Friday, May 15, 2009


So my scheduled induction for this morning has been bumped to Tuesday morning, as Monday is a holiday. My Mom was right! When they called she said "I wonder if it will even be today" and I said "bah, it will be a few hours" - but not so much! I'm disappointed in that I was looking forward to meeting Bean today, but I was not looking forward to being induced again, so maybe normal labour will happen instead? I'm only 5 days over due now, will be 9 days on Tuesday.

Public health care has it's pros and cons, but you know I'll still take it! On one hand, having this baby doesn't cost me a penny - don't need to worry about insurance and hospital bills etc... but on the flip side, you might run into this kind of difficulty - but it's not their fault. The nurse who called said they were bombarded with deliveries last night and are now actually having to divert people to other hospitals. So she said if I go into labour make sure it's active labour and they can't send me off. So we'll see how it pans out!

I made brownies though. I think they might need to be eaten with ice cream on top :) I think we're going to take Duncan out for a bit - beautiful day, might as well enjoy it!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you did go into "Active" labour. Welcome to your little girl and kiss her little toes and fingers from her Lally Auntie Vicki in Alberta. Hope everyone is happy and healthy, glad to see Duncan was right about getting a little sister!