Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, No baby.

Nope, no showing up of Miss or Mister Bean yet. Yep I'm trying much of the conventional methods of induving labour. I am going for walks, bending over - cleaning the floor on your hands and knees apparently helps - I think picking up toys is as good as, walking up and down stairs... and other stuff not need be mentioned here.

I have not, and likely will not, take castor oil, will not be having a pork roast dinner (although it sounds delicious!), nor a lobster dinner (sounds even better!), drink/take any variety of herbal remedies. I figure this kid will show up when they are good and ready - unless it's Friday, at which case we know he/she is showing up.

I had a few contractions earlier today - no more than I have in the past week or more, but I thought perhaps it was the start of things, but apparently not. But as Bill told me today, if it is Friday, he will be off until almost June, which will be great.

Otherwise, I have a non-stress test tomorrow at 10:30 AM. So I switched Duncan going to Nikki's to tomorrow, so we got a good day together at home today. He still loves going there. And it also gives me a chance to do stuff. And once Bean is here, I think it will be a nice balance for him. Mind you, if he was home full time we'd love that too, but this is how it works out.

Remember how I got to product test a bunch of Christie Snack Pak stuff about a month back? Well today I got another product test in the mail for Polysporin Spray to go and some bandaids. I didn't even know I was getting it, so this is cool and I think it is going to be a great little thing to have on me especially with Duncan getting a lot more daring. For those interested I got this through Go2Girlz through UrbanMom. You answer surveys and if you qualify you get sent stuff. Apparently I was also chosen for a Yoptimal product test, but there was a mix up with the coupons and I didn't get them. Oh well.

Mother's Day was fantastic. Duncan, courtesy of Bill, got me a great card and gift card to spa I like (woo hoo!). I got to sleep in, had breakfast made for me. We went to my parent's place in the afternoon and had a really good time visiting with them and my siblings and their families. It was a really nice day.

And that's it here! Babywatch 2009 continues!


Tanya said...

I just can't help but always think that when Bean does come, life is never going to be the same again. What with it being Warren's birthday, we've been thinking back to a year ago a lot. The weekend before Warren was born was seriously lovely. Great weather, lots of little walks, and Lara took a whole day off and came to hang out with us before he was really on the move.
These days are great, too, of course. But different.

Carole said...

You're right. It will be a whole new ball game again. I have a better idea what to expect this time, but the dynamics, especially with Duncan, will be totally different. And although I know I'll be tired, I think the reality is going to hit me hard.