Sunday, September 28, 2008

Could it be?

Are we actually ready to list? Bill and I took Thursday off, I had a flex day Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday... well we got almost all of it done. Tomorrow my Dad has asked someone to come over and help with the last little bit of cleaning - thanks again Dad! And after that I think we'll actually be ready to go. The place looks good. We're really hapy with it and it's kind of funny that we now have this place looking how we want it, and now we're going to sell and then have to do it all over again in the new house. You know, that's the kind of blessing I'm willing to live with :) We'll let you know when we're ready to list.

Really, doing that took up most of the weekend. Duncan and I had some friends over on Friday, which was very nice. And Duncan is back to Nikki's tomorrow. Will be a bit of an adjustment again, but I think he'll enjoy it. They are going to be going to Kindersteps, which I think he'll love.

I think I'm going to go upstairs and read! Good night all, have a good week, and Jennifer, yep, we're praying for Paige's safe arrival. I still need to get that thing to you :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy day

Bill and I took the day off to get some work done around the house. We're getting closer to listing. We're hoping by the end of this weekend we'll be ready to go. We sent Duncan to day care for the day and just took care of cleaning, repairing, painting, packing, sorting, etc... Dad also came by to help us out with a few things (thanks Dad!). We feel really good about what we got done. Upstairs looks good, now we need to finish up downstairs.

And I have a flex day tomorrow! I'm looking forward to a day with my boy. I think we have some friends coming over for a visit, which will be good.

I have this cold, and whatever, big deal, but it's moved into my chest and that's brutal. I woke up at 4 AM sputtering. So I got up, had some tea, and back in bed around 4:30, but it seriously disturbed my sleep!

And that's about all. Most people HAVE NOT BEEN BLOGGING LATELY, so I'll assume you're all well - that Warren is growing like a weed, and that Paige has not shown up yet, and that everyone else is doing good.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I caught that cold going around. Darnit all. I'm past the sore throat already, so now it's stuffed up runny, foggy head feeling. Oh well, I'll manage. Hot tea anyone?

As for the blue laminate flooring I mentioned in my last post. People seem to be rather skeptical about it, however, as I see it, it's free! What have we to lose? If we don't like it, we pass it on to someone else, and it might even look cool.

Got lots done last night. We're both off Thursday to do what we can to finish things up. We're getting there!! Hope you're all well!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Have I mentioned I love Freecycle? We recently offered a bunch of stuff up, all of which was gratefully received. So today someone posts they have navy blue laminate. It's used, but in good condition. I think that would be great in Duncan's room in the new house. And sure enough they said we can have it. I think that's going to be awesome! Perfect for a little boy. And we have a gallon of blue paint (which ironically matches our current living room colour exactly) which we were going to use in his new room anyhow.

Okay, yes we still need to get our place on the market and sell it, but it's fun to think of the new place. I'm hoping we can be in by Christmas and hold some kind of open house/Christmas party.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday night

After this I'm going to bed. Watching Mythbusters right now, but it's a repeat. Always a fun show though.

Weekend was good but busy. Friday night John and Amy came out for a visit. Wonderful to see them, and little Siena is growing so much! Wow! They not only brought us dinner (yum, greek), but they also brought an ice cream cake! Double yum. Played a few rounds of Settlers and that was that, but it was a great visit.

Saturday morning Bill had a dentist appointment, so Duncan and I did the grocery shopping and went home. Saturday afternoon we were scheduled to head down to Seattle for Jesse's birthday dinner. At the last minute we asked Theresa if she could watch Duncan in the afternoon. My Dad was going to, but it worked much better this way. So we put him down for a nap and headed out. Much easier than him getting upset at us going. Traffic getting down to Jesse and Laura's was miserable! It took us 4.5 hours!! Isn't that insane? Border line up was 1 hour (that was a short one, most were 2 hours), and then the Guide Meridian down to Bellingham was closed due to construction and the detour was insanely out of the way. So we left the house at 2 and didn't get there until 6:30. Dinner and the visit were wonderful. As always Laura presented a phenomenal meal. Was really good to see them. And they plan on coming up in a few weeks to return to favour. But, funnily enough, Laura bought an ice cream cake... 2 nights in a row! Crazy. So I admitted to Bill that although I love them, perhaps I don't need one in a few weeks. I'm thinking I might make a nice tasty double layered chocolate cake. Everyone loves chocolate cake right? Anyhow, we were back on the road at 9:30. Home before 12:30. So going home was much better. It will be even better when that bridge opens next summer. We would have been home in 20 minutes from crossing the border.

