Monday, October 26, 2009

Today - October 26, 2009


Outside my window: it's dark now. It was pouring all last night and into this morning and this afternoon was glorious!!

I am hearing: The music over the monitor from Duncan's room.

I am thinking: I should be in bed. I'm wondering if I should wake Cordelia or let her sleep until she wakes up hungry. If I let her sleep I get to go to sleep earlier, but then I'll more likely have to wake up 2x in the middle of the night, and that's brutal!

I am hoping: Bill gets better soon and that none of us catch it. Oh, we've determined it's a nasty cold, not the flu.

I am reading: Still An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. I told you I'm a slow reader!

I am creating: still working on quilts. Lots of them to make! But I suppose this week we'll be doing pumpkins too.

I am wearing: my pjs!

In the kitchen:
Monday - home made pizza (was good). Oh, for Duncan (he doesn't care for pizza) I made this recipe I just received today from called Freaky Franks. It was awesome! You stick uncooked spaghetti through pieces of hot dogs and then cook it so that the spaghetti is cooked into the hotdog. Duncan devoured it!
Tuesday - Pork chops
Wednesday - chicken drumsticks
Thursday - left overs? I am so uninspired for meals this week. *sigh*
Friday - we'll figure that out on Friday

Around the house: There is always something to be done. Got some good work on Cordie's room last week, but still lots to do.

Plans for the week: Duncan's preschool Halloween Party is on Thursday so I need to bring something for that. Otherwise, trick or treating for Halloween on Saturday. But I'm wondering if Duncan is going to get dressed up this year. Last year he didn't. So far this year he doesn't want to. We'll see. Oh, and I'm planning on seeing Tanya and Warren on Friday! Let's hope the weather is dry so we can go to that awesome park.

A few of my favorite things: Cordie has discovered how to really use the jollly jumper and she just loves it!! She is so funny.

Picture Thought:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh yeah

Earlier today I was talking to my Mom (for the 1st time... we talk a lot. When there is a day we don't speak for one reason or another both Bill's and my Dad's reactions are "what, are you guys fighting?" *grin*) she said "go write in your blog, I need something to read". Now, seeing as we talk multiple times a day, there really isn't going to be much in here that she doesn't know, but hey, here you go Mom. Love you lots.

Oh, there is something new. We think Bill's got "it". It Being the flu. It being the H1N1 as they are saying if you have the flu it's 99% likely it's the H1N1. At 1st we thought it was a nasty cold, but I think if tomorrow he has a fever (he hasn't yet) then we'll change it to flu. Poor guy. I complimented him tonight and said I was impressed b/c he hadn't been sterotypical sick male yet. Bill says "just wait". So tomorrow I need to get him in to see the doctor if for no other reason than he'll need a note for work. He might be off for the whole week. We've been hearing some employers insisting that people take at least 7 days (Ronnie, and I think Andre too), but we don't know what his work's policy on that is. Hey, I don't want him sick, but it's nice to have him around, even if on the whole I pretend he's not there b/c it helps my routine. I just folllow him around with a can of Lysol "Did you touch that? Yes? Okay" *SPRAY*. *GRIN*. I really hope the kids and I don't get it (duh, of course I hope that), but more so the kids than me. Not that I want it, but little kids don't understand being sick, you know?

Otherwise, not much going on. It's time for bed. I think that is a theme in all of my blog posts. I need to check on Cordie and see if she wants to eat.

Oh, funny thing, since I've started doing that datebook thing on Monday's that I stole from Colorado Nancy, I've totally been holding myself accountable to the meal plan. We always make a meal plan, but it's always so easy to say "oh let's just get take out instead". But since I've been writing it down I actually feel like I'm accountable to the 3 people who read this blog, and we're sticking to it. I'll ask Bill what he wants for dinner and he'll reply "I don't know, whatever you wrote in your blog". Oh, the power.

Okay, I'm yawning. Good night. Be healthy. Love you all.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I really should be in bed

It's 10:22, I'm tired, I still need to feed Cordelia again (I always get her up and feed her one more time before I go to bed, this usually keeps her happy for a good period of time), but I am having such a relaxing evening. Bill is gaming (World of Warcraft) (and he has a cold, poor guy... I think I'll be spending some time with the Lysol tomorrow), and I've just been chillin' on the couch catching up on email, and my Google Reader. Oh, I also emailed Dole (you know, the pineapple people) because we bought some peaches that taste like they were canned well before they were ripe and we now have a box of peaches that are crunchy and tasteless. I email people. I'm one of those people who doesn't hesitate to say "I didn't get what I paid for" in a really nice way.

