Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on Bean's pending arrival

Okay, so I am 39.5 weeks pregnant. Unless things happen pretty quick, I'll be running at least a little over due. I'd been hoping before Mother's Day, but oh well! Not too late for that, just unlikely.

I had my appointment today. Bean is good. Heartrate is good, position is good etc... I'm just not getting much in the way of contractions. So the doctor said they like to schedule an induction for later b/c you don't want to wait until it's 42 weeks along and then have to schedule it.

So unless Bean makes her appearance sooner (let's hope she does! I do not want to be induced, and no I don't know for sure that Bean is a girl), I'll be induced next week Friday May 15. It seemed to work for scheduling on a lot of levels. It's rather funny you can schedule a baby that well. Mom has a Pro-D day, it's a long weekend, I can make arrangements for Duncan's day care if needed... I have a Non-stress test on Tuesday, and next doctor's appointment next Thursday.

And yes, I am doing many of the things people suggest that help bring labour on, but I'm not sure I believe them all.

Anyhow, that's where things are at over here.


André Baron said...

May 12th! That's when bean should come!

I know exactly what you guys are going through, a year ago it was us!

Laura said...

Brian says May 11 is a good day! Warren didnt listen but maybe Bean will. Hope you are feeling well! looking forward to baby announcements and photos!

Nancy said...

My advice for getting labor going is to eat a huge meal - more than you normally eat. Alex was born the day after a dinner party, and Zach was born the day after Thanksgiving. In both cases I ate way too much, and had a glass of wine or 2 as well, not sure if the wine helped but at that point it can't hurt!

Can't wait to hear the big news.