Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a weird day

It's been a good day for getting stuff done. Got Duncan off to Nikki's, went grocery shopping, sorted through Duncan's clothes to see what's too small and make more room for a bunch more of stuff we just rec'd. I picked up some stuff from a freecycler, had lunch, unloaded the dishwasher - and don't worry there was a certain amount of vegging in there too.

But it's so odd b/c I'm doing all this every day stuff and it's like "tomorrow I'll just go have a baby'. Like it's a normal week. Like we do this all the time.

But it's all good. Of course we're really excited to welcome Bean tomorrow, and although it's going to change our family all over, we both agree it's an awesome change. Like we could be any more awesome. :)

I had doctor's appointment today - my last one! We discussed the plan for tomorrow, and it's no where near as daunting as I thought it was going to be. See with Duncan when they induced I basically had to lay down for 7 hours and wait it out - I wasn't allowed to walk around or anything. Today the doctor says I'll be going home about an hour after they induce - for 3 hours or so, before going back to see how things are progressing. This is nice b/c it will be easier if I can move around, and while Mom is totally ready for us all day, she can go to her Pro-D day thing for at least a bit - she's only about 5 minutes away. Also, my doctor needs to leave at 3, but then the doctor taking over, if Bean is not there yet, is the other doctor who has done all my prenatal care - so two people I know and am familiar with.

I don't expect I'm going to sleep too well tonight. Going to be pondering tomorrow too much.

Other than baby stuff, I was just watching last night's Idol results show. I knew who had been booted, but I like to watch it anyhow. You can tell I'm hormonal b/c there is one point where Kris Allen's Dad is hugging him and telling him how proud he is of him, and here I am getting all teary eyed from it. I'm thrilled with the top two. I love them both. Adam by far is the consumate performer. I would rather listen to a CD with Kris singing on it, but I've loved Adam from the start. So I'm happy with this year's show!

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Nancy said...

Wow, good luck! Can't wait to hear the good news. 5/15 is a great day for a birthday - 15 is divisible by 5 so it's a nice number!