I'm also listening to music. I broke down today and bought 'I Gotta Feeling' by the Black eyed Peas on iTunes. Every time I hear this song I like it, so I thought why not. So I added it to my Gym Music folder, which really is more of my best of the best folder now b/c there is a lot of non-workout music in there. Okay, it's all non-workout music b/c I haven't been working out. Ha ha ha. Oh, but I told Bill I think I want EA SportsActive for Christmas. I like the Wii Fit but my problem with it is there is so much down time between exercises it's hard to maintain momentum. So a 20 minute work out can take you 45 minutes. I also told him I wouldn't mind some kind of a dancing video game. Something I can do where no one will see me. But I don't know what dancing games are good.

I had a coupon for buy one get one free Blizzard from DQ, so I popped out around 9 and got us some. Bill needed it for his sore throat you know. It was yummy. That and a cup of tea... ahhh...

Our cheap $25 dvd player is dying. Can you believe it?! I mean, come on, we didn't buy the $20 one for a reason... Okay, I guess we asked for that. But seeing as our PS3 doubles as our DVD player, we can use our "old" one. Confusing I know. We have a dvd player in the kitchen (with a tv, duh) so Duncan can watch Backyardigans etc while we're out there. yes, sometimes during meals, I'm a bad mom.

Kids are good, thanks for asking. Cordie is so funny. She talks and talks and talks. Bill just rolls his eyes and I assure him it is never going to end :) She's still been in our room but we're moving her to her own room this weekend b/c she is outgrowing the basinette. And I keep stubbing my toe on it. But I'll miss having her so close. Duncan is good too. He didn't want to nap today and fought it for an hour and a half! And finally I just turned the downstairs monitor off and went about my business and I turned it back on 10 minutes later and he was asleep! But of course we couldn't let him sleep long, and so he was quite owly for the rest of the evening. We got his school pictures (proofs) today. How cute.

Bed time!

Monday, October 19, 2009



Outside my window: it's overcast. It was foggy this morning. It's a nice fall day though. I love fall!

I am hearing: Rachel Ray. Mackenzie Philips is on there. I'm rather tired of her now.

I am thinking: if the cats, who are running around upstairs, wake the kids, furr will fly

I am hoping: that our decision to not sell next year, and stay put for a while instead, is the right one.

I am reading: Still An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. I told you I'm a slow reader!

I am creating: still working on quilts. Lots of them to make!

I am wearing: Gap pants and a black t-shirt.

In the kitchen:
Monday - pasta
Tuesday - Beef stroganoff
Wednesday - Pork chops (shake and bake)
Thursday - pasta again
Friday - we'll figure that out on Friday

Around the house: I need to get Cordie's room cleaned up!!

Plans for the week: Bill has Friday off. Duncan is going to daycare then instead and we're going to get work outside done.

A few of my favorite things: Duncan has taken some chores upon himself - like feeding the cats each morning, and helping set the table. I love that when we went for a walk yesterday afternoon with Oma and Opa he walked the whole way, at a good pace. He's just growing up. Cordie's new sound " Ba ba ba ba ba ba". She's so cute!!!

Picture Thought:
This is a Northern Flicker. Not a great shot, but he was hanging around in our back yard this past week and I thought he was (she was?) a beautiful bird.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vegetable Soup

Duncan received a book a while back from Theresa called "Vegetable Soup" by Ann Morris. For the life of me I can't find a direct link to this book online. Oh, he received a bunch of books from her, but he is particularly keen on this one. Going to Peek-A-Book at the library (baby story time) I learned that many children's book have a rhythm to them to read aloud. So, reading this book, we put our own rhythm to it, and it totally works.

Having read the book many, many times, we rather have it memorized (like many parents do with many books). So, with the weather turning cooler, we decided it was time to make it.

Put some water in a pot (we added the water last)
then add some more you'll need a lot.
Add fresh carrots, celery, beans
sweet potatoes and mustard greens (we didn't add mustard greens, but upon reflection I could have added some kale)
Stir in onions, tomatoes too (we used tomato sauce instead)
add green peas, you'll need a few
A bit of parsley is very nice (we didn't add parsley, I don't like it)
with salt and pepper for the spice (I used salt and Mrs. Dash)
Cook it slowly on low heat.
Simmer until it's time to eat.
When the carrots lose their crunch,
then you'll know it's time for lunch.
It's time for sipping vegetable soup!

