick. I have a feeling it will be "keep taking that and check in again".

Chris and Ronnie are finally coming over tonight. Ronnie has only seen Cordie once from a distance b/c she had the flu. I'm glad common sense reigned there, but it sucks she had to wait this long! We're going to fire up the new BBQ and just have a good time visiting together.

It's Tanya's birthday this week. Happy Birthday in advance Tanya! I love you!
Bill's birthday is in two weeks.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birth Story

Alright, Cordie is napping, Duncan is off at Nikki's (I am so over that guilt thing *grin*), I've had breakfast and thought I'd better post it now or else it will never get done.

Thanks 1st of all to everyone for your congratulations and support. We are, of course, thrilled and amazed by Cordie. She is doing so awesome. The health nurse was over yesterday. Cordie was 8lb1oz at birth, 7lb10oz at discharge 2 days later. Yesterday, 5 days old, she is already 8lb4oz - so not only has she regained her birth weight in 5 days, but some additional weight too! This is awesome. A little jaundice, but we're taking care of that through nursing - which is also going great.

So here is the story, in all gory detail! Warning!

As I indicated before, I had been scheduled to be induced on Friday May 15. The hospital was totally bombarded by deliveries though and were actually sending people to other hospitals unless they were going to be delivering pretty quick. So my induction was postponed to Tuesday, May 19.

Saturday afternoon I woke from my nap and my water broke - about 3:30. So we called Mom to come stay with Duncan, went and returned our video rental (it was funny how nonchalant we were about it), and then off to the hospital. They did a NST, and at that point, 4:30, contractions were about 7 minutes apart. They couldn't tell for sure if my water had broken though. Not that they didn't believe me, but b/c of the strep B + they didn't want to hook me up to the iv until it was necessary, and if it hadn't actually broken, and labour stopped, then it would have been for nothing. So they said go home, come back when you're about 4-5 min apart. I said I have a feeling I'll be back in a few hours and they said they agreed. So we went home, had dinner, got Duncan to bed, and then contractions were about 5 min apart, so I went back in - I'm about 5 minutes from the hospital. This was 8 PM. I said to them I am going to want the epidural, so they said okay but we'll see how you progress - not wanting to do it too early (although by this point contrations were 2 minutes apart - we were going fast!). So I used the nitrous oxide and things just went so fast. I said to Bill inbetween 'CAN THEY NOT HEAR ME! TELL THEM I WANT THE EPIDURAL!' So she came to check me and it was time to push! Two pushes and she was out. That quick! We got there at 8, delivered at 9:51. So yes, I survived with no epidural, but had it been longer I would have still wanted it. It was funny b/c the doctor says to the nurse "it's too late for the epidural" and the nurse says "you tell her that, she said she wanted one..." LOL.

And, YAY! No tearing! So as far as that goes, I'm actually not in pain.

So off to my room - yay I got private, which was awesome. My Dad was there to see her quick, and then off to relieve Mom from Duncan duty (who of course was fast asleep and didn't even know we were gone).

Then things went sideways. I'm holding Cordie and I feel a gush (this is where it gets gory). I buzz the nurse and told her I was gushing. They check. Yeah - I'm hemorrhaging. Things went real fast then. Bill had Cordie in the corner, and I'm bleeding - alot! There are nurses running in and out - well I think, I was on the verge of passing out b/c I was losing so much blood at that point - and they are sticking me with this and that, and stat blood tests, and this in my iv and that in my iv and massaging my uterus. Said and done I lost 3 litres of blood - about 1/2 my volume! They said after when it settled down that b/c the delivery went so fast the uterus didn't know to contract again and all the blood vessels kept pumping blood in. Apparently it's quite common - we could tell they knew what they were doing, but it was still quite scary. I was praying during that, and Bill was too. He said he knew I was going to be okay, but just watching it all and all the blood and all he was thinking 'I can't do this on my own Lord'. And to top it off my Mom was waiting out in the waiting area and she knew something was going on, and so she was freaking out too. But we got it all settled down.

Mom spent the night - Bill was so exhausted at that point, so I sent him home. My Mom is awesome. We knew this, but I'll just note it down here. I couldn't get up of course, but she held Cordie 1/2 the night until I made her pull out the cot and get some rest. We tried getting me up in the morning - b/c frankly I felt fine, but I almost passed out on the nurse - so that was a little too quick. Doctor came in and discussed blood transfusion, but needed to wait until my morning blood test was back for hemoglobin levels. It came back and very much to everyones surprise it was awesome. They thought the count was going to below 60 and I was at a 96 or something. The doctor said I actually had better blood counts than most women who have normal delivery and don't bleed like that! He said I must be very healthy. I was pleased.

