Friday, September 5, 2008


That's what our hot water tank did today. Yes, the day after our Realtor was here, Bill got up this morning and smelt an odd burning smell. Turns out it was the hot water tank and the bottom panel had smoke coming out of it. That's not supposed to happen!

He flipped the breaker, and after several calls between Bill, me, my Dad, an electrician ("call a plumber"), Dad "hey Dad do you have the name of a plumber?", the plumber... Thank goodness he was able to make it out pretty quick to Bill, and was able to assess really quick that the tank was shot. Aside from the smoke, aside from the black insulation around it (from smoke), there was also leaking and rust. I've actually been complaining about this thing for years, but it kept working, so don't fix it right?

So $800 later *sigh* we've got a new hot water tank. I'm appreciative to the plumber for getting the whole job done today and not leaving us without hot water for the weekend.

Now on the upside when we list the place we can say it has a new hot water tank, and also when we sell the place the inspector would have discovered it's poor shape and we probably would have had to replace it then anyhow. Or it could have been a deal breaker, so let's hope this helps thing.

I think we're about 2 weeks away from listing.

Oh! Ice cream! shhhh don't tell!


Tanya said...

It's an ice cream night. Andre and I had ice cream. then looked at each other and said "wanna do that again?"
yup. YUM.

PrincessButtercup said...

Hot water tanks eh? Kevin really wants to own a house. I keep saying fine and dandy but we can't afford the 1000 dollar things that happen to a house quite yet that leads me to my financial plan and outlook being mortgage plus extra cash into a SECURE we can't touch it account of some sort in case a) the hot water tank goes b) a large necessary appliance goes (washer, stove, furnace etc) c) the roof and d) leaks, drainage, sewer, pipes, and life happen to break something 1000 dollars worth... I am so thankful to the Lord that you were able to get it all sorted out and you know how those things work, if the inspector had found it, chances are, you'd have to pay more because of Murphy's Law and all ;)

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