(and might I add, it's rather yummy!).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. Why is it that when I sleep on my right side I put my arms a certain way, and it's totally comfortable, but when I sleep on my left I can't seem to get my arms the same way, and therefore achieve the same amount of comfort?

2. I have no problem buying No Name brand or a house brand, but I don't care what they say, there are certain things that don't compare. Like ketchup. Like most cereal. Like macaroni and cheese.

3. If we had a big earthquake today we totally would not be prepared. The whole supplies for three days thing? Yeah, not so much. That reminds me we also need to get a will done up now we've got kids.

4. Ronnie has the flu - probably H1N1. How much does that suck? She's feeling better, but it's still brutal. If I got hit with the flu (any flu) we'd be hooped b/c I wouldn't be able to watch the kids. What do single Mom's do? (or single Dads). Bless them.

5. Need a lift? Check out

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I won!

Four times in the last 3 weeks no less - I've won some of the giveaways I've been entering.

I won a book and lip liner and lip gloss from Northern Mama, and some shaving products, and a Masterlock prize from 3 Boys and a Dog. It's kind of funny because I just enter these draws (no harm, no foul) and it's all just come together lately. It's fun. Mom says I should go buy a lotto ticket, but I said since these ones cost me no money, I'll stick with them.

Otherwise, Friday tomorrow. Tanya's last day at work. Woot! I don't know what I'm doing with the kids - if we're going out or not. Duncan has been being very 3 lately - like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He'll be super awesome, polite, well behaved one moment and then turn into this little monkey the next. His thing right now his hitting. When he does, he gets a time out, and when he apologizes he has to explain what he did wrong so I know he understands. But at this age, he knows the words to say, but he doesn't understand. Not that he actually hurts when he hits - he does it out of frustration, but how do you get through that it is not okay? Ah, we'll get there.

So Bill is gaming tonight and I think I am going to do a bit of quilting and try and hit the hay at a reasonable time. I slept miserably last night. I tried to nap. That didn't work either.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday night catch up

I have been meaning to write every day for the last 4 days, but time gets away. Usually when I have time to do something like blog it's a choice between blogging, reading my book, doing some quilting, or maybe watching a show I like, or something else. So, blogging has been the victim. But I just finished my wee witchy quilt yesterday, so I have the satisfaction of having finished another project!

So, last Thursday we went to the Pumpkin Patch with Duncan's preschool. It was perfect weather for it, and we had a great time. He keeps calling it the Duncan Patch. LOL. And he loves his little pumpkin. He keeps wanting to play with it. I told him he can't play with it, because if he drops it, pumpkin goes splat and that's the end of pumpkin.

Friday Ronnie was over in the morning for a visit - which was awesome. We never get to see each other any more. I had picked up a sewing machine on Freecycle and wanted her to have it. So I took a bit of time to clean it out, figure out how to make it work, and then showed her. She said she was really happy to receive it. She's been wanting one for simple projects. This one is a Kenmore machine, probably 15 years old or so. The lady I got it from said she couldn't keep the needle threaded. While I was looking online for the manual that might go with it I noticed that Janome makes the Kenmore machines. I have a Janome, so I tried one of my bobbins in the Kenmore, and it worked great! So it seems after all that, the lady only had the wrong kind of bobbin in her machine. This one is a bit of a bear. When you press the pedal it is THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. I guess I am used to mine which has a speed control, and franhkly is a bit more gentle. But hers still works!

Friday afternoon it was WIGGLE TIME! Woo hoo! Oh boy did we have a blast! Honestly we enjoyed the show just as much as Duncan did (or perhaps because he did). They sang all of their really well known songs, and you can tell these people know how to entertain children. But on top of it I was really impressed with Anthony, Jeff, and Captain Feathersword with some of the physical tricks they were doing. These guys are in shape!! Jeff Fatt is over 60 years old. He's the Purple Wiggle. I would take Duncan again if I had the chance. And we can tell he loved it because he still keeps mentioning it. The only downside was the hour it took to get out of the parkade - most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. And Cordie was screaming bloody murder. She hates her car seat when we're not moving. So Bill eventually took her out and walked her around and down as we crawled forward. Once we got going both kids were out.

