Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grumble, grumble, grumble

For the record I'm actually not in a bad mood, but just had one of "those" commutes causing me to be almost 30 minutes late for work. My boss says no worries, but it still bugs me b/c I don't like to be late. Traffic on the Mary Hill was worse than normal, there was a semi-truck pulled off to the side on the freeway causing back up, there was some airhead driving a truck for Sears not paying attention and going far too slow in the lane we were in. I just missed the Skytrain, had to wait at least 5 minutes until the next one, and it was packed. Broadway was even worse and so we waited for the next train and some numb-skull comes and waltzes right up in front of the line, and when he's on the train stands right in the door. Consequently at each stop, when you're near the door you normally, as a courtesy, step off so people getting off have room to move. Well this guy didn't. And he had the look on his face "I dare you to challenge me". Escalator wasn't running in Royal Centre (again) so I take the stairs (I find the spacing on the stairs much more "normal" than escalator steps when they are not moving - so I thought it would be quicker) only to get caught behind some lady taking her really sweet time. *deep breath*. But I'm here! Yay!

Let's see... house is coming along, but not quick! We're getting there though. No way we're listing this week though. Down to Jesse and Laura's on Saturday - Mom and Dad are watching Roo for us. That should be good.

I was going to write about something else, but I need to get working. Oh, Freecycle! Freecycle is awesome. I posted some things yesterday, and of course got some quick replies, which is nice. So I post my "taken" posts, and this morning I have a whole bunch more from people wanting the stuff. Pay attention people! Oh well! I posted taken, so I don't need to reply to them all. Glad we could make some people happy.

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