I was in nursery at church this morning. 12 kids, which is quite a bit for us. But it went well. I think because it's September and everyone is back into the swing of things. Our church started this 40 days of prayer campaign today. But since I was in the nursery I still don't know anything about it :) This afternoon we popped out to Costco quick, and otherwise just took it easy. After all, it's Sunday. I love Sundays.

I'm thinking of taking a day off work this week to clean the house. I have Friday off, but Duncan will be home, so I might take Thursday and send him anyhow. Daycare is cool with that. But work is insanely busy right now, so I'll need to see what I can squeeze in M-W, and I'd need to make up some time in advance for my flex day. But it would be worth it I think.

Hope you're all well! Good night and good week!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grumble, grumble, grumble

For the record I'm actually not in a bad mood, but just had one of "those" commutes causing me to be almost 30 minutes late for work. My boss says no worries, but it still bugs me b/c I don't like to be late. Traffic on the Mary Hill was worse than normal, there was a semi-truck pulled off to the side on the freeway causing back up, there was some airhead driving a truck for Sears not paying attention and going far too slow in the lane we were in. I just missed the Skytrain, had to wait at least 5 minutes until the next one, and it was packed. Broadway was even worse and so we waited for the next train and some numb-skull comes and waltzes right up in front of the line, and when he's on the train stands right in the door. Consequently at each stop, when you're near the door you normally, as a courtesy, step off so people getting off have room to move. Well this guy didn't. And he had the look on his face "I dare you to challenge me". Escalator wasn't running in Royal Centre (again) so I take the stairs (I find the spacing on the stairs much more "normal" than escalator steps when they are not moving - so I thought it would be quicker) only to get caught behind some lady taking her really sweet time. *deep breath*. But I'm here! Yay!

Let's see... house is coming along, but not quick! We're getting there though. No way we're listing this week though. Down to Jesse and Laura's on Saturday - Mom and Dad are watching Roo for us. That should be good.

I was going to write about something else, but I need to get working. Oh, Freecycle! Freecycle is awesome. I posted some things yesterday, and of course got some quick replies, which is nice. So I post my "taken" posts, and this morning I have a whole bunch more from people wanting the stuff. Pay attention people! Oh well! I posted taken, so I don't need to reply to them all. Glad we could make some people happy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How does this happen?

From Reuters

My question is - how does this happen? Who is thinking "yeah we'll just add melamine..."

Probe finds 20 pct of China milk companies in scandal

Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:15pm EDT

By Ben Blanchard

SHIJIAZHUANG, China (Reuters) - Twenty percent of Chinese dairy firms probed in the wake of a baby milk health scare have been found to have produced melamine-tainted formula, state media reported on Tuesday.

Chinese quality officials last week ordered a nationwide probe into all baby milk powders after it was reported that dozens of children had developed kidney stones after drinking tainted formula produced by the Sanlu Group.

Two infants have since died and more than 1,200 diagnosed with kidney illness in a growing scandal that authorities have warned may be yet to peak.

The head of the state-owned company has been sacked.

The results of the government-led probe announced on Tuesday showed that Sanlu Group, which has been the focus of public anger over the scandal, is by far from the only offending company.

Out of 109 dairy producers checked, 22 had been found to have produced batches of milk contaminated with melamine, including Beijing Olympic Games supplier Yili and other major brands, state television said, citing China's quality watchdog.

State-owned Sanlu, 43 percent owned by New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra, topped the list of offenders with all 11 batches checked found to be tainted with melamine, a banned toxin linked to pet deaths in the United States last year.

Hong Kong-listed Mengniu Dairy was rated as the seventh worst, with three out of 28 batches shown to be contaminated with melamine. Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, a Shanghai-listed dairy firm and Beijing Games sponsor, was also named.

The 69 tainted batches out of 491 tested "would be taken off the shelves, sealed, recalled and destroyed," the report said, promising "serious" punishment to those found responsible.

All Shanghai-listed dairy stocks fell their 10 percent limit in early trade but recovered some of their losses later in the day.


Melamine is rich in nitrogen, an element often used to measure protein, and can be used to disguise diluted milk. It is the same additive which caused the deaths of pets in the United States last year from contaminated pet food.

The Municipal Party Committee of Shijiazhuang, capital of northern Hebei province and headquarters of Sanlu, sacked the company's board chairwoman and general manager, Tian Wenhua, as hundreds of angry parents queued outside the company's offices on Tuesday.

Tian "bore very large responsibility" for the quality scare, state media portal said in a brief statement on its website, citing the government committee.

Sanlu last week halted production after investigators announced they had found the problem, but the company had been receiving complaints in March that babies' urine was discolored and that some had been admitted to hospital, officials said.

Local Chinese officials acted last week only after the New Zealand government contacted Beijing, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said on Monday.