Saturday was standard cleaning and shopping and totally missing Andre's birthday party. I'm sorry Tanya. I never ever responded even after you told me when it was. We wouldn't have been able to make it out anyhow for several reasons, one of which is that the kids would have been completely over done if we'd gone out at that point, but I apologize for not at least letting you know. I hope you had a great time.

Sunday morning Duncan, Theresa and I went for a walk to the store. Duncan rode in the wagon there, but walked the whole way home, which for his little legs was a long walk, but that was great that he did.

Today, Monday, is Thanksgiving!! Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful afternoon at my parent's place with my siblings and their families. Unfortunately my brother Sean was not able to be down as he had to work. He's been having a bit of a rough time of it lately, so if you could pray for him/send good thoughts his way that would be awesome. Anyhow, Cordie and I went over to Mom and Dads around 1 to help with food prep. Cordie napped, which worked great. When she woke up I fed and changed her and left her there while I went home and got the boys. Duncan hadn't napped, so we thought he was going to be super owly, but he was so well behaved! My nephew Erik is just awesome with both of the little ones and makes a point of playing with Duncan and running around with him etc... it's nice for us because we can just sit and visit...or make food and Bill can read his book. Now that sounds funny, but our family get togethers are really laid back. My brothers Tim and Jeff were on their lap tops, Bill was reading, Nancy and Shelley (SILs) were chatting, kids were running around... it was just perfect. And now I'm just having a cuppa tea and writing while Bill is gaming... just unwinding.

Next big thing is my Dad's 70th birthday party on November 21. I've been calling around for a venue, but we need to solidify something soon. 3 people are flying out from Holland for this, which is awesome.

My blog roll on Google Reader is getting insane, but I really enjoy them for casual reading. Three blogs I follow are "food blogs" and they are also women who are really talented with a camera. So if you want to have your taste buds tantilized, check out:
The Pioneer Woman - Ree has been winning all kind of blog awards for her blog, and with good reason. She also just released a cookbook.
The Otherside of 50
- I ran into this one through the Dinnervibe menu I get. We tried her turkey meatloaf with quinoa, which we loved. She calls coworkers Co-irkers. tee hee hee...
Imperrfections - Meg Kat... I think one of her recipes was in the Dinnervibe email I get weekly (which helps me with menu planning), and I got sucked in with both her photography and recipes. What's interesting is that she actually noted that her recipe being linked made he readership go through the roof. Well done Meg!
And once again, stolen from Jersey Girl in Colorado - Nancy -

Outside my window: it is dark. Another beautiful fall day, but it is now supposed to rain for like a week straight.

I am hearing: Main Theme music for Last of the Mohicans. Love this soundtrack.

I am thinking: Not a whole heck of a lot. Just worn out physically because Cordie has been getting up several times a night again. I knew it wouldn't last (sleeping through the night), but it is taking it's toll on me!

I am hoping: That Cordie sleeps well tonight :) That we get Dad's birthday organized soon.

I am reading: Still An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon. I told you I'm a slow reader!

I am creating: Well I just finished my Wee Witchy Quilt, so I think I'll pick up the other quilt I'm half done and am considering giving away for Christmas.

I am wearing: my pjs pants and a brown t-shirt

In the kitchen:

* Monday: was turkey dinner! Yum!
* Tuesday: Pork chops, baked or boiled potatoes, veggies. I'm thinking of adapting this recipe. I can't make it as is because the chops are too thick, but I'm thinking of baking them 1st and then finishing them this way. Do you think it will work?
* Wednesday: Probably pasta
* Thursday: I'm thinking left over chicken and rice casserole
* Friday: Burgers and fries I suppose. I make a meal plan for the week but we don't assign actual meals to specific days until the day of "what do you want tonight?" "what's on the menu?"

Around the house: There is always so much to do. But we really need to get the outdoors cleaned up for winter. Gardens cleaned up, and finish digging up the dirt by the foundation and laying rocks down. That dirt was a big part of the reason for our ant invasion *shudder* this past summer.

Plans for the week: clean, sort, get Dad's birthday party figured out - at least a location booked.

A few of my favorite things: Duncan's prayer for breakfast this morning. When we pray before meals we get him to repeat after us, but today he didn't need to. "Jesus, thank you for today and friends and school and family and food. Amen" That about sums it up, doesn't it? My other favourite thing? Cordie giggles.