Monday morning was time to go home, and I was ready to. When talking to the health nurse on Tuesday she's warning me to watch for clots that are larger than a loonie - and everyone always tells you this. Tuesday evening I passed a reall large one. So, I was off to Emergency. Once again Mom was with me. She came to watch Duncan but he took one look at her and said "NO OMA!" Which is funny. He loves his Opa. He loves his Oma too, but he pretty much knows that Oma coming over means Mommy and Daddy are going out. For the record Oma comes over all the time just to visit, but he just makes that connection. So we decided Mom would go with Cordie and me - Cordie had to come b/c we didn't know how long I would be. They did more bloodwork and I was sent home and Wednesday morning the ER doctor called me and said my numbers were lower again, and so to start taking iron pills and see my doctor in a week and I'll get another blood test then. So I guess I'm not out of the woods yet. It just means I need to "take it easy" which is hard to do when you feel fine otherwise. Okay, I'm exhausted, but I have a newborn, so that's part of the deal :) But everyone keeps commenting on how pale I am. Okay...I'll wear make up out *grin*.

So, real quick, Bill is amazing. Honestly, he doesn't even need prompting or anything - he is taking care of Duncan, taking care of me, keeping all the house stuff up, and you can tell he is still totally comfortable on how to handle a baby. None of this "she's fragile" handling - just comfortable and being Cordie's Dad.

Duncan is also being awesome. He is just in love with Cordie. Gives her kisses, brings her her teddy bear, tells her "it's alright" whenever she cries. He is such a great kid. And big too!! He seemed small until Cordie came along, and now he seems huge!! But he is 2 1/2, and is a big healthy kid, but you don't realize it until you've got a newborn in comparison.

Okay, I'm going to nurse little missy again and then go catch a bit more shut eye.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm finally posting to welcome our new baby girl Cordelia Eleanor Ineke who arrived at 9:51 PM on Saturday May 16, 2009. Weighing 8lb1oz, 21 inches long. She is perfect and an amazing blessing from the Lord. Birth story and all it's gory details to follow.

Friday, May 15, 2009


So my scheduled induction for this morning has been bumped to Tuesday morning, as Monday is a holiday. My Mom was right! When they called she said "I wonder if it will even be today" and I said "bah, it will be a few hours" - but not so much! I'm disappointed in that I was looking forward to meeting Bean today, but I was not looking forward to being induced again, so maybe normal labour will happen instead? I'm only 5 days over due now, will be 9 days on Tuesday.

Public health care has it's pros and cons, but you know I'll still take it! On one hand, having this baby doesn't cost me a penny - don't need to worry about insurance and hospital bills etc... but on the flip side, you might run into this kind of difficulty - but it's not their fault. The nurse who called said they were bombarded with deliveries last night and are now actually having to divert people to other hospitals. So she said if I go into labour make sure it's active labour and they can't send me off. So we'll see how it pans out!

I made brownies though. I think they might need to be eaten with ice cream on top :) I think we're going to take Duncan out for a bit - beautiful day, might as well enjoy it!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a weird day

It's been a good day for getting stuff done. Got Duncan off to Nikki's, went grocery shopping, sorted through Duncan's clothes to see what's too small and make more room for a bunch more of stuff we just rec'd. I picked up some stuff from a freecycler, had lunch, unloaded the dishwasher - and don't worry there was a certain amount of vegging in there too.

But it's so odd b/c I'm doing all this every day stuff and it's like "tomorrow I'll just go have a baby'. Like it's a normal week. Like we do this all the time.

But it's all good. Of course we're really excited to welcome Bean tomorrow, and although it's going to change our family all over, we both agree it's an awesome change. Like we could be any more awesome. :)

I had doctor's appointment today - my last one! We discussed the plan for tomorrow, and it's no where near as daunting as I thought it was going to be. See with Duncan when they induced I basically had to lay down for 7 hours and wait it out - I wasn't allowed to walk around or anything. Today the doctor says I'll be going home about an hour after they induce - for 3 hours or so, before going back to see how things are progressing. This is nice b/c it will be easier if I can move around, and while Mom is totally ready for us all day, she can go to her Pro-D day thing for at least a bit - she's only about 5 minutes away. Also, my doctor needs to leave at 3, but then the doctor taking over, if Bean is not there yet, is the other doctor who has done all my prenatal care - so two people I know and am familiar with.

