Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good, and you?

Happy Sunday! How's everyone? Hopefully enjoying the gorgeous weather whereever you are. It's a little windy out, but considering it is supposed to rain tomorrow, I'll take breezy.

Cordie is over a week old already! Wow! Time flies. As we are right now, she and Bill are hanging out together, which is just one of the cutest things ever. Duncan woke up from his nap, Bill went to get him, and Duncan said "no" so Bill came back downstairs, and Duncan has been asleep for another half an hour at least. He was tired though. We had our 1st post baby meltdown this afternoon. He's been fantastic, but being two, and considering how his little world has changed so much, we knew it would happen. He's entitled. We won't tell him that though. He had a time out, and after that just a really good cuddle with Mommy on the couch, which really helped defuse the situation.

Cordie is doing great. Any possible jaundice is totally gone. She's putting on weight great, getting into better awake/sleep cycles. I was only up once with her last night, after about a 3 1/2 hour sleep. If she keeps that up, I will not complain.

I feel great. Sure, a somewhat tired as is to be expected, but I am coping with it much better than I did with Duncan at this point.

Cordie has her one week appointment tomorrow, and I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. So we'll see how the whole blood thing is going then. I'm taking my iron like a good girl. Hopefully it's doing the trick. I have a feeling it will be "keep taking that and check in again".

Chris and Ronnie are finally coming over tonight. Ronnie has only seen Cordie once from a distance b/c she had the flu. I'm glad common sense reigned there, but it sucks she had to wait this long! We're going to fire up the new BBQ and just have a good time visiting together.

It's Tanya's birthday this week. Happy Birthday in advance Tanya! I love you!
Bill's birthday is in two weeks.

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Tanya said...

I'm awesome! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I LOVE that you're BBQing and enjoying a summer beverage. You're making me thing this whole "newborn and a toddler" thing is doable.
How did the full-scale metdown work? Lying on the floow screaming? Throwing toys? So far, Warren has shown us his unparalleled ability to sulk. It's hysterical. I wonder if he'll wish he had parents that take him seriously?