Picture Thought: Duncan digging the Wiggles:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Right Now

Stolen from Nancy. Hi Nancy.


Outside my window: It was a gorgeous fall day today. The sun is just setting right now and the trees at the end of the driveway are orange.

I am hearing: The Backyardigans "I am Scared of You"

I am thinking: I wish Duncan would stop playing with his pancake. In his defense, he ate two already (made from scratch... yum!), but he did ask for another one, but is just now rolling it around the table. Oh well, it doesn't have anything on it, so no harm.

I am hoping: Bill came down with that cold is going around, so I hope he feels better soon. I also hope I don't catch it. Or the kids.

I am reading: An Echo In The Bone by Diana Gabaldon. Diana's newest book. It's like visiting old friends. Love it.

I am creating: A little witchy quilt wall hanging. I've got it quilted, now I need to make the binding and finish it off.

I am wearing: A pair of Old Navy slacks that I got from Value Village brand new. It still had the tags on. Total steal. A v-neck black t-shirt and black socks.

In the kitchen: In no particular order:

pasta and garlic bread
pork chops with either baked potatoes and veggies or rice and veggies
hamburgers (going real healthy this week)
something else made with ground beef b/c I bought a pack from Costco last week and we've got lots

We had the pasta last night, and I think we'll do pizza tonight. As Bill isn't feeling well, no point in going through a huge effort. But you know what's really sweet is that our neighbour gave us some home made pea soup for Bill to feel better. Normally we eat with Duncan but the evening got away on us as Duncan and I were outside and it was getting too late. I asked him what he wanted - pancakes and bacon. So he got that and cheese and tomato. Over all, I think a reasonably balanced meal. Bill won't eat breakfast for supper. *sigh*

Around the house: I love thew new sewing desk I got for my birthday. We rearranged the kitchen, and although messy right now, I love how much more room this gives us.

Plans for the week: Well today Cordie and I went to Peek-A-Book at the library. I love this program for children aged 3 months - 18 months old. I took a few minutes to speak to the head of the children's dept there and thank her for the program, which I also did with Duncan. Tuesday Duncan has school. Wednesday is MOPS and then it's breastfeeding awareness week in Canada, so there is a nurse in at the library, so Cordie and I will be going there. Thursday is preschool again. On Friday it's the WIGGLES! Woo hoo!! Oh, Tanya, we can't make it to the party b/c we're at the Wiggles.

A few of my favorite things: Aside from the obvious like Duncan is just growing so much and becoming less and less of a toddler all the time, and that Cordie is just a gorgeous little girl who loves to smile and play? And that Bill is an awesome Dad/husband? Well I recently learned paper-piecing as a method of quilting and I was scared to try it for a long time, but now I've done it, I am just thrilled with myself.

A picture thought:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October already!

I love October!! I love fall. I love cooler weather, and rain, and the cozy feeling, and the air feeling more fresh, and gorgeous things like Thanksgiving, and, oh yeah, my birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday to me! Bill already got me my gift which is a sewing table. We totally scored on Craigslist for this thing. We priced it out at a local sewing shop, their floor model, cheapest one, would be $800. We got this one for $80. Sure, it's used, but it's in good condition and is totally what we wanted. So I am thrilled. It's still sitting in the Mazda because we need to re-arrange some furniture in the kitchen to make it fit. I'll end up in front of the kitchen window, which I also love.

Last night we went to the Dougie MacLean concert in Vancouver. As always, Dougie put on a wonderful show. He has a fantastic voice, great guitar player, and is quite funny. And he's Scottish, so there was that gorgeous accent to top it off. Dougie kind of tells the same jokes every time. We've seen him 3x now, but he still makes us laugh. Duncan stayed home with Oma. Cordie came with us. Being gone for 5 hours was a little too long to be away, especially when she's not taking a bottle yet. What can I say, I'm lazy, and BF works so well for me I don't even bother to pump. Anyhow, everyone was just cooing and loving her, commenting on how good she was being. Until just after the intermission, then she started fussing. We took her to the back and she fell asleep pretty quick. So all in all, a good evening.

Duncan is doing good in school. I think he's adjusted really well, so that's all good. Our little man is growing up so much!

Anyhow, Bill is waiting for me, so we can watch some tv. Have a good night and a good day tomorrow.