China's Health Ministry has pledged free health care for babies sickened by the contaminated milk powder but also warned the numbers of those affected could rise sharply, Xinhua news agency said.

"... the number of parents who take their children for medical check-ups could rise drastically in the future," said Deputy Health Minister Ma Xiaowei, according to Xinhua.

Hebei police arrested two dealers on Tuesday for selling adulterated milk to Sanlu, bringing to four the total so far arrested, Xinhua said. One of the newly arrested men ran a farm that produced 3 tons of milk a day.

Police had detained another 22 people for questioning.

Dairy industry experts said that China's dairy industry had grown too quickly for safety administration to keep up.

"There are no uniform standards and there are loopholes in legal oversight," Lao Bing, manager of the Shanghai-based Mingtai Dairy Industry Sales Fund, told Reuters.

China has been beset by scandals about toxic and unsafe products in recent years. In 2004, at least 13 babies died after drinking fake milk powder that had no nutritional value.

(Additional reporting by Ian Ransom and Chris Buckley; Editing by Jeremy Laurence)


"Trudging, trudging, trudging..." 10 points to whoever can tell me where that song is from - Bill, you can't play.

We're trudging along! Working at it but getting the place ready to go on the market is taking forever. Consider working full time, and pretty much not much can get done until Duncan is in bed - that's not a lot of extra time. But on Saturday Ronnie took Duncan for the afternoon and we got a whole bunch of stuff done, which was awesome. Thanks again Ronnie! (Well and Chris and the kids).

Sunday morning we had church in the park at Maple Ridge park. It was beautiful! Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the whole service. We took turns letting Duncan play in the park, but there were some kids throwing sand at him and pushing him over and what not. It annoyed me because the Moms were right there, and totally ignoring it all. I wasn't in a mood to say something. That having been said, Duncan was not content to sit through the service.

We had the inspection done on the new house yesterday - nothing major - yay! For a house it's age it's doing well. We know what we'll need to do once we get in - we need a sub-electrical panel if we want a dishwasher added (yes, I want a dishwasher). Fence is #1 priority for Duncan safety. But it was good to be in the house again - feels good. When we go on the market we're praying for a quick sale! We'll see.

Flex day yesterday. Duncan and I went to visit some friends. That was good. Having the library and upstairs bathroom painted, and Dad sent over someone to fix the drywall in the library. So that will all be done today.

Back to work! Have a good day!

Friday, September 12, 2008


This post is about puke. If you’re one of those people who the talk of puke makes you want to puke – don’t read this.

Our son is a puker. This kid has such a high gag reflex that even the smallest thing makes him throw up. I hope this changes for him as he gets bigger or going to the dentist might cause some grief.

This morning just before 8:00 I get a call from our day care “he’s projectile vomiting – you need to come get him”. So urgent call to Oma and Opa “can one of you go get him? One of us will be home as soon as we can” Yep, Oma would (thanks again Mom!). Call back to daycare “okay his Oma is on her way”. Call to Bill “Duncan is sick”. Now we were both surprised b/c he didn’t eat anything weird, and he was fine this morning. Normal Duncan-y self. But we had witnessed this on our cruise – copious amounts of puke and then he’s fine.

Bill gets family days at work (yay!) so although I would have loved an excuse to go home, it was way easier for him b/c he doesn’t need to take a vacation day and make up time, and he’s that much closer to home. So Bill went home. Before he got there I got a call from my Mom “So let me tell you how sick your little boy is…” Well that is to say not at all. He was happy to have Oma over, he was playing with all his cars (and I mean all of them – this kid is all about cars, trains and planes) and then jumped on the couch “Choo choo Oma?” (That means “Can we please watch Thomas and Friends?”). I talked Mom through pulling it up on Media Centre.

And since then he and Bill have been having a very fine day together. Duncan ate a normal lunch, had a good nap, and they are out for a walk right now.

The End.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hang ups

Here is my questions. Why do people hang up on your voice mail after the beep? My message at work isn't so short that people are caught by surprise when it suddenly goes beep. But at 2:19 someone left a hang up and again at 2:20. Chances are it was the same person. Please leave a message - I'm sure it even says that - and I will return your call. I'm pretty good about returning calls.

But otherwise we're good. Just silly busy. No down time at all with packing and decluttering and what not. Had painter over Monday night for a quote (eek!), Realtor over last night, going to visit with the people we're buying from tonight. And pack pack pack. Ronnie, bless her, is taking Duncan Saturday afternoon so we can get some stuff done. I've asked Theresa a few favours too - one of which is helping me get my garden in reasonable shape.

And Duncan has a cold, poor Boo. To be expected with back to school with all the kids in day care, but it does not make him a happy camper.

Back to work!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey Jenn!

To be honest I can't keep track of which email address to email you at, so I'll do it this way.

