Thursday, May 28, 2009

When it rains it pours

As Bill asked earlier today "why is everything that costs money coming up now that you're on EI?" And it's a good question. We knew we'd be dipping into credit while I was off. We're good for the month to month expenses, but anything outside the box has to come from somewhere.

First it was Bill's computer. Hardware failure, blue screen of death. He managed to get it to boot one more time to back up important stuff and hit eject on both disc drives to get some discs out. Before this had happened there had been a message that the battery on the mother board was going, so in hopes it was just a simple fix we bought a new battery and tried plugging that in, but to no avail. Much to my surprise, and totally umprompted, Bill called Dell to see if they might have any ideas. His warranty was up a year ago, so we were pleased they were still willing to talk to him. Anyhow, when Bill described the error he was getting (there are diagnostic lights) and how it was behaving, the fellow on the other side kind of laughed and reported it was dead. We kind of knew that, but we were hoping.

Now as bad as it sounds, we're a two computer family. We don't do well sharing computers. We did this when we first got married, and we got a 2nd computer pretty darned quick at that time. Now, Bill does have an option for an interest free computer loan through work, and so we think we're going to go that route to get him a new one, but it's just the timing of it all.

And now today we're having our car serviced. We're just shy of our 100,000 km on the Elantra, and that's when the warranty runs out, so we kind of like to have it looked over one more time in case there is anything the warranty would cover and need fixing now. Well they called and informed us that the timing belt needs to be replaced - $700!!! We kind of don't have $700 laying around (okay, not at all), so we told them not right now, and we'll see if someone else can do it for us for cheaper. I think it's preventative, however from what we know if it does go, you have a much bigger problem. I figure Bill can take Blue to work and I don't need to go driving until we get it worked out. With weather like this, I don't mind walking!

Otherwise, we're doing good. Have adjusted to broken sleep quite well actually. I nap when I can, but no I don't sleep every time the baby does - frankly I'm not always that tired. I just need to start going to bed earlier I think. I had my appointment with the doctor yesterday and my blood count is headed back up in the right direction, so that's good!

Okay, lunch time before this little girl wakes up, then back out to get the car from Hyundai. There goes our day!

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