I don't expect I'm going to sleep too well tonight. Going to be pondering tomorrow too much.

Other than baby stuff, I was just watching last night's Idol results show. I knew who had been booted, but I like to watch it anyhow. You can tell I'm hormonal b/c there is one point where Kris Allen's Dad is hugging him and telling him how proud he is of him, and here I am getting all teary eyed from it. I'm thrilled with the top two. I love them both. Adam by far is the consumate performer. I would rather listen to a CD with Kris singing on it, but I've loved Adam from the start. So I'm happy with this year's show!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks everyone

I want to thank everyone for chiming in on my post yesterday. Even my Mom told me I was being silly and she would have sent us if she could have. I guess I'd just been thinking that quite often there is a response from people of "you're home and you're sending your kid to day care?". Mind you, I think you get grief no matter how you parent. I got grief b/c when I went back to work it wasn't my Mom watching Duncan. See, in some cultures it is the Mom, or MIL who watches baby during the day- which I get, but not our culture, and my Mom works full time! And then you get people who give you grief for going back to work at all, and then if you decide to stay home, you get grief b/c you're not working. Don't you find that to be the truth?

But you are all so good to me, and supportive - so thank you. I'm glad I'm not being silly.

Otherwise... D and I had an awesome day together. I took him to drop in time at the Leisure Centre ($1, can't go wrong), in hopes that it would tucker him out, and perhaps my running around after him might get labour going... ha, not so much! Well at least not yet. He had a good time, but it was a zoo in there. Well over 50 kids.

Hockey is over - yay! Don't care for it.
Election is over - yay! Let's move on.
Up next - baby!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mom Guilt

Okay, as much as we all like to think so, none of us are perfect Moms. Some of us are pretty awesome at it, but it's an art, not a science, isn't it?

I've been feeling guilty about daycare. Here's the thing - Duncan loves to go. He puts on his shoes (boots) and jacket, waits at the door "Alright! Let's go!" I drop him off, get a quick hug and he is gone. So I know it's not like I'm sending my child to some place he dreads.

But as I have this year off work, I'm still sending him 2 days a week, and I feel like I'm cheating. Isn't it though? Everyone tells me how smart we are to still send him - gives me a break, he gets to play with his little friends, and from the practical stand point, it's keeping his spot in daycare until I go back full time next year.

But isn't this the easy way out? Am I cheating? I love him, and I love the time I spend with him. I think staying home full time with your kids is a lot more work, and so am I less of a Mom, or a cheating Mom for sending him, and enjoying that I can get stuff done, and not worry about him two days a week? I'm grateful to live in a country where the gov't sends us money each month to help with daycare costs (which makes this possible). However, it still feels like the easy way out.

Full time stay at home Moms - I'd love for you to chime in. Be honest - am I being "smart" or am I "cheating"? Just looking for a bit of a thought/direction/input.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, No baby.

Nope, no showing up of Miss or Mister Bean yet. Yep I'm trying much of the conventional methods of induving labour. I am going for walks, bending over - cleaning the floor on your hands and knees apparently helps - I think picking up toys is as good as, walking up and down stairs... and other stuff not need be mentioned here.

I have not, and likely will not, take castor oil, will not be having a pork roast dinner (although it sounds delicious!), nor a lobster dinner (sounds even better!), drink/take any variety of herbal remedies. I figure this kid will show up when they are good and ready - unless it's Friday, at which case we know he/she is showing up.

I had a few contractions earlier today - no more than I have in the past week or more, but I thought perhaps it was the start of things, but apparently not. But as Bill told me today, if it is Friday, he will be off until almost June, which will be great.

Otherwise, I have a non-stress test tomorrow at 10:30 AM. So I switched Duncan going to Nikki's to tomorrow, so we got a good day together at home today. He still loves going there. And it also gives me a chance to do stuff. And once Bean is here, I think it will be a nice balance for him. Mind you, if he was home full time we'd love that too, but this is how it works out.

Remember how I got to product test a bunch of Christie Snack Pak stuff about a month back? Well today I got another product test in the mail for Polysporin Spray to go and some bandaids. I didn't even know I was getting it, so this is cool and I think it is going to be a great little thing to have on me especially with Duncan getting a lot more daring. For those interested I got this through Go2Girlz through UrbanMom. You answer surveys and if you qualify you get sent stuff. Apparently I was also chosen for a Yoptimal product test, but there was a mix up with the coupons and I didn't get them. Oh well.

