Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday morning

Good morning everyone! Duncan was up early. Not that I'm sleeping too well anyhow. But the 1st thing he asked when I went to get him was if he could watch Robots. So cute. So sure, we can watch Robots. Gives me a chance to read email, blog, have tea, and listen to Ewan McGregor. Not a bad thing.

We're going to do advance voting today b/c I don't want to miss out next week if Bean is showing up. Get out and vote friends! I'll never tell you how to vote (of course I have an opinion, but that's not the point) but I just think we should all do it.

We're also finally going to go get our new BBQ today. It has been 4 years at least since we had one, and every time we smell other people grilling it makes us jealous. We have cash saved up and we're taking the plunge. Also with Bill's Dad and Brother coming out in July, I think being able to grill will be a perfect option. Now I need you all to help me get Bill doing the grilling b/c he doesn't.

I'm hungry. Duncan has asked for pancakes this morning, and he doesn't know I bought some chocolate chips to put it them. I think he'll love that.

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