Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One week check up

Well, 9 days old check up, but still, our little pumpkin is exactly that - a pumpkin. Not only has she gained her birth weight back (8.1 at birth, 7.10 on discharge, 8.4 4 days old), but as of 9 days old she weighs 9.05!! A full pound heavier than at birth. She is doing awesome! The doctor says "you're not giving her milk, you're giving her cream!".

I had to go for a blood test today, then f/u with my GP tomorrow. I'm pretty pooped today. Cordie isn't up for any horrible amonuts of time at night - last night was about midnight and 2:30 and then about 5:40 this morning, but I think culmination of that schedule is actually catching up to me. I went to nap yesterday but only got a short one b/c we had to finish filling out all the paperwork - birth certificate, child tax credit/child care benefit, benefit info, MSP, and short term disability forms for work. I'm glad Bill helped me with that b/c not that it's hard to fill out, but it's the kind of thing where you need to go look up line 150 of your tax return, which means finding your tax return etc etc... just a pain. But we got it done. Did you know they actually assign your baby a PHN in the hospital now? Not that I want to keep my child from the gov't knowledge, but for those who might want to, they are making it harder!

Anyhow, I'm getting Duncan hugs, watching Thomas, and Bill and Cordie are hanging out on the love seat together, but I have a feeling she'll need me soon.

Tanya - yep - it is doable. And if I can do it, you most certainly can! As you know, having an awesome husband helps a lot :) I'll admit I'm not looking forward to Bill going back to work next week. I know some people kind of get tired of each other, but not on my end.

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