Mother's Day was fantastic. Duncan, courtesy of Bill, got me a great card and gift card to spa I like (woo hoo!). I got to sleep in, had breakfast made for me. We went to my parent's place in the afternoon and had a really good time visiting with them and my siblings and their families. It was a really nice day.

And that's it here! Babywatch 2009 continues!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday morning

Good morning everyone! Duncan was up early. Not that I'm sleeping too well anyhow. But the 1st thing he asked when I went to get him was if he could watch Robots. So cute. So sure, we can watch Robots. Gives me a chance to read email, blog, have tea, and listen to Ewan McGregor. Not a bad thing.

We're going to do advance voting today b/c I don't want to miss out next week if Bean is showing up. Get out and vote friends! I'll never tell you how to vote (of course I have an opinion, but that's not the point) but I just think we should all do it.

We're also finally going to go get our new BBQ today. It has been 4 years at least since we had one, and every time we smell other people grilling it makes us jealous. We have cash saved up and we're taking the plunge. Also with Bill's Dad and Brother coming out in July, I think being able to grill will be a perfect option. Now I need you all to help me get Bill doing the grilling b/c he doesn't.

I'm hungry. Duncan has asked for pancakes this morning, and he doesn't know I bought some chocolate chips to put it them. I think he'll love that.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on Bean's pending arrival

Okay, so I am 39.5 weeks pregnant. Unless things happen pretty quick, I'll be running at least a little over due. I'd been hoping before Mother's Day, but oh well! Not too late for that, just unlikely.

I had my appointment today. Bean is good. Heartrate is good, position is good etc... I'm just not getting much in the way of contractions. So the doctor said they like to schedule an induction for later b/c you don't want to wait until it's 42 weeks along and then have to schedule it.

So unless Bean makes her appearance sooner (let's hope she does! I do not want to be induced, and no I don't know for sure that Bean is a girl), I'll be induced next week Friday May 15. It seemed to work for scheduling on a lot of levels. It's rather funny you can schedule a baby that well. Mom has a Pro-D day, it's a long weekend, I can make arrangements for Duncan's day care if needed... I have a Non-stress test on Tuesday, and next doctor's appointment next Thursday.

And yes, I am doing many of the things people suggest that help bring labour on, but I'm not sure I believe them all.

Anyhow, that's where things are at over here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nothing new

Ahh... Saturday afternoon. D is down for his nap and we're just vegging on the couch. There all these things I think I could be doing, but it's either sitting here watching House Hunters on HGTV, or take a nap. Maybe I'll still try to take that nap.

I made a pattern to make slip covers for my nursing pillow, so that's the other thing I'd like to work on, and also clean more upstairs. Always a lot more to do! But vegging in some respect is winning.

Nothing new on the Bean front. I had a few contraction-ish things yesterday, but nothing significant, and they stopped over night. I'm now due in 8 days. I really hope I don't go 2 weeks over b/c I think I'd have a hard time with "is today going to be the day?" for another 3 weeks. And hey, a glass of Vino on Mother's Day would be really nice. As I type that Bean says KICK KICK KICK! *grin*

We're on the search for a BBQ. We've been looking around for a while now, and found one that Bill likes at Zellers. Now, I'm usually the one who does the grilling, but I admitted to him, if we get one he likes, then perhaps he'll step up to the plate and learn how to grill. What man doesn't love grilling? Oh, mine doesn't :)

D has a bit of a cold, poor kid. But he slept well last night, and went down with out a peep for his nap. He's such a good kid. I hope he does okay with the baby. I mean I know he will over all, but it's going to be hard for him at first.

Oh, and finally, we went stroller shopping yesterday. Well, Ronnie and I did. I was looking for a double stroller, but really want something that will fit in the grocery store, or through the door into Starbucks, or whatever, and we found this one called Joovy Caboose Ultralight. It's a Sit Stand stroller - so the toddler has a little jump seat in the back, or it can slide back and he can stand. I think this is perfect for a toddler who prefers to walk, but you know will need the option to rest - say if we're at the Aquarium, Zoo, etc... The reviews I've read are positive. Now the price - under $300, which I think is decent for a double stroller that doesn't feel like a cheap piece of plastic. I've looked on Craigslist, and there are some out there, but in Richmond, or Abbotsford, etc... and that seems a little far to go. So we'll need to decide how far we're willing to drive for a used one, or spend the extra few bucks and get it new and nearby. TJ Kidds also sells it, a bit cheaper, but for us the drive down to Marine Drive is a hassle.

So that's it! Okay, I think no nap, perhaps I'll sew. Have a blessed weekend!