I have that thing you'd like to borrow for Paige's arrival. However I don't know how I am going to get it to you on time. We're super swamped in our free time trying to get the house ready to list.

I know Kevin works downtown (Ronnie told me) would it work for me to coordinate with him? Or is there some other way I could work it out to see you before Missy arrives? Let me know!

Friday, September 5, 2008


That's what our hot water tank did today. Yes, the day after our Realtor was here, Bill got up this morning and smelt an odd burning smell. Turns out it was the hot water tank and the bottom panel had smoke coming out of it. That's not supposed to happen!

He flipped the breaker, and after several calls between Bill, me, my Dad, an electrician ("call a plumber"), Dad "hey Dad do you have the name of a plumber?", the plumber... Thank goodness he was able to make it out pretty quick to Bill, and was able to assess really quick that the tank was shot. Aside from the smoke, aside from the black insulation around it (from smoke), there was also leaking and rust. I've actually been complaining about this thing for years, but it kept working, so don't fix it right?

So $800 later *sigh* we've got a new hot water tank. I'm appreciative to the plumber for getting the whole job done today and not leaving us without hot water for the weekend.

Now on the upside when we list the place we can say it has a new hot water tank, and also when we sell the place the inspector would have discovered it's poor shape and we probably would have had to replace it then anyhow. Or it could have been a deal breaker, so let's hope this helps thing.

I think we're about 2 weeks away from listing.

Oh! Ice cream! shhhh don't tell!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More random thoughts

Alright, I have so much to do here, but I’ll take a minute and say good morning. Tanya commented on my blog yesterday about the house “oh, so you’re going for it?” and I realized I’d never said we actually were. Yes we are! And we’re excited. Bill has been toting stuff off to the storage locker – although there is still lots to tote. I think we’ll be getting together with our Realtor this week, and then once stuff is toted we need to start with minor repairs before painting (such as the multitude of holes in the 3rd bedroom walls from the shelves that were up there). Our neighbours very kindly said they don’t think we’ll have a problem selling. Let’s hope so!

Lovin’ the Wii Fit! I actually really do enjoy the exercises – and it is a good work out, but it’s fun. I think my favourite so far is the step class – it’s like guitar hero with your feet. I get muddled quite quickly, but it’s fun.

I did get to VV yesterday and spent a whopping $10. Since we’re decluttering it didn’t make sense to bring a whole bunch of new stuff home. So I got a car for Duncan, and this little toy tractor for him, a pair of shoes for him and a shirt for Bill. Duncan was kind of de-compensating at that point so we just paid and left, but it was a nice little walk. Ran into my coworker Jennifer there who is pregnant and I think she is now wondering what she has to look forward to with children having melt downs in the middle of the store.

Okay, lots and lots to do. Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hints of Fall

1st day of school, and we still have 3 weeks of summer left, but the air certainly has that fall smell to it. Crisp and fresh - nice and cool at night (ideal for really good sleep), but beautiful during the day. I love fall! I even like the dark rainy nights and the cozy feeling of it all.

How's everyone doing? Tanya - love the Warren pictures. I love the washcloth on the head pictures.

We're doing good. As Bill will tell you, not a restful weekend - more so for him than me as he was doing tech work at Mom's school all weekend to get everything ready for today, and then also packing boxes off to our storage locker which we rented out on the weekend. And there is still a lot to move! But one of us has to stay home with Duncan, so we're only half as productive as we would be. But you know, I'll take Duncan duty over getting a house ready for sale.

He is such a sweet boy!! And he loves his cars. And he loves trains (especially Thomas - no surprise there - he's such a typical little boy). However we are not falling into the "Duncan needs Thomas the tank engine stuff" trap because it's so freaking expensive. A coworker mentioned to me that Ikea sells a train set, so we'll probably get him one of those b/c it's cheap and he'd like it. He was very unimpressed with me yesterday when he had to stop playing with the train set at Chapters in Coquitlam. "Choo choo Mommy! Choo choo!" And when we were leaving "Noooo!!! Choo choo! Choo choo!" LOL!

For those of you who are not anti-Value Village (I pop in now and then b/c you can find some great deals. I enjoy thrift shop browsing though) they are having a 50% off all used items sale today, and 70% off between 7-9 tonight. Good time to poke around. I've had a few good finds there like my Hamilton Beach Grill which is $79 retail and I got it for $8 (works like a charm), I've found a few PartyLite pieces there for $.50 for a set, and I got the fabric for Duncan's dinosaur curtains there for $2 or something silly. I find their used childrens clother are way over priced - considering you can usually buy it for the same price or cheaper at SuperStore in the "Joe" line.

Alright I supposed I should get some work done. 4 day work week! Yay!